Everything you need to know about Dehya in Genshin Impact

The Dehya reckoning is coming soon.

Dehya swinging her Claymore in a Genshin Impact cutscene

Another cat-eared lady? Yes, please. Dehya, a mercenary that hails from the desert region of Sumeru, is the next expected 5-star character to come to Genshin Impact. She’s the last out of the leaked Sumeru characters from before Genshin Impact 3.0 to be announced.

The Traveler first meets her during the first chapter of the Sumeru Archon questline as a hired bodyguard in charge of protecting Dunyarzad, a devotee of Lesser Lord Kusanali and one of the major characters in that chapter of the story. From there, fans were wooed by her distinct character design and the inner kindness under her tough exterior.

Here’s everything we know about Dehya, including her possible release date, abilities, and role in the story.

When is Dehya coming to Genshin Impact?

Dehya is rumored to be coming in Genshin Impact 3.5, which would be March 1, 2023 based on the current six-week update schedule. The earliest players could pull for her is the same date. HoYoverse hasn’t revealed an official preview, though, so that’s subject to change.

The Daily Dehya Twitter predicts that HoYoverse’s next drip marketing character campaigns should come out around January 16. There may also be new information about her abilities around the same time because of the beta’s predicted date, January 18.

What are Dehya’s abilities?

Dehya about to annihilate an Eremite attacking some kid’s grandpa in the desert.


Dehya is a Pyro Claymore user. This isn’t confirmed on HoYoverse’s channels, but it’s highly probable because she has a Pyro Vision clearly on her person and wields a Claymore in all her battle cutscenes.

A detailed breakdown of her kit hasn’t come out yet. However, small-time leakers have overlapped on details like that her Elemental Skill summons a “gravestone” that follows the active character. One leaked description from the Keqing Mains Discord mirrors the same information with additional details like a coordinated attack from said gravestone. Her skill is expected to work similarly to Fischl’s Elemental Skill, where Oz applies Electro DMG to enemies within a small AoE.

The Keqing Mains Discord leak also details her Elemental Burst, dubbed “Bladestorm.” In it, Dehya attacks multiple times in what appears to be a form of “teleportation/phasing.” The description also claims she gains three “jumps” that she can consume with either her Elemental Skill or dash buttons. At the end, her Burst deals Pyro DMG within a fixed AoE.

Note that these leaks are very early — and therefore more questionable than usual. The Keqing Mains leaker warns that Yae Miko’s kit changed drastically between early leaks and her actual release, so the same could happen to Dehya.

What is Dehya’s backstory?

Dehya is an Eremite, a person that hails from the desert region of Sumeru called the Great Red Sand. Most of her people train as mercenaries and worship the dormant Scarlet King (or King Deshret), who was one of Sumeru’s three gods that perished before the start of the Traveler’s adventure. At some point, she was hired to be Dunyarzad’s bodyguard.

She comes off as a hardened mercenary that just treats her job as just a means of living. However, she shows that she particularly cares about Dunyarzad during the Sumeru Archon questline and helps the Traveler without asking for anything in return. Dehya becomes one of the main NPCs involved with the Sumeru questline like Alhaitham and Cyno.

Genshin Impact is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android.

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