What to expect from the May 2021 Monster Hunter digital event

Your hunt is almost over.

Even more Monster Hunter Rise content is on its way to the Nintendo Switch, and it’ll finally deliver the game’s definitive ending one day very soon. Capcom is set to unveil more content related to the Monster Hunter Rise ending, along with other series updates, during an upcoming livestream.

Here’s everything you need to know about the May 2021 Monster Hunter digital event.

When is the Monster Hunter May 2021 digital event start time?

The Monster Hunter livestream will happen on May 26 at 7 a.m. Pacific or 10 a.m. Eastern.

How can you watch the Monster Hunter May 2021 digital event?

You can tune in your eyeballs to the Monster Hunter digital event using the official Monster Hunter Twitch channel, which you can find right here.

What’s included in the Monster Hunter May 2021 digital event?

The even will focus on two things: Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and the version 3.0 update coming to Monster Hunter Rise. It will update viewers on the status of both things and when we can expect to play them.

What is Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0?

Monster Hunter Rise version 3.0 is the second free update for the game to release after launch. It’s going to require 1.4 GB of space on your console.

The update is said to bring several new monsters, additional quests, and add a new ending to the main story.

We don’t yet know what the “new ending” will entail, but it seems to contain a huge rampage on Kamura Village.

According to a leak from April, there's some idea of what monsters will be added in 3.0.

There’s a suggestion that the update will add Valstrax, a new Elder Dragon, Crimson Glow Valstrax, and the All-Mother Narwa. This has yet to be confirmed, though.

When is the Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0 release date?

Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0 release date has yet to be confirmed, but Capcom has stated that it will be available by the end of May. Version 3.0 will likely be available shortly after the livestream.

For the Version 2.0 update, there was a livestream on April 27 before the update went live less than a day later. Perhaps we can expect something similar this time around?

What Monster Hunter Stories 2 updates will be revealed?

It’s unclear what specific information regarding Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be included in the livestream. The official page for the event says “Tune in to catch the latest news and trailers for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.” This likely means some new mechanics for the game or characters could be revealed at the event alongside a new trailer. Perhaps we’ll also hear more about the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Monster Hunter Rise crossover event.

There will almost certainly be at least one more trailer available before Monster Hunter Stories 2 is launched on July 9, 2021.

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