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How to find prepper supplies, Inflate-A-Bull, and cow decoys in Fortnite

The Week 6 Legendary Quest is all about that farm life.

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Fortnite Legendary Quests continue for Week 6, with the latest installment asking players to focus on some tasks related to farms. In this all-encompassing guide, we’ll reveal locations for prepper supplies, Inflate-a-Bulls, cow decoys, and more. There’s a lot of hunting to do to beat those aliens, so let’s get started.

Get Slone’s orders from a Payphone

This quest starts just like the others, with players hunting down a payphone to talk to Slone. The locations should be the same if you need them. Here’s a payphone heading into Believer Beach.

You’ll find this payphone heading into Believer Beach.Epic Games

There’s another payphone location heading into Pleasant Park from the south. If you have any trouble getting there, just listen for the ring noise as you approach.

There’s another payphone location when entering Pleasant Park from the south.Epic Games

Place prepper supplies in Hayseed’s Farm

For the first real step you’ll be setting down prepper supplies at specific locations around Hayseed’s Farm. That’s the area northeast of Corney Complex marked on the maps you’re about to see.

Prepper supply location 1 — The first location for Prepper Supplies is right outside the northern entrance of the main farm house.

The first batch of prepper supplies is at the main farmhouse.Epic Games

You’ll see it to the left of the door.

You’ll find it to the left of the front door.Epic Games

Prepper Supply location 2 — The next location is at the end of the cornfields to the east.

The swcond location is in the cornfields to the east.Epic Games

Look for these two large hay bales near the tractor as a frame of reference.

Look for this bale of hay behind the tractor.Epic Games

You only need to use one location, so just pick the one that you have the easiest time locating.

Deal damage to opponents in farms

This step is self-explanatory. Just hang around the Hayseed area to accrue 25 damage to opponents. This one shouldn’t take very long.

Use an Inflate-a-Bull

The Inflate-a-Bull was added to Fortnite via a hotfix on Tuesday, and it’s classified as rare loot found in Chests or IO Chests. A far easier way to find one, though, is to go to the Defiant Dish landmark situated east of Weeping Woods. There you’ll find the Rick Sanchez NPC, who’s selling an Inflate-a-Bull for 25 Bars. Just spend the Bars and the bull is yours.

To buy an Inflate-a-Bull, head to the Defiant Dish landmark marked below.Epic Games

To use it, press the jump button in mid-air while dropping from a high height when it’s equipped. All you have to do is inflate it once to get 30,000 XP.

Fortnite cow decoy locations

When it comes to placing cow decoys, those function much like the prepper supplies at the start of the quest. Go to at least three of the five locations we’re about to show to complete the quest.

Cow decoy location 1 — The first cow decoy is at the front of the big farmhouse, very close to where you probably placed prepper supplies.

The first cow decoy is near the front door of the farmhouse.Epic Games

It’s a short distance away from the front door.

You’ll find it a short distance away from the door.Epic Games

Cow decoy location 2 — Next, just go to the rear of that same house.

There’s another decoy in the back of the house.Epic Games

You’ll find another placement spot near these trees out back.

You’ll find a placement spot near these trees.Epic Games

Cow decoy location 3 — For the third cow decoy, head to this spot north of the gas station.

The third cow decoy is north of the gas station.Epic Games

Look for this large hay bale across from the building. A cow will be right there.

Look for this large hay bale across from the building.Epic Games

Cow decoy location 4 — A fourth possible location is just across the street from the previous one, close to a payphone.

For the fourth location, simply walk across the street.Epic Games

This is what the spot looks like.

This is what the location looks like.

Cow decoy location 5 — Our final location is closer to the bridge.

The fifth location is closer to a bridge.Epic Games

Use this green bush as a frame of reference. Use three of these five cow decoy locations, and you’re good to go.

Use this bush as a frame of reference.Epic Games

Damage an alien-driven saucer

For this last step. All you need to do is head towards named locations highlighted in purple on your map. These are spots that aliens have invaded. In these areas you’ll see lots of UFO saucers flying around, so just hit them with any weapon to accrue 25 damage. That’s all you need to know about the Week 6 quest.

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