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Here's exactly how to beat all three phases of Forspoken’s final boss

For the fate of Athia.

Athia is filled with dozens of mutated beasts and bosses to take down, but none of Forspoken’s baddies present as formidable a challenge as the final boss. Without spoiling the villain’s identity, Frey has to essentially fight an ancient, all-powerful demon, so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared.

Forspoken makes it very obvious that the final boss is coming up, so once Frey is presented with the choice of heading back to New York, you’ll want to take some time to complete some side content to prepare. Also, make sure you have a full pack of Healing Draughts.

Here’s what you need to know to get through all three phases of Forspoken’s final boss. Be warned, due to the nature of this guide, there will be some unavoidable late-game spoilers ahead.

First Phase: Murmuration

The first phase of the battle is a cinch, and shouldn’t give you any trouble.

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The first phase of the fight sees you riding dragon Cinta toward Cipal, and you’ll spend the first bit fighting from her back. Susurrus will attempt to stop you by attacking with massive hordes of birds. By holding down R2, you can send out a stream of fire.

Your primary focus in this phase should be shooting down the flocks of birds. If they get too close they can cause massive damage to Frey. Occasionally, Susurrus himself will appear in a sphere-like form. You can damage him, but always focus on the birds — neutralizing them will also reduce the boss’ health.

Keep in mind that even though you’re on the dragon, you can still heal by pressing up on the D-pad.

Second Phase: Revenge Incarnate

You should focus entirely on using ranged attacks for this second phase, with Frey’s Purple and Prav’s Blue sets of spells being your best bet.

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After reducing the first phase’s health, you’ll drop into the main courtyard of Cipal. First, you’ll enter a lengthy battle against waves of enemies. With Frey’s souped-up powers, you can take down all of them in one or two hits. Once that’s over, the real battle begins.

Susurrus will appear in his sphere form again and fire a variety of ranged attacks at Frey. He has no weaknesses during this phase, so feel free to use any spell set you want.

Susurrus will teleport to the other ends of the arena, so make sure to use magic parkour to dash over and keep dealing damage. Here are a few attacks you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

  • When Susurrus shoots out a single golden bird, it will track Frey. If hit, you’ll be locked in place for roughly ten seconds. Use parkour to dodge.
  • When Susurrus launches into the air, he can send a massive earth spire shooting into the ground. These can be tough to avoid. If you see it coming, use parkour to dodge.
  • If the orbs on Susurrus’ body start spinning, get ready to dodge. The boss will begin shooting homing lasers.
  • A few times throughout the fight, Susurrus will disappear and spawn waves of enemies. It’s more annoying than anything, so just keep your distance and use ranged attacks.

Halfway through the battle, Susurrus will use an attack where three copies teleport above the main temple and start charging. After roughly ten seconds, all three will start firing a mass of lasers.

You have two options for dodging this move, with the first being to rush right up to the steps of the temple, which works as a bit of a safe zone. Your other option is to press L3+R3 to use Frey’s new Skip ability, letting you head into another dimension to dodge all of the attacks.

Once the beams stop, the three copies will teleport to the three ends of the arena, and you simply need to take them down one by one. It’s possible Susurrus will use this attack again before the end of the battle, but just rinse and repeat until he’s down.

Third Phase: Susurrus

Susurrus’ final phase is by far the most challenging, so make sure to keep an eye on your health and use every spell at your disposal.

The third and final phase is easily the most difficult, as it sees Frey going up against Susurrus’ human form, which has quite a few more attacks. Before we dive into the boss’ attacks, there’s one vital thing to keep in mind for this battle — Susurrus will change his “style” across the battle to match one of the four Tantas.

At multiple points, you’ll see a quick scene where the boss changes style and a small colored emblem appears on his back. The color of this emblem indicates which style he’s using, so purple for Frey’s magic, Red for Sila, Blue for Prav, and Green for Olas. What’s really important here is that you can switch to that same spell set and Susurrus will be vulnerable to its attacks, so make sure to adjust accordingly. He’ll start out weak to Prav’s magic, but will soon switch to Sila and the others.

This form of Susurrus tends to focus on close-range melee attacks, but he has a few ranged ones as well. Your best friend in these fights is going to be support magic that automatically attacks, like the plant turret from Dispere or the flaming soliders of Legion. Make sure you almost always have these two active, as it’ll help you chip away at the boss’ health while you can focus on dodging.

Keep in mind that Susurrus will move around the battlefield a lot, and whenever he turns into a flock of birds he’s invulnerable. Here are a few attacks you’ll want to watch out for.

  • When Susurrus leaps into the air, an unblockable attack marker will appear. Shortly after this he’ll slam down to the ground and cause an AoE explosion around him. Your best bet to avoid this attack is to use Skip to teleport out.
  • Occasionally, Susurrus will warp right in front of Frey for a single-hit attack. If you’re quick, you can use triangle to counterattack. At times this single attack will launch into a combo, so be ready to keep dodging.
  • Sussurus has a very quick AoE attack where he punches the ground. Do your best to avoid it, or regain your composure and launch a combo.
  • If you see the boss start charging immediately launch into Flow, as he’s about to fire a laster straight at Frey. You can easily dodge if you’re actively using parkour.

At half health, Susurrus will get a few new attacks, leading up to a devastating final attack when he’s almost defeated.

  • Susurrus will spawn multiple tornadoes that can suck Frey in, so do your best to stay far away from them.
  • The boss will float into the air and fire ranged lasers and golden orbs at Frey. Olas magic is the best to use here because of its homing effect. Still, make sure to dodge the orbs — they’re unblockable and will track you.
  • Susurrus’ ground combos are much more aggressive after he’s at half health, and his combos will be longer. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep your distance at all times.

These are the attacks Susurrus will use for the rest of the battle, although they can get more intense the lower he gets on health. When he has a sliver left the boss will leap into the air with a quick cutscene, before smashing down in a humongous explosion. This move can easily completely take out Frey and make you restart, so once the cutscene starts activate Skip by pressing L3+R3, and make sure to stay in it to dodge. You should just need a few more hits after that to finally take Susurrus down.

Forspoken is currently available on PS5 and PC.

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