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FF7 Rebirth: From Whence Life Flows Quest Walkthrough

Taking a break with Bugenhagen.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Bugenhagen
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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has over 60 side quests to experience, with each one focusing on a different member of the party. While most are pretty straightforward, a few quests require you to hunt down specific items or locations. One of those is From Whence Life Flows, a Cosmo Canyon quest that sees Red XIII helping Bugenhagen survey depleted Lifestream locations. It’s a tricky quest that requires you to search the entire canyon, but we’ve made it easy by walking through each step. Here’s exactly how to complete From Whence Life Flows in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How to Start From Whence Life Flows

From Whence Life Flows will be available immediately after completing Red XIII’s trial in Cosmo Canyon. You can start the quest by picking it up from the notice board or talking to Bugenhagen in his observatory. Either way, you’ll need to talk to him, so your first step is to head to the observatory. Your objective is to find a handful of depleted Lifesprings, but you’ll only get vague hand-drawn maps to help you find them. It’s important to note that you’ll need to have access to this region’s Chocobo to complete the quest. If you haven’t done so already, getting that Chocobo is a part of the Bonds of Trust quest that opens up when you reach Cosmo Canyon.

Lifespring Survey Station 1

The first station is almost directly under Cosmo Canyon itself.

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This is the easiest station to find, just South of Bugenhagen’s tower. Travel to the Dried Oasis Tower and then head straight NorthEast to find the locked door.

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You won’t need to do anything further at this station, just try to open the door and watch the cutscene.

Lifespring Survey Station 2

The second station is just down this ravine, near some ruins.

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The second station is found on the South end of Cosmo Canyon, right underneath a big set of ruins where you find Protorelic Intel 3. The easiest way to get there is to go straight to the heart of the canyon, then head due south and follow a ravine until you can head up some hills.

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Keep following the ruins until you arrive at the barricade, and you’ll see a group of fiends attacking. For this one, you need to keep the barricade intact to fully complete the objective.

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The fiends are weak, so moves like Cloud’s Triple Slash or Barret’s Overdrive work well for mopping them up quickly. Afterward, watch the cutscene.

Lifespring Survey Station 3

Station 3 is straight across from the previous one.

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The next station is surprisingly close, just straight across to the NorthWest from your current position. So much so you can see it as you leave. Run over or take your Chocobo, and you’ll once again see fiends attacking.

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These Sahagin are weak to Ice attacks, and get pressured when you exploit it. Equip some Ice materia on your party as well as First Strike, so you can use the spells at the start of the battle. If you have an Elemental materia you can also link it to an Ice on Cloud to let him cause good damage to the Sahagin. After using Ice to pressure them, make sure to follow up with an attack like Focused Strike to stagger the enemies. Afterward, once again watch the cutscene.

Lifespring Survey Station 4

You can see Survey Station 4 from the nearby tower.

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The fourth station is just to the East of the second station you were at. So head to the Gliding Range Tower and then go slightly Northeast to see the station tucked away under a cliff. Unsurprisingly you’ll find more fiends.

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There are two Sahagins so use the Ice strategy and try to take them out first. Once again, First Strike materia is your best friend here. The new enemy is a Griffon, which is weak to Lightning. You can use spells to try and damage it fast enough, but the Griffon won’t become pressured until it casts off a protective wind shroud. If you can’t defeat it with Lightning first, as soon as that happens use Focused attacks to stagger it.

Lifespring Survey Station 5’

Survey Station 5 is near the Souther tip of the canyon.

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The fifth and final station is all the way at the Southern end of the canyon, and it’s the trickiest to get to. Go all the way to the Southern end on the bottom of the canyon and follow a little ramp up to a Chocobo Glide point.

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You’ll need to use this series of glide points to work your way up to the station. Head off the glide point and make sure to hold R2 to glide right down to the landing ramp.

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After landing follow the path around to another glide point. This time you’ll need to hit the floating fans to keep your Chocobo aloft, and make it to the next landing ramp.

After getting there, turn right and follow the staircases up to another glide point. Take that, hit the fans, and land. Now you’ll want to use the glide point immediately to your left.

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After you land follow the path straight ahead, ignore the glide point on your right, and continue on through a cave and up an incline, then turn left. Once you reach the top of a hill hang a right and you’ll finally see the station.

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This time you’ll head in and have to fight three Threadspinner Chimera, which are surprisingly not too difficult. The same strategy you used with the Sahagin works here, hit with Ice attacks then follow up with Focused abilities. The only difference is these enemies can cause status effects like Poison, so you may want to have someone equipped with Poisana or plan on using items.

Now you’ll finally be able to complete From Whence Life Flows, get a little bit of lore, and unlock another quest in the process.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is available exclusively on PS5.

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