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Where to find and use the Inflate-a-Bull in Fortnite

While rare, the Inflate-a-Bull isn’t too hard to find.

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Fortnite was updated with a new hotfix Tuesday morning, bringing the Inflate-a-Bull item to Battle Royale. In this no-nonsense guide, we’ll reveal a guaranteed location to find one and explain the benefits and drawbacks of using it. Get ready to bounce with this brand-new movement tool whether you’re playing as Loki or LeBron.

Where to find the Fortnite Inflate-a-Bull

Traditionally speaking, the Inflate-a-Bull is classified as Rare loot found exclusively in Chests and IO Chests. However, provided you have at least 25 Bars in your inventory, there’s a much easier location to find one. Directly east of Weeping Woods is the Defiant Dish landmark, marked on the map below.

The Inflate-a-Bull can be purchased from Rick Sanchez at the Defiant Dish landmark.

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Head there, and you’ll find the Rick Sanchez NPC atop its central building. You should see the NPC dialogue bubble icon appear as you float in. Approach him, and you’ll notice he’s selling the Inflate-a-Bull for just 25 Bars. If you don’t have that, all you need to do is loot some Chests or Eliminate a handful of players to collect their stash. Pay the small fee, and the Inflate-a-Bull is yours to keep for the match.

Just pay 25 Bars and the Inflate-a-Bull is yours to keep.

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How to use the Inflate-a-Bull in Fortnite

Once you’ve purchased an Inflate-a-Bull or looted one from a Chest, it acts as a sort of double jump when equipped. As you fall from a tall height, press the jump button in mid-air to expand the bull. Make sure you’re fairly high up, because it takes several seconds to fully inflate.

When equipped, the Inflate-a-Bull attaches to your character’s back.

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Fully available, the Inflate-a-Bull serves as a fast way to move around. It allows players to roll downhill at lightning speeds, giving them the ability to outpace opponents or the Storm with relative ease. It can also be inflated to remove unwanted Parasites that may be attached to your character.

The Inflate-a-Bull can be used o outrun opponents at lightning speed.

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What are the downsides of the Inflate-a-Bull in Fortnite?

Of course, not everything about the Inflate-a-Bull is perfect. It can be popped by the wearer if it’s not deployed correctly, giving way to a five-second cooldown before it can be used again. That cooldown time extends even further if the bull is popped by an opponent in combat. Inflate-a-Bulls also attract the attention of Saucers as well, which means you could wind up under attack by alien foes. Provided you’re in wide open spaces, however, the movement advantage the Inflate-a-Bull provides is quite palpable.

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