What to expect from the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary stream

May 27 marks 35 years for the Dragon Quest franchise.

Dragon Quest 11 hero
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Dragon Quest is set to host its 35th-anniversary stream on May 26, and we want to make sure you don’t miss a single second of the upcoming event. Curious about what time the stream is expected to start and what the Square Enix festivities might contain?

We’ve got you covered with all the relevant details worth knowing.

When is the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary stream start time?

The Dragon Quest 35th anniversary event stream is set to take place May 26, 2021 at 11:30 p.m. Eastern.

How can you watch the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary event?

The primary place to watch the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary stream is via the official Dragon Quest YouTube channel. There may be other streams on the Square Enix Twitch channel, for example, but all official sources related to the event direct fans to YouTube, so this should probably be your first — and best — option.

What can we expect to see during the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary event?

Given that this stream is meant to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest, most of the festivities will likely center around the franchise’s lineage from its humble beginnings on the Nintendo Entertainment System to current entries on Nintendo Switch. In that vein, we expect to see many montages of the series evolution during the stream.

Will we soon get our first look at Dragon Quest XII?

Square Enix

This is, however, the first time a Dragon Quest event will feature live English translation, suggesting there are likely major announcements that could impact a global audience. Square Enix has teased the stream will highlight “what’s going on - and what’s to come - in the world of Dragon Quest,” which leaves ample room for interpretation.

Here are our best guesses for what the stream might contain.

  • Dragon Quest XII first look: The first iteration of Dragon Quest XI released all the way back in 2017, which means a successor should be well into development by now if it’s in the works. Echoes of an Elusive Age is fairly new and on new platforms, but we have to imagine some work is being done behind the scenes on the next major franchise entry. At the very least, the 35th-anniversary stream should end with a tease of the next big game.
  • New Collections: Dragon Quest collections have become an infamous fixture of Nintendo Directs and the broader Nintendo Switch library, which makes it seem all the more likely we’ll see more remakes of classic games on Nintendo’s flagship handheld. With the first three Dragon Quest games already playable on Switch, maybe re-releases of Dragon Quests IV through VI are next on Square’s agenda.

The Dragon Quest 11 35th anniversary stream takes place May 26.

Square Enix
  • Dragon Quest Builders 3: This one may be a little out there, but it’s no secret the Dragon Quest Builders series has amassed its own loyal fan base over the past few years. Square only took two years to develop and release the sequel, so a third entry may be ready to announce for release in 2022.
  • Cool merch and collectibles: New game announcements are one way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of a long-running franchise, but there will likely be physical ways to express your fandom too. Square loves releasing high-quality figurines and collector’s editions for its most passionate fans, so it seems probable we’ll see something on that level tonight to commemorate one of Japan’s most popular franchises.

That’s all we know about the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary stream for now.

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