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Attack on Titan x Warzone Levi skin release date and price for crossover

A Titan of a bundle.

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Call of Duty may not lean into crossovers in the same way that Fortnite does, but a newly revealed Attack on Titan bundle makes for an exciting change of pace. It wasn’t very long ago that Donnie Darko and Scream bundles were available to purchase in Warzone. For Call of Duty’s first big anime crossover to be the gritty action-horror series makes a lot of sense. Let’s just hope giant Titans don't start appearing in Warzone. Here’s everything we know about the Call of Duty Attack on Titan crossover.

When is the Warzone Attack on Titan crossover release date?

An official Call of Duty blog post published on January 11 confirms that the “collaboration” is launching as part of the mid-season update but won’t go live until January 20. Traditionally, store refreshes occur around 2 p.m. Eastern, so check the store around that time on January 20 to purchase the crossover bundle.

What are the Warzone Attack on Titan bundle items?

A listing appeared in the Warzone store in December, but now it’s official.


An Attack on Titan listing was temporarily available in the Warzone store before swiftly being taken down in December 2021. It featured a Levi Tracer Pack with a skin, Operator finishing move, and emblem. The final product, however, is quite a bit more extensive than that. It’s called “The Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Levi Edition Bundle.”

The 10-item store bundle includes the following:

  1. “Titan Piercer” weapon blueprint — Models a sword after one used in the anime
  2. Legendary “Steel Cut” Finishing Move — a flourishing animation also styled after the anime
  3. “Vertical Maneuver” Highlight Intro (Vanguard-exclusive)
  4. “Ultrahard Steel” MVP Highlight
  5. Legendary “Historia” SMG weapon blueprint — smaller-caliber magazines offer better speed and fire rate, particularly when firing from the hip while sprinting
  6. “Ymir Curse” Assault Rifle weapon blueprint — nine-attachment configuration, near-zero horizontal recoil, and almost-maximum effective range and bullet velocity
  7. “Survey Corps” Operator Skin for Sgt. Daniel of the Hellhounds — fashioned in the style of Levi Ackerman
  8. “Secret Keeper” key Weapon Charm
  9. “Wings of Freedom” Emblem
  10. “One Hot Potato” Sticker

What is the Warzone Attack on Titan bundle price

This awesome Levi skin is the main draw here.


The bundle cost is on par with other similar cosmetic packs. Typically, a licensed bundle will feature an Operator skin, calling card, emblem, charm, weapon blueprint, and/or finishing move, and costs 2,400 COD Points, which is equal to $20.

You might have to shell out real cash to buy this bundle when it launches unless you have COD Points saved up from leveling up the seasonal Battle Passes.

Given the success of the manga and show, this will no doubt end up being a successful crossover, especially if it coincides with the launch of Attack on Titan season 4.

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