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Everything you need to know about Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead is the next horror movie franchise to get the multiplayer video game treatment.

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There is no shortage of upcoming action-focused horror games right now.

Back 4 Blood, Dying Light 2, Rainbow Six Extraction, Evil West, and more are announced and slated to release this year. That said, one licensed game is trying to stand out from the bunch — Evil Dead: The Game.

Announced at The Game Awards in 2020, Evil Dead: The Game reappeared during the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Event on June 10 ahead of E3 2021. If that new trailer about the game intrigued you, check out everything that we know so far about Evil Dead: The Game.

When is the Evil Dead: The Game release date?

Currently, Evil Dead: The Game has a simple 2021 release window. No specific release date or window within this year has been given just yet. That said, a game like this is a great fit for an October release around Halloween, so hopefully it's able to make that window. We’ll update this post when a specific date is confirmed.

Is there an Evil Dead: The Game trailer?

Yes! A brand new trailer for Evil Dead: The Game was released as part of Summer Game Fest Kickoff, and it gives a pretty thorough deep dive into what we can expect from gameplay. We see several iconic Evil Dead characters fend off the monsters from the movie as Bruce Campbell explains how the game works.

Check out the Summer Game Fest Kickoff trailer below:

Is Evil Dead: The Game a single-player game?

So far, no single-player story has been revealed for Evil Dead: The Game. As you can see in the trailer above, Evil Dead: The Game is actually a multiplayer game where four players can work together to survive hordes of Deadites and another player who is controlling the Kandarian Demon.

It appears to be a similar dynamic to titles like Friday The 13th: The Game and Predator: Hunting Grounds in that way. That said, the survivors are a little more aggressive in this game. Every character has unique weapons (Ash has his iconic boomshot and chainsaw, for example), and the Summer Game Fest trailer weapons, vehicles, and finishing moves that players have at their disposal.

During a match, players must try to find pages of the Necronomicon as well as other collectibles like lost tapes recorded by Raymond Knowby and magical artifacts. Once players collect enough, players will be able to use a spell to defeat the Kandarian and its Deadites.

As mentioned, another player can control the Kandarian Demon and possess enemies around the game's map, so players will have to outsmart it if they want to survive. It might not be the most original zombie game ever, but Evil Dead: The Game seems like it will be a fun multiplayer title for fans of the series.

Which Evil Dead characters are in the game?

Several classic Evil Dead characters will be available as part of the game, and they were all featured in the Summer Game Fest trailer. The following characters have already been confirmed:

  • Ash Williams
  • Kelly Maxwell
  • Pablo Simon Bolivar
  • Scotty
  • Lord Arthur

These characters will all be working together as a team. That said, players can also take control of Kandarian Demon and hunt down other players. The developers have also teased that more characters will be revealed ahead of the game’s launch, so these aren’t all of the protagonists or evil creatures that players can control.

This is what Ash and Pablo look like in Evil Dead: The Game.

Saber Interactive

Who is developing Evil Dead: The Game?

Evil Dead: The Game is being created by Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive. Boss Team Games is a relatively new studio, with the only other game under its belt being the mobile card game Cobra Kai: Card Fighter, so Evil Dead: The Game has the potential to be their breakout title.

Meanwhile, Saber Interactive is a growing developer and publisher owned by Embracer Group that does both porting work and original projects. Saber created the 2019 sleeper hit World War Z video game, so hopefully, it’ll give the same love and care to Evil Dead. Renaissance Pictures, STUDIOCANAL, MGM, and Lionsgate are also attached to the project as they control the IP.

This is a new kind of game for Saber, so it has the potential to be quite big for them. Now, both teams just have to deliver a quality multiplayer horror title that can stand out from the zombie game crowd and be more than a cash-grab licensed game.

Evil Dead: The Game will be released in 2021.

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