Everything we know about Yoshi-P's February 2022 FFXIV live letter

Another Letter from the Producer LIVE is almost here.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Alisae
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The saga of Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga comes to an end with Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, but it’s certainly not the end of the MMO’s story. There’s quite a bit of content we already know is on the way with the Pandaemonium raids, a new alliance raid, and the Island Sanctuary. However, the biggest question is what new locations and adventures the story will take players on. Luckily, the first post-Endwalker Letter from the Producer Live is announced by Square Enix and should provide the first details about where FFXIV goes next.

When is the February 2022 FFXIV Letter from the Producer broadcast?

Letter from the Producer broadcasts usually run about 5 hours.

Square Enix

The first post-Endwalker Letter from the Producer will happen on February 18, 2022 at 6 p.m. Pacific/ 9 p.m. Eastern. If you’re planning on watching the entire presentation you should set aside quite a bit of time, as the Letter from the Producer always does a very deep dive into FFXIV. Shows usually last at least five hours, put previous shows have also run updwards of seven hours.

How to watch the FFXIV Letter from the producer live

The Live Letter will be streamed at the time it broadcasts on FFXIV’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. You can also watch it on the Japanese video-sharing website NicoNico. While the entire presentaion is in Japanese, Square Enix has clarified that there will be live interpretation to English, meaning fans in North America can watch perfectly fine. With that, English-speaking fans will likely want to tune in on either YouTube or Twitch.

What will be revealed during the February 2022 FFXIV broadcast?

The first post-Endwalker Live Letter will give fans their first look at the future of FFXIV.

Square Enix

There are two major sections to this FFXIV Letter, with the first being titled “Newfound Futures: The Next 10 Years of FFXIV.” While Square Enix hasn’t said exactly how in-depth the presentation will go, this is the very first glimpse at where the game will go next. We’ll likely get some hint on where the Main Scenario will go next, and maybe even a broad overview of the next story arc in general. At the same time, Square Enix hasn’t provided any details on the already-announced Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid, so we could see some information on that.

The Hydaelyn-Zodiark storyline took ten years to wrap up, and because of how the presentation is titled it seems likely that the development team has another lengthy story arc in mind. While we’ll likely get a date for the next patch, don’t expect any concrete details on the next expansion, as that’s still going to be a ways off.

The second section of the presentation is a fan Q&A on FFXIV: Endwalker. There’s a designated thread on the official forums where fans can submit Endwalker-focused questions, and during the show producer Naoki Yoshida will cover as many questions as possible. There are a few rules, like only one question per post, but the thread will stay open until the end of the Live Letter on February 18.

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