Everything you need to know about the mystical merchant Dori in Genshin Impact

Like a genie out of the bottle.

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Move over Paimon. Genshin Impact officially has a character whose job requires her to be even more money-conscious than the game’s opportunistic mascot. You might’ve heard about the guy from the Marvelous Merchandise event, but have you heard about Dori?

She’s one of the most resourceful merchants in Sumeru. The lamp-carrying salesgirl is known for finding even the rarest of products and selling them for exorbitant prices. Even Tighnari goes to her for items he has trouble seeing, even if the prices depress him. The only reason she’s probably in business because she’s so good at finding items no one else can get.

Here’s what we know about this marvelous merchant.

When is Dori coming to Genshin Impact?

Dori doesn’t have an exact release date yet. However, she should appear in early September. HoYoverse confirmed she would debut in the second half of the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. She debuts as one of the 4-star characters on Ganyu and Kokomi’s rerun banners.

Genshin Impact is shifting to a five-week rotating schedule between Version 3.0 and 3.2. As a reminder, Genshin Impact version 3.0 starts on August 24, 2022. The second half (along with Dori’s arrival) should be at least two weeks after that start date.

What are Dori’s skills and abilities?


She’s small but carries a large stick — or, in this case, a Claymore. Dori is an Electro Claymore user with healing capabilities. Her Troubleshooter Cannon shoots homing shots that deal Electro DMG, but she needs to direct it to where she wants to fire. Meanwhile, her Burst heals those connected to it based on Dori’s Max HP. Kuki Shinobu has some competition.

The Genshin Impact 3.0 livestream explained Dori’s Elemental Skill and Burst in detail. These are the descriptions from Honey Impact, which we’ve cross-checked with reputable leakers.

  • Elemental Skill: Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon - Directs a Spirit-Warding Lamp to fire off Troubleshooter Shots at opponents, dealing Electro DMG. After the Fixer Shots hit opponents, they will create two After-Sales Service Rounds that will automatically track opponents and deal Electro DMG.
  • Elemental Burst: Alcazarzaray’s Exactitude - Summons forth the spirit within the lamp to give the party members various kinds of aid. The Jinni connects to a nearby character, who will continuously restore HP based on Dori’s Max HP and continuously regenerate Energy. When the connecter between the Jinni and the character launches opponents, it deals Electro DMG to them every 0.4 seconds. Only one Jinni can exist at a time.

What are Dori’s passives?

Dori’s An Eye for Gold and Compound Interest passives excel at restoring Energy, whether its lowering cooldown on her cannon or regenerating Energy Recharge. Meanwhile, her Unexpected Order passive has a 25 percent chance to recover materials when crafting Character and Weapon materials. Think of it as a “discount” on your resources (via Honey Impact).

  • An Eye for Gold - After a character connected to the Jinni triggers an Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Overloaded, Quicken, Aggravate, Hyperbloom, or an Electro Swirl or Crystallize reaction, the CD of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon is decreased by one second. This effect can be triggered once every three seconds.
  • Compound Interest - When the Troubleshooter Shots or After-Sales Service Rounds from Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon hit opponents, Dori will restore five Elemental Energy for every 100 percent Energy Recharge possessed. A maximum of 15 Energy can be restored this way per Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon.
  • Unexpected Order - Has a 25 percent chance to recover some of the materials used when crafting Character and Weapon Materials.

What are Dori’s constellations?


Dori’s constellations are subject to change, and have already slightly evolved since she first leaked. So far, it seems like she might not be someone to C6 unless you have a solid plan. She’s sure to be a valuable energy battery and healer for her clients and allies.

Dimbreath leaked Dori’s constellations on Twitter, but they’ve since been deleted. This is the information saved on Honey Impact with some later revisions from Dimbreath.

  • Level 1: Additional Investment - The number of After-Sales Service Rounds created by Troubleshooter Shots is increased by one.
  • Level 2: Special Franchise - When you are in combat and the Jinni heals the character it is connected to, it will fire a Jinni Toop from that character’s position that deals 20 percent of Troubleshooters Shot’s DMG (via Dimbreath).
  • Level 3: Value for Mora - Increases the Level of Alcazarzaray’s Exactitude by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Level 4: Discretionary Supplement - The character connected to the Jinni will obtain the following buffs based on their current HP and Energy:·When their HP is lower than 50 percent, they gain 50 percent Incoming Healing Bonus. When their Energy is less than 50 percent, they gain 30 percent Energy Recharge.
  • Level 5: Wonders Never Cease - Increases the Level of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Level 6: Sprinkling Weight - Dori gains the following effects for three seconds after using Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon and Electro Infusion. When Normal Attacks hit opponents, all nearby party members will heal HP equivalent to four percent of Dori’s Max HP. This type of healing can occur once every 0.1 seconds.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PlayStation, iOS, and Android.

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