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The latest Genshin Impact Archon quest just solved a massive lore mystery

Spoilers ahead.

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Bosacius with Electro energy

The lore of Genshin Impact is deep and wide. And that’s especially true for the nation of Liyue, the second region of Teyvat players get to explore. During the Traveler’s adventure, we learn three of the five Yaksha died in the Great Archon War, and one disappeared.

That lost Yaksha is Bosacius, who HoYoverse introduced in the Archon Quest and story teaser that released on June 2. We know Xiao as the only living Yaksha, but not much has been said about his comrades. Genshin Impact 2.7 finally dives into the history of the five Yakshas in its latest chapter — and works Yelan in with her first major role in the story. Here’s everything you need to know about Bosacius and the history of the Yakshas. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

Who is Bosacius? - Bosacius was the eldest of the five Yaksha and their leader. He’s a four-armed man with an Electro vision, which helped him fight off the demons and other perils during the Archon War. He seemed to have a close, brotherly relationship with his fellow Yaksha. In his story teaser, he can be seen discussing a robe with another Yaksha and drawing on Xiao’s face with ink. According to Xiao, he was also the first Yaksha. They called him “Brother Bosacius.”

Those caught up on the latest Genshin Impact Archon Quest should already know who Bosacius is. However, it’s possible that fans discovered his name through the latest story teaser posted on YouTube before even reaching the latest chapter. HoYoverse recently uploaded the “Only Old Memories Remain” story teaser to its official YouTube channel. It shows Bosacius in the depths of the Chasm with Yelan’s ancestor, Boyang, who was trying to get him to remember his name.

In the latest Archon Quest, the Traveler enters the Chasm with Yelan, Arataki Itto, and Kuki Shinobu on an unexpected adventure. This unlikely team runs into Xiao, who was looking for Bosacius there because of a rumor of an “unnamed Yaksha” who appeared there years ago.

The five Yakshas, accordingly color-coded based on element.


Who are the Yakshas? - The five Yakshas were appointed Adepti Guardians that Rex Lapis (a.k.a. Morax or Zhongli) tasked with defending Liyue against creatures that manifested from fallen gods during the Archon War. That means demons and other dark beings that emerged from their remains.

Adepti (or Illuminated Beasts, it’s kind of unclear) are animalistic guardians in charge of protecting Liyue. Yakshas are Adepti, just a particularly powerful and aggressive kind. There are many Yakshas (like Pervases), but the Adepti Guardians were known as the strongest.

Each of the five Yaksha also had an alternate name. Their names were Bosacius (Marshal Vritras), Indarias (General Musatas), Bonanus (General Chizapus), Menogias (General Kapisas), and Alatus. Alatus, also known as Xiao, was the only Yaksha to survive the Archon War.

What happened to the Yakshas? - Yakshas accumulated “karmic debt” for endlessly killing enemies. It’s never explained what “karmic debt” really is, but it seems to be a kind of dark energy that consumes the user as they take lives. Karmic debt also affects those around the Yaksha, which is why Xiao is so reluctant to stick around others.

Indarius, Bonanus, and Menogias died long ago as a result of their karmic debt. In “The Guardian Adepti” and “Only Old Memories Remain” trailer, it’s implied that Bonanus and Menogias killed each after going mad. Bosacius, who wasn’t confirmed dead, succumbed to a similar madness that took his memories. His status was unconfirmed until the recent Archon Quest.

In his character profile, it’s explained that Xiao survived madness thanks to the sound of a Dihua flute. “The Guardian Adepti” trailer implies that the tune came from Venti, the Anemo Archon. Fun fact: It’s also a reason why the Xiao/Venti pairing is a thing.

Xiao reaching out a hand to Bosacius.


Bosacius’ Fate - You like spoilers, huh? If you’re like me, you probably were looking for this answer the whole time, right?

Anyways, Bosacius is dead. Xiao went into the Chasm looking for him and met his “illusion,” which is essentially a ghost that acts like the person just before they died. The afterimage of Bosacius was belligerent and confused, much like the others before they passed. Xiao paid his respects and left with the Traveler and their team before they could meet the same fate.

Bosacius was sealed in the Chasm along with a man named Boyang, who was the last human survivor of their crew. In his story teaser, Bosacius struggles to remember his past and only suddenly remembers his name after fainting from exertion. Both of them likely died long before the Traveler and Xiao discovered Bosacius’ illusion.

That description really doesn’t do the Archon Quest justice, though. Go play it.

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