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All 10 Elden Ring classes, ranked from worst to best

Class is in session.

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Elden Ring has captured the imaginations of sword-slinging warriors and sorceresses around the world, becoming a massive success since its February 2022 release and living up to years of hype. FromSoftware’s latest open-world RPG manages to make a disgusting world with pot goblins and a dude called the Dung Eater utterly captivating, where any player has the chance to prove their mettle. But before embarking on your death-filled adventure in the Lands Between, you must choose from one of 10 character classes.

With a host of odd names and varying strengths and weaknesses, it can be daunting to figure out which one is a good fit for you, especially if you’re new to FromSoftware games. Here is our tier list of Elden Ring classes.

C- Tier

The Wretch is one of Elden Ring’s oddest classes


10. Wretch

The naked wanderer has some of the worst early stats and starts the game with only a club and no armor. The Wretch is only recommended for veterans of Dark Souls-style games who are looking for an extra challenge on top of the game’s already high difficulty.

9. Prisoner

The shackled soul has high Dexterity and Intelligence, making you solid at both magic and hand-to-hand combat. The class can be hard to handle if you aren’t a veteran, so it might be better to try out something else if you are a newbie.


The Bandit uses a large bag of tricks to survive the fight.


8. Bandit

This sneaky class benefits from high Arcane and Dexterity, but struggles in the brute force department. But with an eclectic mix of long and short-range weaponry, Bandit players can use their expert cunning to come out ahead in early game skirmishes.

7. Prophet

The Prophet has a high 16-points of Faith, making it perfect for summoning helpful Spirits. With the ability to cast spells and help you out in the fight, the Prophet is a smart choice for those looking to invest in a higher power.


6. Confessor

Are you ready to admit to your sins? If not, the Confessor can definitely get it out of you. With a good amount of Faith, Strength, and Dexterity, this class can dish out extreme magic and physical damage. Just keep in mind that you don’t have the biggest health pool compared to some of the other classes.

The Warrior excels at brute force and damage.


5. Warrior

The Warrior excels at using brute force and strength to win the fight. With the highest Dexterity of any starting class, this powerful puncher is great for those looking to get right in the middle of the face. Like the Confessor, the Warrior’s health and defense are a bit lacking, but that just makes succeeding in the class so rewarding.


4. Samurai

If getting into the fight brandishing your melee skills is what you are looking for, then the Samurai is perfect for you. It comes with a full arsenal of amazing weapons, like fire arrows, a katana, and a longbow, giving it a perfect mix of ranged and melee attacks. Its original magic stats might not be the best, but it makes up for it in Endurance and Dexterity.

3. Vagabond

This beefy tank is perfect for getting in the middle of the fight and comes equipped with heavy armor, a straight sword, and a shield. With 15 Vigor, it has a strong health pool but the low Arcane and Faith stats make it a mediocre wizard.

The Vagabond, Warrior, and Hero classes excel in early game skirmishes.


2. Astrologer

For brand new players, the Astrologer is one of the best choices. With stats perfect for spell-slinging, this magical maestro benefits from Intelligence and Mind stats that can keep you shooting lasers from afar.

1. Hero

A melee-focused class with high Strength, Endurance, and Vigor, the Hero is a classic all-rounder. Good for new players as well as those that want to start off on the right track, its health pool and access to an early shield make it a formidable foe.

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