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How to choose a Crucible hunter based on your Overwatch or Apex Legends main

Find out which Crucible character fits your playstyle.


Amazon's Crucible, a third-person hero shooter that mixes elements from games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Fortnite for an interesting new mix of gameplay elements, is available now on Steam. It features a lean but mean roster of wildly varied characters that all feel pretty unique, even when compared to other games.

For anyone struggling to decide which new characters to play as, here's every member of the Crucible roster with some targeted recommendations based on what characters you use in games like Overwatch and Apex Legends.

Captain Mendoza

Choose Captain Mendoza if you like ... Soldier: 76 in Overwatch or prefer simple gunplay.

Every hero shooter needs its stalwart soldier archetype, and Crucible's Captain Mendoza fits that description. A hardened veteran from the Unity army, he uses a pulse plasma rifle for his primary attack and has a sprint ability with no cooldown (just like Soldier: 76), which gives him great mobility. Additionally, he has a grenade that can use for some extra attack power in battle.

While he's a good attacker, Captain Mendoza can support other players too. One of his abilities allows him to call down a barrier and medkit, which can be crucial during intense firefights. He even gets an extra health boost to give him an edge if players gain enough essence from Harvesters and killing enemies. Even though he's the most standard of Crucible's roster and a bit too similar to Soldier: 76, that also makes him one of the easiest to learn for newcomers.


Summer is one of Crucible's most entertaining characters.

Choose Summer if you like ... MOBAs and Overwatch characters like Pharah and/or Doomfist.

Summer is one of Crucible's more unique and entertaining characters because she feels more like a MOBA character than one from a shooter. All of her attacks are centered around her flamethrowers. She can hit opponents with a standard mid-range flamethrower attack, but also has the ability to lob flame balls and even boost herself into the air (hence the Doomfist comparison) with an area-of-effect Magma style ability. The flamethrowers also allow Summer to leap great distances, giving her the best mobility of any Crucible character, similar to Pharah, but like that rocket-powered Overwatch fighter, her mobility comes with a catch.

Rather than ability cooldowns, all of her abilities contribute to an overheating meter that, if filled up, will render her unable to attack. Playing as her effectively then becomes a struggle of striking that balance, so you'll spend your time weighing the risk versus reward.


Choose Drakahl if you like ... playing as Doomfist or Reinhardt from Overwatch, or other heavier melee characters.

Drakahl stands out from the rest of Crucible's roster as he is a melee-focused character that wields a giant axe. He can fire a sonic boom from the axe, giving him a ranged attack option akin to Reinhardt's Fire Strike. The main gimmick of Drukhal is that he can chain together several abilities; he can slam on the ground, pull enemies towards him, and/or swirl around dealing a massive amount of damage. That basically makes him a precise blend of Reinhardt and Doomfist.

As a large and slow character, Drakahl can become a major target. Due to his size, he also has a hard time combating smaller opponents. As such, it can be a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, so we don't recommend him for newcomers. Players who plan to spend a lot of time learning Drakhal or who like atypical hero shooter characters will find a lot to enjoy here though.


Tosca is great for ambushes.

Amazon Games
Choose Tosca if you like ... Caustic from Apex Legends and are obsessed with Rocket Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Tosca is a small but useful character that can be annoying for your opponents to deal when if used properly. She mainly uses an acid gun as her primary fire, but she can also get a ping on enemy locations through any visual obstructions (think Widowmaker's ultimate), teleport through walls, slow opponents down with a sticky bomb, and even create a cloud of gas that protects allies by obscuring everyone's vision, which makes her one of the best characters to use if your main strategy is to ambush other players.

Tosca is hard to compare to single character from another hero shooter, though the most direct comparison might be Caustic from Apex Legends with elements of Widowmaker and Echo from Overwatch.

Rahi & Brother

Choose Rahi & Brother if you like ... Symmetra or Sombra from Overwatch and Crypto from Apex Legends.

Rahi & Brother may remind you of Ashe from Overwatch at first glance as a human and robot duo, but Rahi's offensive short-range laser and shielding abilities more closely resemble Symmetra. The short-range laser that converts some of the damage dealt into his shield and also powers up his melee attack. He also can send out a shield that will protect allies and slow down enemies.

Brother, the little drone robot, spots enemies and gives Rahi a location to teleport to, giving this character decent mobility when paired with the super jump ability in a way that feels like a mix of Overwatch's Sombra with Apex Legends' Crypto.


Anjonah is the sniper of Crucible

Amazon Games
Choose Ajonah if you like ... playing as Widowmaker in Overwatch or sniping as Pathfinder in Apex Legends.

Ajonah is the closest thing Crucible has to a traditional sniper character at launch, even if she uses a harpoon gun instead of a sniper rifle. Still, she can deal a lot of damage from afar and become even more powerful when aiming down sights. To disrupt enemies, Ajonah's other abilities allow her to throw flying, damage-dealing mines, and a jamming shroud that blocks her and her allies' locations from location-tracking heroes like Tosca or Rahi & Brother.

While she's not the fastest character, Ajonah has a grappling hook that lets her get to prime locations for sniping, something you can find with both Widowmaker and Pathfinder. If you're often drawn to the sniper archetype, then Ajonah is the first Crucible character that you should check out.


Bugg can lay plant traps that turn the tide of battle.

Amazon Games
Choose Bugg if you like ... Symmetra and Torbjorn's turrets in Overwatch or Wattson's traps in Apex Legends.

While Bugg is the cutest Crucible character, they shouldn't be underestimated. Bugg is a quick, trap-laying robot that can move fast thanks to his thrusters. Bugg uses "seed pod" ammunition, which doesn't just damage enemies but can be shot at the ground to create plants. Spraying them makes them grow faster, and they function as excellent damage-dealing traps that will devastate the game's slower characters.

From a support standpoint, Bugg also has an area of effect attack that grants shield to nearby teammates as well as a gas trail that debuff opponents. While Bugg isn't the heaviest hitter, they are hard to take down. Bugg finds a unique middle ground between different character archetypes and is a helpful choice for players who aren't as good at directly attacking enemies.


Choose Earl if you like ... Orisa and Reinhardt from Overwatch.

Earl is a large heavy-hitter that uses a quad cannon named after his wife Misty. His abilities are mostly centered around this one massive Gatling gun. One powers up his shots, another creates a shield that can deflect projectiles, and a third gives him a rocket boost to blast him around the map just like Reinhardt's Charge.

While he's a big target, he can also be frustrating to deal with because of his versatility. If you like heavy, high-damage characters in hero shooters, then Earl should be your choice.


Sazan is a brutal attack-focused character

Amazon Games

Choose Sazan if you like ... Bangalore from Apex Legends and Ashe from Overwatch.

While their abilities are slightly different, Sazan is very similar to Bangalore in concept: a hardened military veteran with a lot of damaging options at her disposal. She features an electro gun and shotgun that she can switch between at any time. She also can throw a knife to damage enemies from far away, which makes her a curious mix between Overwatch characters like Ashe and a Hunter from Destiny 2. Her dash can get her into an out of battle quickly too.

Sazan can't do much in the way of healing, but she's another good choice, like Earl, for players who want to focus on attacking the other team more than anything else. She will ultimately prove herself to be useful in a battle royale inspired mode like Alpha Hunters for those reasons.


Choose Shakirri if you like ... Genji from Overwatch and Gibraltar from Apex Legends.

Shakirri switches between being a melee and shooting focused character. From far away, players can use her pistol before switching to her sword for up-close attack. She can also create a shield similar to Gibraltar's bubble shield from Apex Legends that doesn't only protect allies but traps enemies as well, which is a step-up from Winston's in Overwatch. She can also spawn a holo shield in front of herself for some extra protection from direct gunfire, also just like Gibraltar's passive ability.

Shakirri is a fairly mixed character that most resemble's Overwatch's Genji as a lighter melee-focused option, though the shield abilities do bring her closer to a character like Gibraltar. Shakirri in general seems like she'd be best for players who don't want to nail themselves down to a particular playstyle and prefer versatility and utility.

Crucible is available now as a free-to-play game on Steam.

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