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10 best cars to buy in Forza Horizon 5

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Forza Horizon 5 is taking over Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, leading many new racers to wonder how to best spend their in-game credits. Once you’ve made your way through a few dozen races and accumulated a nice stash of cash, we suggest buying these 10 specialized rides to make the most of your relaxing cruise through Mexico. Whether you’re looking for clean turns, off-road superiority, or high-speed thrills, we’ve got the best car for you.

10 best cars in Forza Horizon 5

10) Chevy Corvette 1957: Old-fashioned cars typically aren’t known for their speed, but this one shreds through the streets of Mexico at around 200 mph if you play your cards right. It’s probably not the best handling car on this list, but it’s a neat purchase for skilled players. It also doesn’t cost very much either, currently auctioning at a price of around 130,000 CR. That’s not much for the intense sense of style it will bring to your garage.

This car is old, fashionable, and very fast.


9) Mercedes amg-ONE: This car is definitely more for the speed demons reading this article, but it’s well worth 2.7 million credits if you can possibly spare it. The car looks gorgeous and drives at a top speed of around 240 mph while doing it. Uniquely, the ONE also has a special racing mode toggle that raises and lowers its fin to give you that little bit of extra speed when you need it.

This car is gorgeous and tops out around 240 mph.


8) Can-AM Maverick: Sometimes the Forza Horizon experience is just about driving off hills and seeing what happens. If you want to make some sweet doughnuts in the desert, we’d advise picking up this one or the Exomotive Exocet seen further down this list. It drives fast and handles well in the nastiest terrain, making it great for racking up skill points. This is a fun car to drive when making your way between objectives.

When you need to get down and dirty between objectives, this is our pick.


7) Ford F-450 DRW Platinum: It may not make much immediate sense to add a big truck to your garage in Forza Horizon 5, but this truck is probably the best option in the game. For its class it drives remarkably fast, hitting around 150 mph even on casual road races. If road racing and off-road are your two favorite events, we can't recommend this Ford enough. It also only sells for around 70,000 CR, making it a solid early or mid-game pickup provided you don’t get one through a Wheel Spin.

This might be the best truck in Forza Horizon 5.


6) Bugatti Divo: This car can handle speed and turns in equal measure, topping out around 215 mph while staying glued to the road the whole time. It’s insanely expensive right now, selling for around 3 million CR, which makes it a tough purchase for most folks. If the Aston Martin further down this list just doesn’t suit your style, maybe the Divo will do the trick. This can absolutely be a multi-purpose ride, but it comes with a price.

This is a fairly expensive alternative to the AM Vulcan listed below.


5) Hoonigan RS200: While there are lots of Forza fans who adore the thrill of collecting every single car in the catalog, there are other racers who’d rather stick to an all-around car that can handle every type of race. If that’s your style, why not purchase the Hoonigan RS200 for about 500,000 CR? This one won’t break the bank and it’s insanely versatile. While it has a slight edge in more aggressive events like PR struts and off-road hijinks, we’ve won plenty of street races and road races with this car as well. This should be an early unlock for all new players if you can afford it.

This car is cheap and can handle almost any event.


4 Exomotive Exocet: We’re proud to say that not every car on this list is super expensive, and the Exomotive Exocet proves it. For just about 50,000 CR at auction, you can purchase one of the single best off-road vehicles in the entire game. Even some of the girthiest rally cars have trouble maintaining traction once you get super deep in the dirt, but this is an exception. It handles corners beautifully and should be able to dominate every dirt race on the map.

This off-road vehicle is cheap and supremely effective in off-road events.


3) Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: When you want a car that can drive fast and handle all kinds of turns, the Sesto Elemento is our top pick. Not only can it burst through a bunch of speed traps without issue, but it also barely slows down to make a clean turn through winding urban areas. There is a Forza Edition of this car, but you don’t necessarily need it to have a good time. You’ll be amazed how much you maintain speed as you drive. It can’t quite hit 300, but it goes north of 200 very easily.

This car is the perfect blend of raw speed and insane traction.


2) Aston Martin Vulcan Pro: Turns can be one of the toughest mechanics to master if you’re new to Forza Horizon 5, but the AMR Vulcan Pro handles them with ease. When it comes to all those short street races and road races down winding roads, this is the best car to pick. This one will cost you a lot as well, but you may not need to buy anything else for a while.

The AM Vulcan might be the best car for tight turns.


1) Koenigsegg Jesko: While it’s true that the price for this vehicle just might clean out the entire savings in your virtual wallet, the reward for your purchase is bar-none. According to most experts, this is the fastest car in all of Forza Horizon 5, capable of going well over 300 mph. If you’re trying to clear out those remaining Speed Traps on your map, this one will get you three stars in a few seconds. It takes a bit to reach 100, but once it does there’s no stopping it.

If you want the fastest car in the game, this is it.


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