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3 best places to farm Genshin Impact's absolutely essential Crystal Cores

You’re killing these insects.

Crystals are all the rage in Genshin Impact. You can use Crystal Chunks to forge weapons and utilize Crystal Cores to craft Condensed Resin. If you use Condensed Resin, it can help you earn extra rewards from tasks that utilize Resin like Domains and Leylines. But where exactly can you obtain Crystal Cores? Do they grow on trees?

Here are three locations where you can find an abundance of Crystal Cores.

How do you farm Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact?

Crystal Cores are necessary items for crafting Condensed Resin. You can farm them by harvesting either Anemo, Cryo, or Geo Crystalflies in Mondstadt, Dragonspine, and Liyue, respectively. The color and shape will change depending on the region you’re searching.

All you need to do to harvest Crystal Cores is run towards the Crystalfly of your choosing and harvest them. From an in-game lore perspective, it’s unknown how you harm the Crystalfly to obtain this item, but make no mistake, you’re certainly killing them.

It’s all worth it, though. Condensed Resin allows you to claim double rewards from compatible tasks.

Genshin Impact Crystal Core location 1: Dawn Winery

Where to farm Crystal Cores in the Dawn WinerymiHoYo / Genshin Impact interactive map

The best place in Mondstadt to obtain new Crystal Cores is the Dawn Winery. Directly ahead of the massive mansion, you can find rows of crops, which also contain Anemo Crystalfly. fluttering around. You should be able to nab a handful of them as you dash through the crops. The crops will stop them from getting too far ahead of you.

Genshin Impact Crystal Core location 2: Mt. Tianheng

More Crystal Core locations in Liyue.miHoYo / Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Right above Liyue Harbor, you can find a small opening in Mt. Tianheng. There will be a few Hillichurls by the opening, defeat them then enter the mountain. There will be around five Geo Crystalflies fluttering around. They’ll attempt to escape, but the mountain’s natural shape will block their path, making them perfect for you to harvest.

This is by far the best place to farm Crystal Cores.

Genshin Impact Crystal Core location 3: Guyun Stone Forest

The most accessible place to find Crystal Cores.miHoYo / Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Teleport to the domain located Guyun Stone Forest. You’ll find numerous Geo Crystalflies fluttering about in front of the entrance. Unlike the other locations, there’s nothing stopping these Crystalflies from escaping. You likely won’t be able to capture all of them. Many will escape your reach by flying too high, but this remains one of the best places to farm Crystal Cores due to its accessibility. You can reach this area by simply teleporting to the location. Who cares if you don’t get all of them? it took you 20 seconds to arrive.

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