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Everything you need to know about the EA Play 2021 presentation schedule

Here’s everything we know about EA Play 2021.

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EA Play 2021 is just around the corner, as one of the game’s industry’s largest publishers plans to show off its potential fall lineup and upcoming releases. While the stream’s increased separation from E3 means there’s a lot about the event still left to uncover, here’s what we know regarding the dates, times, and rumored games to be featured in the July steam. From Dead Space and Battlefield 6 to Dragon Age 4, here are the latest facts about EA Play Live 2021.

When is the EA Play 2021 livestream?

EA Play Live 2021 has been officially announced to take place July 22, 2021 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. Keep in mind, this is when the pre-show will start and it’s unclear how long that’s set to last. Hopefully, the main show begins shortly thereafter.

We also know WWE wrestler Xavier Woods will be the host for EA Play Live this year.

A new Battlefield installment is a shoo-in for EA Play 2021.


How to watch the EA Play 2021 livestream

When it comes to watching EA Play 2021 as the livestream unfolds, we imagine it’ll be hosted on all the usual places gamers have been able to watch it in the past. For those who need a refresher, here’s the complete list of relevant social media accounts. Whether you want a full streaming video or concise social posts, we’ve got you covered.

  • Twitch — Twitch is probably the most popular platform for hardcore gamers to use during E3, which means it tends to have the most active chat during large events such as this. If you like to engage while you watch, Twitch might be your platform of choice.
  • YouTube — YouTube is a tried and true option, especially on lower-end hardware. If the video is buffering too much on Twitch, maybe try going here.
  • EA website
  • EA Twitter
  • EA Facebook
  • EA Instagram

What games should be shown during EA Play 2021?

It’s always a bit difficult to get E3 or livestream predictions exactly right, but, based on leaks and general knowledge of the announcements EA has revealed during its summer presentations in the past, here are our best guesses as to what the EA Play 2021 stream might contain.

Lost in Random debuted in 2020, so it seems likely we’ll see an update on its progress in 2021.

  • Battlefield 6 The major feature for EA Play 2021 will be Battlefield 2042. This game will, as its title suggests, be set in the near future and will not have a single-player campaign, but instead will feature a narrative interwoven into the multiplayer offering.
  • Apex Legends — Given that Apex might be EA’s most popular property, it goes without saying that it will likely be featured heavily during EA Play. That might take the form of an initial Season 10 reveal or possibly a first look at the Apex Legends Mobile game that is currently testing in some territories.
  • Jedi Fallen Order sequel tease — While it’s unlikely we’ll see any substantial progress on a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, there may be some kind of tease as to where the franchise might be headed. The first game is getting updated fully for next-gen platforms, which means it's still top of mind on EA’s list of accolades.
  • EA Originals — EA made some waves with It Takes Two earlier this year, so we imagine the publisher might focus on another Original, Lost in Random, that still hasn’t released despite being initially pegged for a 2021 arrival.
  • EA Sports — It goes without saying there will be some section of time devoted to the latest installments of FIFA and Madden.
  • Dead Space — It’s quite possible we’ll be getting a Dead Space revival at EA Play Live 2021. According to GamesBeat reporter, Jeff Grubb, the publisher is planning to revive an established IP and hinted towards Dead Space. Rumors point to it being a reimagining rather than a straight up sequel.
  • Dragon Age 4 This game has been in various stages of development since 2015, so it’s high time we see something concrete about it. Its 2018 Game Awards tease featured Varric Tethras, so it’ll be interesting to see if that character is still a key part of the narrative despite all the creative upheaval.
  • #Skate4 — This game is probably still years away from release given that staffing for the project started shortly after it was announced last year, but it’d still be awesome to see a little gameplay in 2021. Developing a demo for a skateboarding game presumably doesn’t require quite as many moving pieces as a massive RPG, so a small vertical slice seems doable.

That’s all we know about EA Play 2021 for now. We’ll update this codex with more info as new details and rumors surface.

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