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Everything we know about Everywhere, the upcoming “multi-world” game

Time for a new world.

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Grand Theft Auto redefined video games. Most people either have fond memories about the series or know somebody who does. One of the biggest names responsible for that is Leslie Benzies, who helmed the series from Grand Theft Auto III through Grand Theft Auto V. Benzies is now working on a new game called Everywhere (stylized EVERYWHERƎ). Appearing at Gamescom Opening Night Live, we got our first look at the game and a pitch about what it will include.

Here is everything you need to know about Everywhere, all at once.

When is the Everywhere release date?

Everywhere has yet to receive an official release date or window. The studio has only provided cryptic teasers about its vision for the game. The latest update from Gamescom did not offer any further release information.

Everywhere is making bold claims about how it will change gaming.

Build a Rocket Boy

Benzies' studio has been highly secretive about its progress on Everywhere. Still, in late September 2020, the company had reportedly secured $42 million in funding from an undisclosed number of deep-pocketed investors.

Conceptualization for the game began in 2016 when Benzies and ex-Rockstar employees Matthew Smith and Colin Entwistle founded the studio. Now, the trio should have the tools necessary to begin putting their vision to paper.

Who is developing Everywhere?

Everywhere is a science-fiction, open-world adventure being developed by Build a Rocket Boy Games, which was started by former Rockstar Games North President Leslie Benzies. Prior to founding Build a Rocket Boy, Benzies worked at Rockstar for 15 years until he had a public falling out with the company in 2016.

Is there an Everywhere trailer?

Yes! After keeping things close to the chest since the project’s announcement Everywhere opening Gamescom 2022 with a lengthy teaser trailer giving players a look at what to expect. Check it out:

What kind of game is Everywhere?

Nobody knows! That’s the thing, even with the latest teaser, Everywhere throws out so many buzzwords and descriptions that it is hard to parse what the actual game will be like to play. One thing does seem clear though, Everywhere will have heavy multiplayer features and focus on player choice in the game world.

In many ways this nebulous freedom makes it sound like Everywhere is its own version of the Metaverse, but they don’t want to use that word. Here is how Build a Rocket Boy describes Everywhere:

Everywhere seamlessly blends gameplay, adventure, creativity and discovery in an all-new multi-world gaming experience that redefines how players connect with one another and with the digital world around them.

Will Everywhere have blockchain elements?

Everywhere is very non-committal about the role crypto technologies will play in the game.

Build A Rocket Boy

Allegedly no. While the game in many ways sounds like a vehicle for shady NFT and blockchain integration, the developers swear that is not the case - yet. After job postings for Build A Rocket Boy were discovered hinting at crypto integration, the company responded on Reddit with this statement.

"These are research positions, as we do not like dismissing new technologies only because others haven't found a solution for them yet. We are building Everywhere on Unreal Engine 5, not the blockchain. We are creating a new world for players, where we come together to play, watch, create, share, and so much more!
"We hope this helps clarify some of the speculations around this topic."

Obviously, this actually does not clarify anything! It says “well we aren’t not a crypto game!” Blockchain is not a game engine, so obviously Everywhere is not built on blockchain, but it could still utilize these technologies. Crypto, NFTs, blockchain, and other such scams are hot buzzwords in gaming despite gamers not wanting them at all. Let’s hope the research positions come to the same conclusion.

Everywhere vs. GTA 6: How will they be different?

The massive success of Grand Theft Auto 5 almost a decade after its release is in no small part because of Grand Theft Auto Online, the game’s MMO-light mode that went standalone. But the latest reports about the development of GTA 6 reveal that Rockstar will be going back to a single-player first mentality, with DLC story content as well.

GTA 6 will focus more on single-player content.

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Everywhere looks to take the opposite approach, aiming to build a game constantly inhabited by players who shape the narrative and world through their choices. If GTA 6 is leaning towards single-player content then Everywhere could be a replacement for GTA Online when it inevitably is no longer supported by Rockstar.

Just Lunning contributed reporting to a previous version of this article.

Everywhere is currently in development.

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