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10 Must-Do Sidequests in Final Fantasy XVI

Stop to smell the roses.

Final Fantasy XVI
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Apart from a lengthy main story, Final Fantasy XVI has dozens upon dozens of sidequests that pop up as you journey through Valishtea. It can be overwhelming at times, and it’s tough to know what’s really worth your time if you’re not interested in doing everything.

That being said, there are a few sidequests you should absolutely make sure to do, both for gameplay bonuses and some fantastic development for Clive’s friends. Here are three sets of sidequests —10 quests in all — that you’ve gotta see in Final Fantasy XVI.

3. Complete Blacksmith’s Blues For Great Equipment

Blacksmith’s Blues gives Clive some vital weapons and armor across the game.

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Blacksmith’s Blues is a four-part quest that’ll start shortly after you reach the New Hideaway, with subsequent quests being spaced out across the rest of the game. These quests are important because they allow you to unlock Clive’s best equipment in the entire game. The first quest unlocks the powerful Drakeslayer’s Armor set, while the fourth grants Clive a powerful weapon and the recipe for the strongest sword in the game.

Sidequests are easy to find in FFXVI, as essentially a new set unlocks after every big story “level.” You’ll always end up back in the Hideaway, so make sure you’re checking off each step of Blacksmith’s Blues as you progress through the game. On top of the rewards, there’s also some fantastic storytelling that really lets you get to know Blackthorne as a character.

2. Complete Weird Science for Healing and Inventory Upgrades

As a general rule of thumb, sidequests with a “+” symbol will alwasy unlock some kind of new gameplay feature or upgrade.

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Potions are absolutely vital in FFXVI, as they’re essentially your only way to heal outside of Limit Breaks and Torgal. As you level up and get more HP, however, they’ll start to be less useful, which is exactly why you need to complete Weird Science.

There are two parts to this questline, and each one will increase the amount of Potions and Hi-Potions you can carry. On top of that, there are two additional quests that will increase the potency of your Potions and Tonics. Here’s an overview of all fours quest and when they pop up, so you can make sure to catch them.

  • The Root of the Problem (Available after main quest 37: After the Storm) – Increases Potion and Tonic Potency.
  • Weird Science (Available after main quest 47: Letting Off Steam III) – Increases Potion capacity by two and High Potion capacity by one.
  • Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol (Available after main quest 59: Like Father, Like Daughter) – Further increases Potion and Tonic potency.
  • Even Weirder Science (Available after main quest 62: Across the Narrow) – Increases Potion capacity by two more and High Potion capacity by one more.

1. Last Hurrah

The final set of sidequests provides real closure for the main cast, that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

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While the other sidequests we’ve talked about provide gameplay bonuses, the final set you need to do are entirely story-focused. At the very tail-end of the game, you’ll unlock a new objective to travel to “Origin.” At this point a new set of 10+ quests will unlock. Each and every one is worth doing for the heartfelt character moments between Clive and his friends.

All of these quests enhance the ending of FFXVI, but if you only want to see the emotional character moments with Clive’s closest friends, we’ve picked out five quests that each correspond to one of the game’s major characters. Below you can find all five, and which character it corresponds to. Make sure you complete these before you see the ending.

  • More Than Words
  • When There’s a Will
  • Silver Linings
  • A Tail to Tell
  • Priceless

Final Fantasy XVI is currently available on PS5.

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