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Where to find a Ferrari in Fortnite and new time trial details

Yes, there really is a Ferrari in Fortnite.

Fortnite surprised fans Thursday morning by bringing the Ferrari 296 GTB to Battle Royale. In fact, not only is the 2022 hybrid vehicle in the game, but it’s also part of three Epic Quests recently added for Week 7. In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find a Ferrari in Fortnite and showcase where you need to go to begin a Ferrari time trial.

Fortnite Ferrari locations

At the time of publication, we’ve been able to find two locations where Ferraris spawn fairly reliably. That being said, as with all cars in Fortnite, its spawn location can sometimes be a bit random. Generally speaking, though, you should be able to choose one of these spots to polish off your Week 7 quests.

Ferrari location 1 — Our first Ferrari location is in this parking garage east of Holly Hatchery. Just go inside, and you should see the red car parked there.

You’ll find a Ferrari in the garage west of Holly Hatchery.


This spot tends to be the most reliable one, so try to get here before other players do. If the car is moved, you may have a significantly harder time finding one.

Get here fast, or this Ferrari may be gone.

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Ferrari location 2 — If it’s not there, you can also try this spot on the bridge east of Slurpy Swamp. You’ll find it towards the end of the bridge, near the barricades and traffic cones.

You might also find a Ferrari on this bridge east of Slurpy Swamp.

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For those wondering about the Ferrari’s maximum speed, it’s capable of going about 110 or 111 mph.

Fortnite Ferrari time trial locations

When it comes to the Ferrari time trials, it appears there are a couple different locations to trigger those as well.

Time trial location 1 — The first time trial starts on this stretch of road heading towards Weeping Woods.

You’ll find the first Ferrari time trial on this path headed towards Weeping Woods.

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This is what the location looks like. When you get there you’ll see a glowing clock with a directional arrow hovering above it. Just pass through the arrow and follow the course to complete the challenge.

This is what the area around the first time trial looks like.

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Time trial location 2 — A second time trial can be found on this bridge north of Slurpy Swamp as well. Pass under the steel bridge to begin the course. That’s all you need to know about Ferrari’s in Fortnite.

There’s another time trial location on this bridge north of Slurpy Swamp.

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Fortnite Week 7 Epic Quests

Ferraris and Ferrari time trials account for just three of the Epic quests going live in Fortnite on Thursday. Check out the full list of Week 7 Epic quests below.

  • Use the Recon Scanner to spot an enemy player (one)
  • Visit Misty Meadows, Catty Corner, and Camp Cod in a single match
  • Search ammo boxes (five)
  • Defeat Riot
  • Reach Maximum Speed in A Ferrari
  • Drive a Ferrari through the Storm
  • Complete Ferrari Time Trials (one)
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