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You only have a few days left to play the wildest action game of 2019 for free

This game is mayhem incarnate.

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Xbox Game Pass is one of the best console gaming deals available today. For a $9.99 a month, members have access to hundreds of free titles they can play across Xbox One and PC. Most Xbox-exclusives stay on there forever, but for many games in the library, they eventually leave. This month, one of the best hack-and-slash games in recent memory is leaving Game Pass for good, so you only have a few days left to cut your way through hordes of demons in this stylish hack-and-slash action-adventure game.

Star-studded titles leave the service all of the time, but any Xbox user who's a fan of stylishly slicing through demons should act quickly before Devil May Cry 5 is retired from Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass members can play it for free as long as it's before August 14, 2020 but after that point will have to pay for it. So you better get to slashing.

DMC 5 was released in early 2019 and was developed by Capcom, best known for the creation of the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter franchises. This is the fifth major installment of the dark fantasy series, which both fans and critics found an exceptional entry that accentuates an interesting narrative with satisfying and customizable combat.

DMC 5 takes place five years after the events in DMC 4 and follows familiar protagonists Dante and Nero along with a mysterious newcomer known only as V. The trio are desperately trying to stop the Demon King Urizen from obliterating the world, and they do so by fighting his infernal army. Gamers learn what transpired between DMC 4 and DMC 5 as the game progresses and gradually learn V's mystifying backstory, which includes a puzzling connection to Urizen.

The game gives players control of all three characters, and each of them have their own unique combat style and flashy combos. Nero is a melee brawler with access to his Devil Breaker arms, which act as consumable power-ups that are triggered in the heat of battle. Dante is more of a swordsman with the ability to "rev" up his sword for increased damage. Finally, V is a demonic summoner who controls three animal specters that do most of the fighting for him.

'DMC 5's protagonists from left to right: V, Nero, and Dante.


The three characters have an enormous list of special abilities and techniques players unlock as they advance through the story. Each new attack adds new opportunities to pull off eye-popping combos that power-up the game's protagonists in battle. IGN called DMC 5's combat system "one of the best you'll find in video games" because of just how creative the title lets players get in what attacks they chain together.

Capcom''s focus on the mystery surrounding V as well as its rewarding combat make it so both veteran and new players are equally as invested in the game's new story and moment-to-moment action, making DMC 5 a must-play for long-time fans and anyone who's ever been interested in checking out the series. Consider this one a can't miss, which means you don't have much time to sink your teeth in.

Devil May Cry 5 will be leaving Xbox Game Pass on August 14, 2020.

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