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21 products on Amazon that'll help improve your Call of Duty Season 5 game

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With yet another season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare upon us, now might be a good time for an honest assessment. Ask yourself, grunt: Are you playing to the best of your ability? Are you reaching the top of the leaderboards? Have you even won a single match of Warzone? If your answer to all of these is a disappointing "No," well friend, we've got exactly the thing you need.

21 things, as a matter of fact.

Although practice, practice, practice is the only thing that will really improve your Call of Duty skills, it doesn't hurt — and it isn't cheating — to buy some help. Over on Amazon, we've gathered 21 product recommendations that we believe can help you perform at your best. Whether it's a new controller for your preferred console, a better keyboard and/or mouse for PC, or just a comfy chair for your keister as you grind away for Damascus, these are the items every Call of Duty fan should acquire in their quest for glory.

Here are 21 things on Amazon to help you get better at Call of Duty.

21. KontrolFreek Thumbsticks

Although plenty of Call of Duty players swear by the mouse and keyboard setup, controllers are just as viable a tool for gaming. Take my word for it: I'm a controller user myself — and I'm a huge advocate for KontrolFreek's thumbsticks. These affordable upgrades are nothing more than two pieces of rubber and plastic, yet the service they provide is practically gold.

With rubber imprints for better grip and a raised surface for better aim, KontrolFreek thumbsticks are designed for those really intense situations where every second counts. Additionally, these grips allow you to prolong the life of your controller because your natural thumbsticks will remain as pristine as they did when you first opened your controller. I never game without KontrolFreek anymore.

20. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Arguably the best "premium" controller available right now regardless of platform, the Xbox Elite Series 2 is the final evolution of the current generation Xbox One controllers that are compatible with PC. Like the first Elite controller, the Elite Series 2 has mappable bumper buttons and swappable thumbsticks and D-pad buttons you can designate for your personal taste. The Elite Series 2 also comes with an improved grip. (The first Elite had a notorious grip problem that seems to be resolved for Elite Series 2.)

19. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

PC gamers who prefer the DualShock design over Xbox will be glad to know (if they don't already) that PlayStation 4 controllers are also compatible with PC.

If you're on PlayStation 4, you know that we're reaching the end of the console's life cycle. So, honest question: How's your controller holding up? If it's fallen apart and you need another one for your next jaunt around Verdansk, look no further. The original is still arguably the best.

18. Respawn 115 Gaming Chair

The 115 Gaming Chair from Respawn is an affordable and comfortable seat that looks infinitely more professional than your typical racing-style gaming chair, which so often looks like it belongs to a Power Ranger. If you're in need of a chair suitable for both work and play, Respawn has this in the bag.

17. Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless

We've recommended this one before, and we're doing it again for good reason. The Logitech G604 is an exceptional gaming mouse that plays great and feels great in your hand. 15 programmable controls (all mappable via Logitech's G Hub software), Bluetooth connectivity, a metal scroll wheel, and 240 hours on a single AA battery means the Logitech G604 is a must.

16. Neo Chair Avengers Gaming Chair

If you want a touch of "Tony Stark" to your gaming set up, Neo Chair has a cool line of Avengers-themed gaming/office chairs that provide all the ergonomic comfort you need for long hours in Verdansk.

15. Logitech G Pro X

Logitech's G Pro X is a luxe headset that is shockingly affordable for the comfort, build, and quality you're getting. The Pro X has become my personal preferred headset for Warzone as the rich sound is necessary for spotting enemy footsteps over your Discord chat. The Blue Voice technology built into the headset also means your party can hear you loud and clear.

14. Razer Wolverine Xbox controller

Another console controller that seems to have PC users in mind, Razer's brand of Xbox controllers — dubbed "Wolverine" — have a distinct clicky feel to its buttons that practically scream, "Play this on PC." PC users who wish to make a switch to controllers for whatever reason will do well to pick up a Wolverine.

13. Logitech G513

Fun fact: This article is being typed on a Logitech G513 right now. Suitable for both office hours and playtime, the Logitech G513 comes in either GX or Logitech's own Romer-G switches that appeal to whatever kind of touch you want for your keyboards. For PC gamers and especially Call of Duty players who want a keyboard that pretty much does it all, the Logitech G513 is waiting.

12. Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

A staple for many a gaming setup everywhere, Razer's Black Widow is a popular choice for PC gamers and for good reason. Reliable, long-lasting, and sleek enough to go well with virtually any set-up, Razer's Black Widow can do it all without really breaking the bank. Peep the sweet media keys in the top right corner.

11. Razer Huntsman Elite

Though functionally similar to the Black Widow, what you pay more for in the Huntsman is Razer's Optical switches that the company claims to use "light-based actuation," meaning keypresses are registered at the speed of light — a 30 percent shorter actuation distance than other clicky switches at 1.5 mm. Bodacious, and exactly what you need when you need to snipe a zippy target across the map.

10. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Sporting THX 7.1 Surround Sound, Razer's Kraken headset is a must for anyone who values high-fidelity sound. Lots of Call of Duty matches can be won by listening closely to the footsteps of enemy players. The Kraken can help you gain a much-needed advantage in the audio game.

9. Patton (40th Anniversary Blu-ray)

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country." General George S. Patton delivered this memorable phrase to the U.S. 6th Armored Division on May 31, 1944. This biopic can teach you so much about war.

8. Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

Because not just any old gaming mice will do: The Razer Basilisk X wields the company's Razer "HyperSpeed" technology that delivers extreme low-latency for lag-free gaming. Combined with a 450-hour battery life, and you've got a beast in the palm of your hands.

7. Corsair K95 Gaming Keyboard

A premium gaming keyboard with an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame, you'll feel like you're going into a true 21st-century battlefield. Sophisticated as it is rugged, the K95 is ideal for games like Warzone.

6. Corsair Nightsword

Though I admit I'm recommending this based on the name — Nightsword, how cool — the Corsair Nightsword mouse is also a highly valuable weapon for games like Call of Duty. The Nightsword boasts exclusive software that detects the center of gravity in real-time, allowing gamers to adjust weight and fine-tune balance, making it as tailored to your senses. High-performance rubber grips keep the mouse, and victory, from slipping your fingers.

5. SteelSeries Arctis 1

When it comes to headsets, SteelSeries is a notoriously reputable brand with a killer line-up of products. The Arctis 1, though comparatively basic to other Arctis headsets, still has all you need including padded cushions, a durable steel-reinforced headband, and a detachable ClearCast microphone with a bi-directional design that SteelSeries claims to be the same used by aircraft carrier crew for superior noise-cancellation. Rest assured: With the SteelSeries 1, you're coming in loud and clear through your Discord.

4. Ghost's Balaclava

Because who doesn't want to look and feel like Modern Warfare's coolest character? Also, you should be wearing masks these days, so, here you go.

3. Call of Duty Tin Mug

When you need a bit of caffeine in your ninth straight hour of grinding, this metal tin mug is perfect to keep your coffee at the ready. Just don't spill over your keyboard.

2. Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

A lot of the keyboards included on this list come with a nifty memory foam wrist rest, an invaluable product to stave off hand cramps and discomfort. If you already have a top-tier keyboard but lack a way of resting your palms, look no further. This will help both in playing Call of Duty and your actual life and avoid carpal tunnel.

1. Hyperkin Duke Controller

If you want to throw it back to the very first Call of Duty, released on PCs in 2003, Hyperkin's Xbox throwback controller is the closest thing to a time machine. For those with big, beefy hands who found the original Xbox controller (affectionately named "The Duke") comfortable, Hyperkin's version is the one to get. And yes, it's compatible with PC.

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