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The 5 best Elden Ring summons after the 1.04 update, ranked

It’s dangerous to go alone.

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Elden Ring
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A lot has changed with the Elden Ring meta since it first launched. FromSoftware has tweaked the stats of various items and magic since launch, causing OP armaments like the Sword of Night and Flame to be less effective, while a handful of spells have been buffed as part of recent patches. Likewise, many of the game’s best Spirit Ash Summons have been altered in recent weeks, meaning you might have to readjust your builds accordingly. Here, we’ll dive into the new list of the best Elden Ring Spirit Ash Summons as of version 1.04.

5. Mimic Tear

Despite multiple nerfs, the Mimic Tear is still a top-tier Summon.

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The Mimic Tear isn’t what it once was, but it can still be a tremendously effective Spirit Ash, especially against some of the early to mid-game bosses. Don’t expect this Summon to take down powerful bosses on its own, but instead, it can serve as a nice distraction, especially if you deck it out properly.

Remember, the Mimic Tear mirrors your build when you summon it, effectively doubling the damage output against a particular boss.

4. Banished Knight Oleg

Oleg is a beast, with high damage, and the ability to stagger bosses easily.

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We love the Banished Knight Oleg Spirit Summon because it deals lots of damage and works well at staggering bosses, making it easy to dish out more attacks without being hit yourself. This Summon is especially effective during the earlier stages of the game.

Oleg also has a hefty amount of health, making it a top choice for surviving against many boss encounters.

3. Dung Eater Puppet

With a name like that, surely this Spirit Summon is one that your enemies will want to stay away from. The Dung Eater Puppet is a top choice thanks to its ability to withstand a beating, making this Summon great for tanking against bosses. It doesn’t deal the most damage, but it has a wide range of attacks, such as a unique scream that works at range, and can cause bleed buildup.

In short, this Spirit Ash has a lot going for it without being overpowered.

2. Latenna the Albinauric

Latenna the Albinauric is an interesting Summon due to its secret weapon: Nearly infinite range. That’s right, you can place Latenna in pretty much any location, and it’ll still be able to connect with its ranged attacks. Since this Summon tends to stand still, you can often place it in hard-to-reach areas, allowing it to attack without taking much damage itself.

If you wear heavy armor to survive against many bosses, Latenna can usually deal enough damage from afar to safely take down your foes.

1. Black Knife Tiche

Black Knife Tiche is easily the best Summon in the game right now.

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The new best Summon in Elden Ring is Black Knife Tiche, a Spirit Ash that can quite literally defeat many bosses by itself. This is thanks to its massive HP pool and high mobility, allowing it to survive even late-game bosses with plenty of health to spare. On top of that, Tiche packs a punch, making it a well-rounded Summon that excels in more ways than one.

Players have reported that a max-leveled Tiche can take out most of Malenia’s health during her first phase, which is highly impressive.

Elden Ring is available now for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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