What to expect from the Deathloop PlayStation State of Play

The next PlayStation State of Play is on the horizon and here's what you need to know about it.


The next PlayStation State of Play event is coming very soon, and Sony has already given us a few details about what to expect from it. These digital showcases are often filled with new game announcements, updates on existing projects, and all things PlayStation.

Sony set expectations by confirming a few upcoming games won’t make an appearance during the event. A large portion of the showcase will focus on Deathloop (much like how May’s focused on Horizon Forbidden West), with some other announcements and updates sprinkled throughout.

Here’s how to watch the next PlayStation State of Play and what to expect from it.

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When is the State of Play start time?

The new State of Play presentation will showcase information about upcoming PlayStation games.


The next State of Play presentation will kick off at 5 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, July 8. You can stream it live via the PlayStation YouTube and Twitch channels.

What’s being shown during the July 2021 State of Play?

More on Deathloop will be shown during the event.


In terms of what to expect from the State of Play event, we know Deathloop will have a large presence. The entire showcase will last 30 minutes and Deathloop will take up around nine minutes of the total runtime. As Sony explains, the event will show off “Deathloop’s time-twisted world,” with a focus on gameplay. We’re hoping the game’s September 14 release date doesn’t get moved during the event.

The State of Play presentation will also feature new indies and third-party games, which might yield some exciting new announcements. Aside from that, Sony hasn’t confirmed what else will make an appearance during the event. But there are few things we speculate will be there.

Following the news of Sony’s Housemarque acquisition, a tweet from PlayStation Japan accidentally indicated that Bluepoint Games would be acquired as well. While this has yet to be officially confirmed, what better stage than a State of Play event to make the announcement? Of course, this could be something revealed via a tweet, but perhaps the possible acquisition is tied to a new Bluepoint game announcement (looking at you, Metal Gear Solid remake).

There are tons of things we’d like to see from Sony like an enhanced edition of Bloodborne for PS5, a look at Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, an update on Final Fantasy XVI, and others. Beyond that, it’s tough to say what else will be shown, but we can, at the very least, look forward to some exciting new games to enjoy on PlayStation.

What we won’t see at the July 2021 State of Play

To set expectations, Sony confirmed this State of Play will not have any news on the next God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, and the next-gen PSVR unit. Since Sony didn’t outright say other first-party games will be shown, it’s unlikely we’ll see what Bend Studio is working on, along with Naughty Dog, Insomniac, or smaller teams like Pixelopus.

We also shouldn’t expect any sort of update on Gran Turismo 7 since Sony only said the show would focus on indies and third-party titles.

One thing we’d love to see is an update to PS Now in line with Xbox Game Pass, but we doubt Sony is ready to reveal anything like that — if at all. And considering the PS5 just launched in November 2020, we’d be shocked if Sony revealed a new hardware revision during this event.

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