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Elden Ring Theory Reveals a Trippy Connection to Bloodborne

Extradimensional gods, dreams, and everything in between.

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Elden Ring Bloodborne theory
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The stories in developer FromSoftware’s games are often ambiguous, leading to speculation that some — if not all — are tied together in some way. When the lore is this obtuse, why not? While this has never been confirmed, that hasn’t stopped compelling theories from making the rounds. Take one theory posted to Reddit this week speculating that Elden Ring and Bloodborne share a universe, for example. Though it may seem wildly outlandish, as the OP (original poster) notes, “There are too many similarities to ignore.”

It Was All a Dream?

This theory comes from Redditor Flunkiebubs, who believes Bloodborne and Elden Ring share a universe: “I believe that The Lands Between [from Elden Ring] is The Dream from Bloodborne,” the user writes.

Amygdala is a Great One from Bloodborne, appearing as a horrifying spider creature.


Bloodborne’s dream realm is full of absurd monstrosities and horrific entities. The same can be said about Elden Ring, so it’s possible FromSoftware’s latest game takes place within the same non-reality. As the Redditor notes, the worlds from each game “blur the line between life and” the stuff that comes after. Both games also prominently feature beings from other dimensions.

The theory states that entering the Lands Between (which is referred to as “crossing the fog”) is a metaphor for sleep and that Elden Ring takes place within a dream. It’s only by entering this dream world that an entity can reach “a higher plane of being,” which is possibly what led to the creation of Elden Ring’s Outer Gods.

Enriched, Otherworldly Entities

The Elden Beast boss looks exactly like a Bloodborne monster.

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Later on in the Reddit post, the user makes more specific comparisons between both games: “The Outer Gods from Elden Ring are the Great Ones from Bloodborne.”

In Elden Ring, the Outer Gods are mysterious entities that influence the Lands Between but never appear in physical form. They are apparently responsible for the events that occur in Elden Ring, and some of them are referenced throughout the game including The Formless Mother, an entity associated with Mohg, Lord of Blood.

As for the Great Ones from Bloodborne, these are all-powerful entities that serve as the antagonists of the game. They’re god-like and include Amygdala, Orphan Kos, and even Rom, the Vacuous Spider — all of which seem to fit the bill for Elden Ring’s Outer Gods.

The Redditor then says that Elden Ring’s Formless Mother and Bloodborne’s Formless Oedon are one and the same. Even more compelling is that — according to the theory — The Dark Moon Ranni possibly serves the Moon Presence, which is a powerful Great One from Bloodborne.

While this theory may just be grasping at straws, it’s intriguing and makes sense given the connections between the two games. It’s certainly possible, given FromSoftware’s cryptic method of storytelling. At the very least, it definitely proves that game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has a keen appreciation for Lovecraftian horror.

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