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Death Stranding 2 is real, and its reveal trailer is absolutely bonkers

The reveal trailer is full of hidden secrets.

death stranding 2
Kojima Productions

We finally know what Hideo Kojima is up to — at least one of his projects, anyway. Death Stranding 2 (working title) was announced during The Game Awards 2022, and it seems even weirder than you might’ve hoped. While no release date was revealed, Kojima himself appeared during the ceremony to talk about the game, giving us a few details about what to expect from the sequel.

The bizarre Death Stranding 2 trailer gives us a look at Fragile, one of the lead characters from the first installment. In the trailer, she’s seen attempting to escape with her baby before being shot by hooded figures. As expected, the trailer is cinematic, with a film-like flair and energy.

We also get a look at Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges, who was the protagonist from the first entry. He looks a lot older this time around, with grayer hair. Fragile then asks Sam to join her crew seemingly on a massive ship that emerges from the water.

The trailer ends with a musical number called “BB’s Theme,” as performed by Ludvig Forssell. A masked figure appears and the camera cuts just before they reveal their face. We then get a shot of a BB Pod, but this time, no baby (at least, not a human one) is found inside.

A BB Pod with a tentacle was one of the most jaw-dropping moments from the trailer.

Kojima Productions

Instead, it’s a tentacle, in arguably the most baffling moment of the entire trailer.

We know Death Stranding 2 will star Léa Seydoux, Norman Reedus, Troy Baker, Shioli Kutsuna, and Elle Fanning, as shown in the trailer and various teases on social media. Reedus actually accidentally let it slip that Death Stranding 2 was in development earlier in 2022.

During The Game Awards ceremony, the show’s creator Geoff Keighley asked Kojima how this game will differ from the first. Kojima was hesitant to answer, but he did say “I can’t really be specific right now, but I put a lot of things inside [the trailer] so I want you guys to talk about it and find details in it.”

Fragile returns in Death Stranding 2, alongside Sam Porter Bridges.

Kojima Productions

Kojima also revealed that the story for Death Stranding was written as early as 2020, but had to be re-written after the COVID-19 pandemic. “I also didn’t want to predict any more future, so I rewrote it,” Kojima said.

It’s unclear when Death Stranding 2 will launch but we do know it’ll come to PlayStation. The first entry launched for PS4, PS5, and eventually came to PC. It’s likely the sequel will come to PS5 and PC, as well.

Death Stranding 2 is in development.

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