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How to get the Choco-Mog Summon Materia from the vent in FF7 Remake

Witness the greatest mascot team-up in franchise history.

Some of the ways that Final Fantasy VII Remake honors the original is through callbacks like the Choco-Mog Summon Materia, which players can discover pretty early in the game sitting in a dangerous vent while they're infiltrating their second Mako Reactor.

In the depths of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s sixth chapter, as you’re attempting to take down your second Mako reactor, you’ll pass by a few vents at one point with giant fans that threaten to hurl your characters to their deaths. If you look at these terrifying vents, you’ll notice one of them contains a red Summon Materia. It's tempting, but you can’t get it just yet.

You have to wait until you’ve turned off all three Sun Lamps before you get the chance. Once your Sun Lamp objective has been completed, you’ll be told to head back to the big elevator in the middle, the one that’s adjacent to a bench and vending machine. The platform will be labeled as “H-01.” Once there, rather than progressing with the big platform, take a small gondola to the right of the bench.

Square Enix

You’ll be moved back towards the fan area. Climb the ladder and interact with the console ahead of you to get started. (Note: There will also be a vending machine to your right, containing the "Electric de Chocobo" track.)

Once you interact with the console, you’ll be given a one-minute timer to defeat all the foes in the adjacent room. You’ll be fighting a random selection of Grashtrikes. Some folks might need to fight a Queen Grashtrike, while others might only encounter a baby Grashtrike. Either way, make sure you have some Ice Material equipped, an element that all genus of Grashstrike are weak against.

After defeating the enemies, head to the terminal on the other side of the room to open a door. You’ll have to both defeat all the enemies and open the door within the time limit, but don’t worry if you mess it up. You can keep trying as many times as you might need. If you’re having trouble, there’s no shame in briefly lowering your game’s difficulty to a lower setting. Once you’ve done everything, the Choco-Mog summon will be available in the next room.

Now the Dynamic Duo is yours for good! Stampede your heart out!

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for PlayStation 4.

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