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Everything you need to know about Demon's Souls, the PS5 launch title

Remake or remaster?

FromSoftware's Souls franchise created a distinct difficulty tier when it first launched in 2009 with the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Demon's Souls. It didn't break into the mainstream until 2011's Dark Souls, but the series' progenitor wouldn't be forgotten. Eleven years later, Demon's Souls is being released as a launch title for the PlayStation 5. What's changed since the initial release? Has anything improved?

Here's everything we know about Demon's Souls for PS5.

Is Demon's Souls a remake or remaster?

Demon's Souls is being developed by Bluepoint Games. You might know them as the studio behind remastered ports like The Nathan Drake Collection and Gravity Rush, but Demon's Souls is a full-on remake rather than a remaster.

In collaboration with SIE Japan Studio, Bluepoint seems to have painstakingly recreated every pixel from the original title. Although some eagle-eyed fans have noticed minor changes.

In a September 2020 interview, renowned "Souls expert" Illusory Wall noted that Bluepoint's Demon's Souls seems a tad more gothic than the original. They pointed to alterations in enemy design and environments to prove this point. Other fans previously noticed changes in boss models like Flamelurker's skull missing a janky eye socket.

While Demon's Souls might be an overall improvement, some are worried it'll remove what made the original unique. This was also a critique for Bluepoint's previous Shadow of Colossus remake.

Other than the aesthetic, the gameplay is expected to remain largely the same including the punishing World Tendency system. Though there might be some minor additions. Bluepoint's Shadow of Colossus added new collectibles and game filters.

A hot tree.Bluepoint Games

When is the Demon's Souls release date?

Demon's Souls will launch on November 12, 2020 in the US and Japan. It will then launch on November 19, 2020 everywhere else.

Is Demon's Souls a PS5 launch title?

Yes! Demon's Souls will be available for purchase when the PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition launch.

Will Demon's Souls be available on PS4?

Unlike other PlayStation 5 titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West, Demon's Souls will not be available for the PS4. This is a true next-gen PS5 exclusive.

Will Demon's Souls get an Xbox Series X release date?

Likely not. Similar to Bloodborne, Demon's Souls began life as a PlayStation exclusive and will likely remain that way, especially given that it's developed by PlayStation itself.

Is there a Demon's Souls trailer?

Yes! There are two official trailers thus far.

The Demon's Souls announcement trailer (above) debuted during the June 11 PS5 showcase, and while it's purely cinematic, it features stunning graphics that look vastly improved over the original.

Then, Sony revealed a lengthy gameplay trailer (below) during the September 17 showcase.

From that second trailer, we get a good look at gameplay including a few polished environments, combat, and the series' famous fog. This is a recreation of the tutorial but sets expectations for how the rest of the game might look. The Vanguard boss already looks completely different from their predecessor. How might other Demon's Souls bosses come out?

What are the Demon's Souls pre-order bonuses?

Officially, pre-order bonuses have yet to be announced. ResetEra users spotted a listing on the PlayStation website claiming that those who pre-order would receive the Reaper Scythe, a seemingly new weapon. Mention of the Reaper Scythe has since been removed. It's unknown precisely how this weapon will work. Some are taking this to imply Demon's Souls will include other new weapons and DLC.

What's the Demon's Souls file size?

The Demon's Souls remake will occupy 66 GBs of your hard drive. This is significantly higher than the original's 8 GB file size.

Spiderwick Chronicles or Demon's Souls?Bluepoint Games

What is Demon's Souls' price?

Demon's Souls will cost $69.99, which is seemingly the standard price for next-gen games.

Will Demon's Souls have multiplayer?

The original Demon's Souls featured light multiplayer elements in the form of ghosts, notes, two-player co-op battles, and one-on-one PVP battles. Demon's Souls PS5 might feature an expanded multiplayer. PlayStation's official listing states that it features "2-6 network players," implying a significantly higher number of simultaneous players than the original.

What is Demon's Souls' story?

Demon's Souls takes place in the medieval kingdom of Boletaria. A being called the Old One has caused the world to be consumed by magical fog, prompting numerous demons to appear. It's up to the player to journey across Boletaria, remedy the fog issue, and defeat the Old One.

Demon's Souls will release for PS5 on November 12

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