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How to unlock Skippy, the best gun in Cyberpunk 2077

Move over Clippy.

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Anthropomorphized assistants are the future. Who doesn't love an unconventional assistant like Microsoft Word's Clippy or Jurassic Park's Mr. DNA? In Cyberpunk 2077, developer CD Projekt Red has introduced their own figure to the rarified group with Skippy, the talking gun. Skippy is one of the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077, and you can obtain it in just five minutes.

Here's how you unlock Skippy, the talking gun.

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How do you unlock Skippy in Cyberpunk 2077?

To unlock Skippy, you'll first need to have unlocked the ability to explore Night City. This should happen around six hours into your playthrough. If you've met Keanu Reeves' character, Johnny Silverhand, you've certainly passed the threshold.

Once you can go out and about, head to the location below. You can find this spot in Heywood, specifically in Vista Del Ray. If you don't know your Night City regions yet, zoom out from your map to have them labeled for you.

Skippy's location.

CD Projekt Red

Skippy will be marked with a yellow dot, indicating a quest. Like all mysterious items, Skippy can be found in an alleyway adjacent to a corpse. They'll be in a briefcase and have a yellow exclamation point. Pick the weapon up to get a brief explainer as to what it can do. You'll also be able to enjoy a little bit of guff from your new gun. Its damage will scale to your level, making it viable for pretty much the rest of the game.

What are Skippy's settings in Cyberpunk 2077?

Upon picking Skippy up, you'll be given two options to set the weapon. You can set it to either Stone Cold Killer mode or Puppy-Loving Pacifist mode, which are lethal and non-lethal, respectively. The lethal mode is incredibly powerful. Skippy will constantly get headshots when set to lethal and aim for the family jewels when in non-lethal mode.

After you've racked up 50 downed enemies, Skippy will switch to the mode opposite to the one you've set. This will always happen unless you start by setting it to non-lethal and tell Skippy that "killing is wrong." In that case, it will remain in non-lethal mode forever.

How do you complete Skippy's side mission in Cyberpunk 2077?

After Skippy has accompanied you in numerous battles, a side mission will unlock allowing you to return the gun to its original owner, Regina Jones. You might know the eyepatch donning woman from completing Gigs around Night City. If you choose to return her trusty firearm, Regina will reward you with a few thousand Eddies.

This also means you'll lose the game's best gun. You don't have to return the weapon. It's entirely your call. But is it really work just a few thousand Eddies? Probably not.

Cyberpunk 2077 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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