Everything you need to know about Sky Jellies in Fortnite

Jellies ... in the sky!

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It’s a new week in Fortnite and Epic Games has plenty of new quests for you to complete. Some are straightforward, such as taming wildlife, while others aren’t as simple. One new challenge requires you to gain health or shields from Sky Jellies — a mysterious type of wildlife found around the map. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t specify what this wildlife is or where to find them, so you might struggle to complete this quest. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find Sky Jellies and everything else you need to know about this Fortnite quest.

Fortnite Sky Jellies locations

There are lots of areas around the Fortnite island that contain Sky Jellies.

Many areas like this one feature Sky Jellies. Stick to the warmer areas to increase your odds.

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Your best bet is to search the areas in between named locations, such as the spot to the east of Anvil Square. Keep your eyes peeled for floating, blue jellyfish-looking creatures that typically spawn in little groups.

You can also find them floating around locations such as Slappy Shores, Shattered Slabs, Faulty Splits, and Frenzy Fields. As long as you stay away from the snowy areas, you’ll eventually come across some Sky Jellies.

Sky Jellies appear over the course of a match. So if you land somewhere and don’t see any, it’s possible they’ll appear later on. For instance, it took two circle collapses for Sky Jellies to appear for us during one match, so don’t worry if they don’t spawn right away. In another match, the Sky Jellies appeared immediately, so there’s a bit of randomness involved with this quest.

Gain health or shields from Sky Jellies

Jump close to a Sky Jelly to gain shields to health.

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Once you find them, simply jump toward them and you’ll gain shields or health. Each one gives you 20 health/shields so it’ll take three total to complete this quest since you need 50. It’s also important to approach the Sky Jellies without full health/shields. If you’re at max health/shields, nothing will happen when you interact with the Sky Jellies. If that happens, try jumping from a tall structure to take damage before healing with the Sky Jellies.

It’s also important to not shoot the Sky Jellies, as they won’t heal you if you destroy them. Once you’ve healed 50 health/shields, you’ll earn credit for this quest. Keep in mind, this quest is cumulative, so your progress carries over from match to match.

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