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Where to Find the Jaeger Family Basement for Fortnite's Attack on Titan Quest

This challenge is required to earn the Eren Jaeger skin in-game.

Fortnite eren Jaeger skin
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The latest Fortnite crossover brings more characters from Attack on Titan into the battle royale game. With the new update comes a fresh set of Attack on Titan challenges, which you can complete to earn the Eren Jaeger skin that makes you look like the anime protagonist. There are several quests available, and one seems to be causing some trouble, requiring you to find the Jaeger Family Basement in Anvil Square. In the anime and manga, this is a hugely important destination where the main characters discover the true nature of the dangerous world they live in. But on the Fortnite island, this are a bit less dire — but even more cryptic.

The game doesn’t tell you exactly where to find this specific location, but fortunately, we’ve got everything you’ll need to complete this quest.

How to Initiate the Quest

Purchase the battle pass to gain access to the Jaeger quests.

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Before diving into the set of quests to earn the Eren Jaeger skin, you first need to purchase the Chapter 4 Season 2 battle pass. It costs 950 V-Bucks, which is anywhere between $8 and $9.50 depending on what sort of V-Bucks bundle you go for. Once you buy the battle pass, you can begin making progress in the challenges associated with the quest, so don’t attempt them until after you’ve made your purchase.

Where to Find the Jaeger Family Basement

Jaeger’s Basement is found in the southeastern house of Anvil Square.

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You’ll need to complete the first few challenges as part of the Jaeger questline, which are as follows:

  1. Visit 5 Guard Towers
  2. Deal 300 damage to opponents while airborne
  3. Destroy 50 structures with a Thunder Spear

Then you’ll have to find the Jaeger Family Basement.

Boot up a match and head to Anvil Square. Then, you’ll need to visit the southeasternmost house in this area. It’s a two-story building with a basement and it’s on the very bottom corner of the POI. On the west side of this building is a set of steps that leads down to the basement area.

Simply head into the basement of the southeastern house in Anvil Square to discover Jaeger’s Basement.

Epic Games

From there, simply head down into the basement to complete the quest. All you need to do is step foot into the room; There’s no need to interact with anything. Make sure you see the quest progress tracker appear on the top left-hand side of the screen. You might see a Regiment Footlocker in this room, so feel free to open it if you spot one.

Once you complete the challenge, you’ll earn the Basement Key Back Bling, and you’ll be one step closer to earning the Eren Jaeger skin as part of the latest crossover.

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