Xur's location and wares in Destiny 2 for the weekend of February 28

Tracking down Xur, the merchant in Destiny 2 that appears in a shuffling location to sell exotic wares and other items to Guardians.

Since the launch of Destiny in 2014, Guardians have had three constants in their lives: regular new content, grinding for new gear, and the possibility of obtaining excellent new gear through a merchant called Xur who wanders into the game's solar system every weekend.

Where is Xur on Friday, February 28, 2020? And what curios is the creepy merchant peddling this time? Keep reading to find out.

Xur is a strange merchant with a Lovecraftian squid-face who wears a dark robe and appears in a different location within the Destiny 2-verse every Friday around 12 p.m. Eastern.

He brings with him a brand-new inventory of random exotic items available for purchase with Legendary Shards, and he departs upon the weekly reset the following Tuesday at 12 p.m. Eastern.

Because they're totally random, the items he sells are often a mixed bag; They can either be incredible boons for advanced players, or they might be absolute drags. Hunters might have excellent treasure waiting for them the same week that a frustrated Titan tries to attack the merchant for selling that same terrible pair of gloves. But for completionists and collectors who want every piece of exotic armor and every exotic weapon, a visit to Xur is a necessary weekly ritual. Finding him has never been particularly easy.

It used to be simpler in the first Destiny when Xur would only appear in social spaces. He must’ve gotten one heck of a permit between the two games because in Destiny 2 he can set up shop on any explorable planet in Patrol mode. Don't worry: He still shows up in the Tower occasionally. But for anyone looking to find him, here's your primer on what Xur's up to this week.

Where is Xur on February 28 in Destiny 2?

The best case scenario is here, Guardians: Xur is located in the Hangar of the Tower this week. Follow the below map and walk up the stairs near the Dead Orbit vendor.

Here's exactly where to find Xur this week.


What is in Xur's inventory on the weekend of February 28?

Before heading over to the Agent of the Nine’s curio shop, you might want to know if what he’s got in stock is worth your time. This is what Xur is selling from February 28, 2020 until Tuesday's reset:

The Sunshot is a Solar hand cannon that packs a punch.



A Solar-damage secondary hand cannon, Sunshot is pretty much a must-have for every Guardian. At one point in time, it was awarded to everyone as part of the campaign. Its intrinsic perk Sunburn makes for a special kind of explosive round that also highlights any target that takes damage from the weapon. It also comes with Sun Blast, a special variation on the traditional Firefly perk that makes enemies explode. For players with a steady aim, Sunshot is an excellent choice for taking down weaker enemies with ease, and its only drawback is a short magazine size — but that can be mitigated with reloading perks elsewhere.

Is Sunshot worth it? 100 percent yes.

This Titan leg armor is flashy.



This week, Titans get the Dunemarchers leg armor, which not only increases sprint speed but also supercharges your next melee attack by building up a static charge that can chain to multiple enemies. Along with Sunshot, this is pretty good at clearing away small groups of weak enemies.

Is Dunermarchers worth it? Yes. One YouTuber out there literally has a video called "Dunemarchers are nuts," so it's safe to say these are worth it.

Warlocks get all the cool helmets.


Eye of Another World

Truly, Warlocks get all of the cool helmets. Eye of Another World simply marks priority targets and buffs ability regen, allowing the Warlock to target weaker enemies while getting a solid boost to all of their abilities. You really can't go wrong with those kinds of perks, especially when the helmet looks this cool.

Is Eye of Another World worth it? It's definitely worth owning, but depending on the situation, there are other exotics that will fair you far better.

At least these look cool.


Aeon Swift

Boo! The only good thing that Aeon Swift gauntlets have going for them is that they look pretty cool for the Hunter, but the perk is niche and requires coordination among the whole fireteam for it to matter. With Aeon Energy, throwing a grenade grants grenade energy to Warlocks, melee energy to Titans, and Dodge energy to Hunters. It's borderline useful if an entire raid team uses them and merely fun for three-person teams, but for the most part Aeon gear is just a waste.

Is Aeon Swift worth it? Nope.

Xur's will may not be his own, but he'll return next week at the same time in a different place.

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