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A Bloodborne remake could make it to the PS5. Here's how.

Rumors suggest Sony could soon acquire an indie studio best known for its remasters.

Demon's Souls has emerged from the depths of hell to become one of the more popular PlayStation 5 launch titles. The 2009 release by FromSoftware was remastered by indie developer Bluepoint Games, best known for enhancing classic PlayStation exclusives for new consoles, namely Shadow of the Colossus and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4.

PS5 owners might one day soon be in store for even more Bluepoint remakes, which could include the re-release of FromSoftware's Bloodborne. That's because Sony Interactive Entrainment has been rumored to be in talks to acquire Bluepoint in early 2021. But could it be true?

Games blogger Adam Berggren who runs Marsipan Games claims he's heard a compelling amount of chatter that suggests SIE is finalizing a deal to buy Bluepoint games "before February 28," meaning early 2021. Berggren could not provide any concrete evidence to back these claims and cited anonymous sources for this information in a ResetEra forum post and a subsequent Twitter thread. But SIE acquiring Bluepoint is by no means farfetched.

The studio began working with SIE back before 2009 when it released the God of War Collection for PS3 and has consistently brought a number of high-caliber remasters to new console generations. That's one of Berggren's main pieces of evidence.

Bluepoint has previously remastered PlayStation exclusives, like 'Shadow of the Colossus.'


"According to my source that is familiar with the development team Bluepoint Games, they're finalizing a deal right now," he wrote on ResetEra. "It seems like Demon's Souls was kind of the "final test," and based on positive reactions, and the fact that Bluepoint's work ethic has proven impressive once again Sony started acquisition-based talks with the studio."

This supposed deal would have Bluepoint churning out new remasters for years to come and will even give the dev a shot at an original franchise, Berggren claims. But what title could Bluepoint be working on next?

Could 'Bloodborne' be the next remaster Bluepoint releases?


Could a Bloodborne remaster be Bluepoint's next project?

There's reason to believe that the PS4-exclusive Bloodborne could be next on the list. The gothic action game was universally acclaimed upon release and Bluepoint has already proven capable of making FromSoftware's titles shine on the PS5 with Demon's Souls.

Aside from just being a fan favorite, gamers noticed that while the original Bloodborne can run on the PS5, it's locked to 30 frame-per-second. That's in stark contrast to other FromSoftware releases, like Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which have both received 60 FPS enhancements.

The fact that 'Bloodborne' is still locked to 30 FPS on the PS5 could be a sign that SIE has bigger plans for the title.


That might be a bummer for gamers that want to revisit the title right now, but Bloomberg's Jason Schreier took it as a potential sign that a full remaster of Bloodborne could be just over the horizon.

"There were rumors a while back about a remaster," he says around the 17:40 mark of the latest Triple Click podcast. "Maybe they're not doing enhancements [on Bloodborne] because there will be a remaster at some point in the future?"

Since Bluepoint is hot off the release of Demon Souls, don't expect a Bloodborne remaster anytime soon. But between the sudden surge of chatter around a Bluepoint acquisition and Schreier's comments, a Bloodborne remake seems like the obvious first project for Bluepoint if it were acquired by Sony. Even if the acquisition doesn't happen, a Bloodborne remake from Bluepoint could still be in the cards.

We'll have to wait until 2021 to see if there's any truth to SIE's rumored acquisition of Bluepoint. Until then, Demon's Souls will need to suffice.

Demon's Souls is out now for PS5.

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