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'Chocobo GP' release date, trailer, multiplayer, characters, and platforms

'Chocobo GP' is a new kart racer that takes place in the Final Fantasy universe. Could the Square Enix game unseat 'Mario Kart 8' on the podium? Here's everything we know.

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The next great kart racer has arrived. Enter Chocobo GP, the first Chocobo Racing successor to receive a global release since 1999. You’ll race as either a Chocobo or one of the iconic characters and critters from the Final Fantasy series. With Mario Kart 8 feeling stale seven years after its 2014 release, Square Enix’s charming racer could be a genuine podium contender. Here’s everything we know about Chocobo GP.

When is the Chocobo GP release date?

Chocobo GP currently has a 2022 release window. Square Enix has not yet revealed an exact release date within that timeframe.

Is there a Chocobo GP trailer?

Yes! You can watch the trailer below.

In the trailer, we get a look at a few of Chocobo GP’s playable characters like Chocobo, Vivi, and Shiroma. In the selection screen, each racer seems to have substats like “Speed,” “Grip,” and “Acceleration.” These stats have been seen in other modern racers like Mario Kart 8 and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Characters appear to have signature abilities. We see Gilgamesh flailing his blades around, which is presumably something only he can do.

Is Chocobo GP a sequel to Chocobo Racing?

You might’ve played Chocobo Racing in the ‘90s and eagerly awaited a follow-up. This is not that.

In an interview ahead of the game’s Tokyo Game Show 2021 reveal, Director Akihiko Maeda described Chocobo GP as a “spiritual successor.” Chocobo GP has some overlap, but it’s far more modern than its predecessor.

Is there Chocobo GP gameplay footage?

Yes! You can watch some gameplay below, courtesy of the manga magazine V-Jump. This includes multiple full races.

Is there Chocobo GP multiplayer?

If you want a new game to play with friends, Chocobo GP is your best bet. A race can include up to eight players. You can play via online multiplayer or locally via splitscreen. According to the official Nintendo page, local multiplayer can be played in tabletop mode, handheld mode, and TV mode.

What characters are in Chocobo GP?

1997’s Chocobo Racing hosted an eclectic cast from numerous Square Enix franchises including Squall, Aya from Parasite Eve, and the S.S. Invincible airship from Final Fantasy III. The currently known roster for Chocobo GP mostly includes characters that were featured in previous games of the Chocobo franchise. Here are the 13 characters we know so far:

  • Chocobo ( from the Chocobo series)
  • Camilla
  • Adelbert Steiner(from Final Fantasy IX)
  • Vivi (from Final Fantasy IX)
  • Gilgamesh
  • Shiroma (from the Chocobo series)
  • Behemoth (from the Chocobo series)
  • Mog (from the Chocobo series)
  • Dungeon Hero X (from the Chocobo series)
  • Ramuh
  • Fat Chocobo
  • Mecha Chocobo (from the World of Final Fantasy)
  • Cid (from the Chocobo series)

This list will certainly grow before Chocobo GP comes out. Looking at the recent crossover games, World of Final Fantasy and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, we should expect at least one addition from every mainline Final Fantasy game. Perhaps the game could even venture out to adjacent franchises like Kingdom Hearts or The World Ends with You. World of Final Fantasy included Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

What tracks are in Chocobo GP?

Chocobo GP currently has four tracks announced:

  • Cid's Test Track (from Chocobo Racing)
  • Zozo (from Final Fantasy VI)
  • Alexandria (from Final Fantasy IX)
  • Gold Saucer (from Final Fantasy VII)

Similar to the playable character list, the available tracks will certainly grow in the year before Chocobo GP comes out.

What platforms will Chocobo GP be available on?

At this point, Square Enix has only announced that Chocobo GP will come to Nintendo Switch. However, it’s very possible that the developer will reveal ports for other consoles closer to the game’s 2022 release.

Chocobo GP will be available on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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