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Everything you need to know about the new Call of Duty Season 2 in 2022

Warzone and Vanguard are in dire need of fresh content.

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Call of Duty

Season 1 for the Call of Duty: Vanguard era launched in December 2021, but Activision is already working on the next major update for it, along with Warzone. Activision revealed Season 2 back on January 19, and after a short delay, the upcoming update finally has a firm release date. We know Season 2 will include new weapons, limited-time events, and hopefully some fixes to the biggest problems that plague the game in its current state. Here’s what we know about Call of Duty Season 2.

When is the Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 release date?

Activision officially revealed Season 2 on January 19, but the publisher announced it has been delayed by 12 days due to the ongoing issues with Warzone. You can expect to play Season 2 on February 14, though this date is also subject to change.

Season 2 was recently delayed to allow Raven and other supporting studios more time to fix Warzone.


Though numerous updates have been released, Activision said “more needs to be done” in this regard. The company will use the additional time to deliver “optimizations to gameplay, game balancing (including weapon and equipment balancing), to fix game stability and bugs, and to ensure an overall level of polish.”

Most major updates launch around 1 p.m. Eastern, so it’s highly likely that’s when we’ll get to play Season 2 when it launches on February 14.

Is there a Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 trailer?

There is a trailer for Call of Duty Season 2! The short 1-minute trailer shows off much of the new multiplayer features in rapid succession, with an overall cinematic presentation.

In addition, a story trailer was released on February 8, focusing on Task Force Yeti as they aim to stop the Nebula V Bomb. In it, we get a look at the new Operators, including Anna Drake, Thomas Bolt, and Gustavo dos Santos.

Is there a Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 roadmap?

Activision laid out plans for the upcoming season of Call of Duty.


There is a roadmap, which details the contents of the upcoming season. There’s a lot coming to Warzone and Vanguard with the new season, so let’s dive into the most notable additions.


New maps

  • Gondola
  • Casablanca

New modes

  • Ranked Play (beta)
  • Arms Race (in season)

New weapons

  • KG M40
  • Whitley
  • Ice Axe (in season)

New Operators

  • Thomas
  • Anna
  • Gustavo

New perks

  • Mechanic
  • Armory


New map

  • Terra Maledicta

New enemy

  • Zaballa the Deceiver

New arenas

  • Corrupted Lands
  • Eastern Desert
  • Hall of Truth

Wonder Weapons

  • Decimator Shield
  • Ray Gun


New map locations

  • Chemical Factory (Caldera)
  • Research Lab (Caldera)
  • Rebirth Reinforced (Rebirth Island)

New modes

  • Caldera Crash
  • Rebirth Island Iron Trials (in season)

Search and Deploy event

  • Redeploy Balloon
  • Armored Transport
  • Portable Decontamination Stations
  • Nebula V ammo and killstreak

New weapons

  • KG M40
  • Whitley
  • Ice Axe (in season)

Most notably, the Season 2 update will introduce the KG M40 assault rifle and the Whitley LMG, both of which will be available for free across Vanguard and Warzone. In addition, Warzone players will gain access to Rebirth Island Iron Trials later on in the season.

Iron Trials was first introduced in 2021, giving players more health, increasing the cost of Buy Station items, speeding up the match timer, and delaying health regeneration speeds. This marks the first time the mode will be added to Rebirth Island.

What else can we expect from Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2?

There’s a lot to expect from Call of Duty in 2022.


While we do know the major contents of Season 2, it’s still unclear what to expect from bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Sure, new weapons and map changes are welcome and expected, but the main priority should be to address prominent issues such as severe texture load-in on consoles, freezing at Buy Stations, crashes, and a slew of other problems.

New content will certainly entice the community to come back, but if the game is still in shambles, players won’t stick around. Here’s hoping Season 2 fixes most of the biggest issues plaguing Warzone.

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