10 of the weirdest and wildest FFXIV Adventure Plates

A blessing and a curse.

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The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV added a variety of new features and content, but one small feature has had a massive impact that no one saw coming.

Currently in beta with Patch 6.1, Adventurer Plates allow players to create their own profiles for others to view. This provides another option for players to express themselves, and boy have they done just that. There are some absolutely zany Adventurer Plates out in the wild, running the gamut from epic and artistic to incredibly racy. There’s absolutely no doubt that Square Enix will be applying some restrictions when the feature leaves beta in FFXIV, but in the meantime, we can enjoy the best (worst?) of the bunch. We’ll also walk you through how to create your very own Adventurer Plate at the end.

10. This impressive portrait

Credit @tankstance on Twitter.

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9. This adorable take on a selfie

Credit @pawnrocket_ on Twitter.

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8. This shocking slime

Credit @Leo_xiv on Twitter.

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7. This unsettling close-up

Credit to user twitch-setback on Twitter.

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6. This hilarious representation of the iconic floor tank

Credit to user Winter_Ad_9586 on Reddit.

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5. This utterly fantastic take on Tataru

Credit to @cassiusxiv on Twitter.

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4. This plate that gets inventive with design

Credit to @nvalkrydraws on Twitter.

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3. This lineup that’s practically a meme by itself

Credits to @Brulkhar on Twitter.

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2. This inventive use of stickers

Credit to @evilalmia on Twitter.

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1. And last, but certainly not least, this sexy Chocobo

Credit to @hudakaubrey on Twitter.

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How to create your own Adventurer Plate

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If looking at this wide selection has inspired you to create your very own plate, it’s luckily pretty easy to do. If you want to edit the actual plate itself simply open the Character Menu by selecting the button on the bottom of the screen, then select “Adventure Plate.” Here you can edit the visual design of the plate, pick your preferred playstyles, the time of day you play, and more.

Creating a photo is a little more complicated. You’ll need to open the Character Menu again, and this time select the “Portrait” option. These options are a little more complex, and on the right side of the pop-up, you can see buttons that let you zoom the camera, alter your character's placement, and more.

Once you’re done editing a Portrait, you need to right-click on the portrait in the menu and select “Apply to Adventurer Plate” in order to use it. Now players will be able to view your plate if they look at your profile, and it’ll also be displayed whenever you join a PvP match of Crystalline Conflict.

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