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Everything you need to know about Fortnite Zero Build mode

Fortnite’s new permanent mode lets players focus on firefights.

screenshot of characters from Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2
Epic Games

Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has been one of the most popular games in the world, helping to popularize the battle royale genre. Even in a field now crowded with competitors, the ability to shape the battlefield with buildings sets Fortnite apart. Not everyone is so keen on the unique mechanic though, and complaints that the focus on building alienates some players have only grown louder in recent years.

Now, Fortnite players who’d prefer to play it as a traditional battle royale without a building component have gotten their wish. Fortnite Zero Build removes the building mechanic entirely, leaving players to rely on their shooter skills alone. Here’s everything we know about the new Fortnite Zero Build mode.

Is there a Fortnite Zero Build trailer?

Yes, Epic Games released a new trailer for Zero Build alongside the mode’s official release. The animated cinematic doesn’t specifically call out any new features, but it shows the kind of intense firefighting players can expect when the focus is squarely on combat instead of building. The trailer also offers a glimpse at new weapons that launched with the latest update.

The Fortnite Zero Build trailer shows the kind of hectic battle players have been asking for.

When will Fortnite Zero Build be available?

Fortnite Zero Build is available now, and a preview of sorts has been around since the start of Chapter 3, Season 2. At the beginning of the season, Fortnite added a Limited Time Mode called No Build that eliminated building from the default game, and the player reaction was so positive it led to long queue times for players coming back to the game to try the new mode.

Not long after the new mode debuted, leakers claimed to have found evidence of an upcoming permanent mode with the building turned off. On March 29, 2022, Epic Games confirmed the rumors, formally announcing Fortnite Zero Build mode’s launch as part of the v20.00 update. Epic Games describes Zero Build as “a pure test of weapon, item, and traversal ability.” As part of the latest update, building is now back in the default game mode.

What are Fortnite Zero Build’s gameplay changes?

Just like the name says, the biggest change in Fortnite Zero Build is that it removes the game’s building mechanic. The game takes place on the standard Fortnite map, so the structures and other terrain features you’re familiar with will still be there. While the only thing unique to the new mode is the removal of building mechanics, Fortnite Zero Build also takes advantage of the new movement and shield systems added in the latest season.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 added a new recharging Overshield that absorbs damage before your shields and health are depleted, which should come in handy with Zero Build’s reduced cover. There’s also the inclusion of the running slide, which allows you to traverse using your momentum like Apex Legends. While there will be fewer opportunities to use it without buildings, Mantling lets players climb to high positions they couldn’t reach just through jumping. Fortnite’s default running and sprinting speeds have also been increased, which should complement Zero Build’s faster pace.

No Build mode uses the familiar Fortnite map, but without building tools.

Epic Games

How do you play Fortnite Zero Build mode?

You can access Zero Build from Fortnite’s Discover menu. Click the Change button in the Fortnite lobby and you’ll be able to select from Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad playlists in Zero Build mode. If you want to play with building turned on, just use the default game mode in the Fortnite launcher.

What do players have to say about Fortnite Zero Build mode?

Reaction to Fortnite’s No Build Limited Time Mode was largely positive. High-profile streamers like Ninja shared praise for the mode and players who’d taken a break from Fortnite returned to try it out. As the Limited Time Mode drew to a close, those who were enjoying it shared their disappointment and frequently called for the mode to be made permanent.

Some former Fortnite streamers say they’re returning to the game for Zero Build mode.

Likewise, when Epic Games announced the permanent Zero Build mode, the response from fans on Twitter was enthusiastic, with many saying they plan to return to the game after giving it up.

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