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4 crucial Cyberpunk 2077 Ripperdoc upgrades to unlock ASAP

Cybernetics are the future.

Cyberpunk 2077 characters transcend the human form. Characters can alter their appearance and capabilities using modifications from Ripperdocs found throughout Night City. Each Ripperdoc has a different inventory, so you'll have to trek around a little to collect a build that works for you. Luckily, if you have the money and Street Cred, you'll be able to buy modifications that work for you once Night City opens up.

Here are four Ripperdoc upgrades that you need to get right now.

4. Gorilla Arms

When you start Cyberpunk 2077, V can throw a punch. But Gorilla Arms upgrades V's bare-fisted melee strength significantly. It also enhances V's ability to rip open doors and other physical feats. If you're having trouble completing the melee-focused side mission called Beat on the Brat, the Gorilla Arms will make it a cinch.

You can first obtain a version of the Gorilla Arms from Ripperdoc Viktor in Watson. This version will only be a Rare rarity and cost 15,250 Eddies. For rarer Gorilla Arms, you can pick up an Epic rarity Gorilla Arms from the Santo Domingo Ripperdoc for 25,250 Eddies. Legendary rarity Gorilla Arms can be found at the Heywood and City Center Ripper, which cost 100,000 Eddies.

Gorilla Arms can be found under Arms upgrades.

Johnny Silverhand has legs for days.

CD Projekt Red

3. Reinforced Tendons

Every platformer protagonist relies on their ability to jump twice. Now, the floodgates have been opened as the Reinforced Tendons allow V to double jump. You can use it to open up the aerial space during combat and open up vertical exploration in Night City.

You can only purchase it in the Rare variety, which costs 45,000 Eddies. It's found in Ripperdoc inventories across Night City. Head to your favorite Ripperdoc to pick up your Reinforced Tendons.

Reinforced Tendons can be found under Legs upgrades.

2. Projectile Launch System

Grenades are fantastic in Cyberpunk 2077, but you can overhaul the system, replacing them with basically a missile launcher on the tips of your fingers. Obtain the Projectile Launch System right now.

It should be noted that this upgrade requires that you have the Smart Link upgrade equipped to your Hand Cyberware slot to use the Projectile Launch System.

A Rare Projectile Launch System is available from Ripperdoc Viktor in Watson. This costs 15,540 Eddies. You can Purchase an Epic rarity Projectile Launch System from the Santo Domingo Ripperdoc for 25,450 Eddies. A Legendary rarity version of the Projectile Launch System can be found at the Heywood and City Center Ripper, which cost 100,450 Eddies.

Projectile Launch System can be found in the Arms upgrades.

1.Second Heart

Upon dying, the Second Heart upgrade will restore the entirety of your health, essentially acting as a second life. The upgrade operates on a two-minute cooldown.

To use it, you'll need to have at least 16 points in the Body attribute. You can purchase it from the Heywood Ripperdoc for 42,000 Eddies. Second Heart can be found in Circulatory upgrades.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now available.

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