'Call of Duty Warzone' best guns: All 127 ranked for Season 3 Operation Monarch

How has the 'Vanguard' integration shaken up the 'Warzone' meta? We've ranked every single gun to separate the best from the rest.

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Talk about spoiled for choice. Currently, there are 127 primary weapons available in Call of Duty: Warzone, each stemming from either Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard. While many Warzone weapons are viable and can function in many scenarios, there is a large selection you’ll absolutely want to avoid. But there’s also a small handful that are objectively better than the rest.

Following the launch of Season 3 Operation Monarch, many of the weapons have been rebalanced, making some more or less useful than before. In this list, we’ll go through all 127 primary Warzone weapons, ranking them from F tier to S tier, with F-tier status accorded to those best avoided at all costs, and S being “meta.”

Meta weapons are those that are objectively the best at any given point in an evolving game’s life cycle. The word “meta” is sometimes used as an acronym for “most effective tactics available.” In short, meta weapons aren’t necessarily the most popular but instead are the most useful. For instance, when a new weapon is added, you might see lots of players using it, but that doesn’t make it meta.

Below, we’ll denote which game each weapon is from. VG is for Vanguard, CW is for Cold War, and MW is for Modern Warfare. Here are all 127 primary Warzone weapons ranked from worst to best.

F-Tier Call of Duty Warzone weapons

725 (MW) -- Shotgun

The 725 is easily the worst shotgun due to its low ammo capacity.


While the 725 packs a serious punch, the fact that it can only fire two slugs before needing to reload makes it wholly impractical. Maybe if you’re playing Solos you can get away with it, but aside from that, we advise avoiding this weapon at all costs.

Combat Shield (VG) – Melee

This is a troll melee weapon that won’t be used by the vast majority of players. It’s fun to mess around with, but not a serious choice for anyone, so we’d advise skipping this one.

Crossbow (MW) -- Marksman Rifle

It’s a sad thing that the Crossbow is so terrible. The weapon looks cool and is fun to use, but in a practical sense, is not feasible. Its excruciatingly long reload times, incredibly slow rate of fire, and low bullet velocity make it practically unusable.

Dragunov (MW) -- Sniper Rifle

There’s no reason to use the Dragunov. It has a slow time to kill (TTK) and has high recoil, to the point where every other sniper rifle beats it. It’s a fun weapon to mess around with, but you aren’t going to win many gunfights with this one.

MK2 Carbine (MW) -- Marksman Rifle

It’s puzzling to think about why the MK2 Carbine is even in the game. You can’t use it up close and from afar, there are numerous options that overtake it in more ways than one. It has a slow rate of fire, low damage, low bullet velocity, and high recoil.

R1 Shadowhunter (CW) -- Marksman Rifle

The R1 Shadowhunter, Cold War’s version of a Crossbow. Don’t bother with this one.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

The R1 Shadowhunter is the Cold War version of a Crossbow. Much like its counterpart, it’s awful. Its stats almost mirror the Modern Warfare Crossbow, but with even slower reload speeds.

Riot Shield (MW) -- Melee

The Riot Shield is barely a weapon in the eyes of many Warzone players. Sure, you can use it to hide in a corner and protect yourself, but if you’re against a decent player, you’re not going to stand a chance while using a Riot Shield.

D-Tier Call of Duty Warzone weapons

EBR-14 (MW) -- Marksman Rifle

High recoil and low damage makes the EBR-14 a must-miss.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

You should avoid using the EBR-14, due to its high recoil and low damage. You’ll likely lose most gunfights at medium range with it because of its recoil and rate of fire, and you won’t have much luck at long range due to its low bullet velocity.

Hauer 77 (CW) -- Shotgun

Once again, the Hauer 77 is a shotgun that is far too inconsistent to be useful in the heat of battle. It packs a punch, but you have to be within point-blank range to take advantage of that.

KSP 45 (CW) -- SMG

As with many of the low-tier SMGs, the KSP 45 doesn’t stand a chance against the likes of the MAC-10, PPSh-41, or MP5. Its other problem is that it’s a triple-burst weapon, which is awful when used up close. And at range, it won’t get you far since it has a low TTK.

M1916 (VG) — Marksman Rifle

This weapon was introduced in 2022 and was immediately disappointing. Its semi-auto fire style makes it hard to use, and the fact that you’ll likely run out of sniper ammo quickly makes it impractical.

M60 (CW) -- LMG

The M60 offers big damage, but it’s too unwieldy.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

Unfortunately, the M60 is far too slow to compete with other LMGs or assault rifles in Warzone. When it hits, it deals high damage, but the M60 is just far too difficult to handle.

MG34 (MW) -- LMG

The MG34 is one of the worst LMGs in the game due to its slow reload times, slow ADS speeds, small mag size, and high recoil. Skip this one.

Model 680 (MW) -- Shotgun

When it comes to unreliable shotguns, it doesn’t get much worse than the Model 680. This thing is slow and has a low range. There’s no reason to use this weapon when others are so much better in every regard.


The RAAL MG is the last Modern Warfare weapon to be added to Warzone, but it’s a disappointing note to end on, due to its slow TTK. You’re better off using any number of weapons including the PKM or Bruen Mk.

Striker 45 (MW) -- SMG

The Striker 45 is just all-around bad compared to other SMGs (and really any automatic weapon in general). It has a low TTK and slow fire rate that make it practically unusable.

C-Tier Call of Duty Warzone weapons

.410 Ironhide (CW) – Shotgun

Once again, shotguns are wildly inconsistent and the .410 Ironhide is a prime example of that. It deals high damage within five meters or so, but beyond that, you’ll likely need multiple shots to secure an elimination. With its low ammo count, this weapon is hard to recommend.

AK-47 (MW) -- Assault Rifle

The AK-47 (MW) simply has too much going against it to be viable.


The Modern Warfare AK-47 is vastly different from the Cold War version, with a slower rate of fire, more recoil, and is difficult to control. Pick this up if you need a secondary weapon, but we recommend swapping it as soon as you can.

AN-94 (MW) -- Assault Rifle

If not for its low TTK, the AN-94 would absolutely be a meta weapon. It’s laser-accurate, easy to use, and lightweight. Again, it just can’t compete with other automatic assault rifles due to its disappointingly slow TTK.

FN Scar 17 (MW) -- Assault Rifle

The FN Scar 17 has so much going against it. It has a low magazine size, a slow fire rate, and is hard to control. It’s like a worse version of the AK-47, so we recommend avoiding this one if you can. It is viable if you play Solos, but beyond that, it’s not worth using.

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (VG) – Sniper Rifle

This sniper (commonly known as the PTRS-41) is bolstered by its high rate of fire, allowing you to execute multiple follow-up shots in rapid succession. Because of this, the damage isn’t the best, but it works well if you’re consistent at pulling off headshots. It’s bullet velocity is atrocious, though.

Holger-26 (MW) -- LMG

We don’t recommend the Holger-26. You can deck it out to feel like an assault rifle, but with only 30 mags, it’s tough to win firefights. If you use it as an LMG, it’s just too slow to compete.

Itra Burst (VG) – Assault Rifle

The Itra Burst isn’t awful and can actually feel great during the heat of battle. However, its low ammo capacity and inconsistent TTKs make it difficult to use. Unless you’re an extremely skilled player, we recommend using many other long-range rifles.


A high rate of fire makes the ISO seem attractive, but at the end of the day, there isn’t much reason to use it when so many SMGs are better up close and at medium range. It also has a really low TTK.

M91 (MW) -- LMG

Too bad the M91 is a pain to control.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

If the M91 had better handling and accuracy, it would be a top-tier LMG. Sadly, it’s difficult to control and is essentially a worse version of the PKM, so we’d advise skipping it.

Nail Gun (CW) -- SMG

The Nail Gun was added during Season 4 2021 and it used to be overpowered. It still has a solid TTK, but given its low ammo count of 20, there isn’t much of a reason to use this weapon over some of the better options.

Rytec AMR (MW) -- Sniper Rifle

Many players consider the Rytec AMR to be a niche weapon, and while we certainly think it's much more usable than players give it credit for, there’s no reason to use it when the HDR or Kar98k do what it can do but better.

SKS (MW) -- Marksman Rifle

The SKS is a single-fire rifle and is a lot like the FAL, only worse. Its biggest issues are its fire rate and low TTK, so if you want to use a single-fire weapon, just stick with the FAL.

Stoner 63 (CW) -- LMG

The Stoner 63 used to be an excellent choice, but it was nerfed into the ground. It’s slow since it’s an LMG, and has high recoil, so it’s not easy to use anymore.

SVT-40 (VG) – Marksman Rifle

While the SVT-40 hits hard, its slow rate of fire holds it back. You might as well use an actual sniper instead, or if you want to use a semi-auto weapon, there are a slew of better choices here.

Type 63 (CW) -- Tactical Rifle

It’s hard to recommend using the Type 63. While it does hit hard, its recoil is extremely tough to manage, and with it being a single-fire weapon, it’s already hard to use as it is. There are so many better choices, though it does actually work decently up close.

VLK Rogue (MW) -- Shotgun

While the VLK Rogue does have moderate range to make it seem worthwhile, it runs into the consistency problem of the other shotguns. You’ll likely lose more gunfights than you expect with this weapon.

B-Tier Call of Duty Warzone weapons

3-Line Rifle (VG) – Sniper Rifle

While the 3-Line Rifle isn’t the best, it’s quite versatile, with high bullet velocity, and the ability to carry up to 20 rounds at once. This won’t be a great option for more aggressive players, but it’s a decent choice if you want to experiment.

AUG (CW) -- Tactical Rifle

The AUG used to be meta, but has been nerfed to be less useful. It’s still a decent choice, but now there are so many better choices.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

The Cold War AUG used to be one of the most used burst-fire weapons in the game. But following the Season 3 2021 update, its fire rate was nerfed and its recoil was increased, making it tremendously difficult and impractical to use. It’s not terrible, but certainly nowhere near as good as the M16.

AX-50 (MW) -- Sniper Rifle

The AX-50 feels great to use, but doesn’t have the speed of the Kar98k or the bullet velocity of the HDR.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

You’ll see the trend with the B-tier weapons is that they’re all mostly great, but struggle to compete with others. That’s the case with the AX-50, a sniper that feels great to use, but doesn’t have the speed of the Kar98k or the bullet velocity of the HDR.

BAR (VG) – Assault Rifle

The BAR is sort of hard to use, but it hits like a truck. The slow rate of fire makes it less forgiving, so you’ll need to be at the top of your game to use it effectively. This weapon is highly accurate and has high damage per second, but unless you’re skilled, you might want to opt for something else.

Bren (VG) – LMG

The Bren used to be the best weapon in the game, but was nerfed into the ground. It’s now hard to control, is slow, and not worth your time. Highly skilled players will still be able to use this one, but for the majority of the community, we recommend skipping it.

CARV .2 (CW) — Tactical Rifle

On paper, the CARV .2 Tactical Rifle seems like it should be great, but it just isn’t practical due to its three-round burst fire type. It’s not terrible and if you have a fast trigger finger, you might do well with it, but it’s only effective at mid-range. At that point, you might as well use one of the many better options.

Combat Shotgun (VG) – Shotgun

Like the Automaton, the Combat Shotgun has also been nerfed, and can no longer take down a player in one shot to the body. It’s still an okay choice, but once again, the low ammo count places you at a disadvantage outside of Solos.

DMR 14 (CW) -- Tactical Rifle

The DMR used to be a meta weapon in Warzone, but after a nerf that increased its recoil, has dropped substantially. It’s still good and if you like to take slower, more deliberate shots, you’ll feel right at home with this weapon. You’ll just have a harder time keeping your crosshairs on your target, especially at over 200 meters away.

Double Barrel (VG) – Shotgun

Normally, shotguns don’t make their way into the meta, but since the Double Barrel can be dual-wielded, it has the capability to down an enemy if you fire both simultaneously. This is a huge deal, and is grossly overpowered. For now, this is one of the best options for close-quarters combat, though, it’ll likely get nerfed.

Einhorn Revolving (VG) – Shotgun

The main thing the Einhorn Revolving has going for it is a fast rate of fire, which can help you win gunfights up close. The problem, like with many shotguns, is that it has a low ammo count, so you’ll need to be smart to use this one effectively.

FAL (MW) -- Assault Rifle

While the FAL hits hard, its single-fire shots keep it from standing toe-to-toe against other long-range options. You can equip the triple burst shot on it to give it a boost, though.

Fennec (MW) -- SMG

The Fennec has a high rate of fire that helps it compete with other SMGs.


The Fennec is excellent up close thanks to its fast rate of fire, but -- much like the M13, you’ll blow through ammo quickly while using it. Its downside is its low bullet velocity, meaning you have to be within 13 meters or so to make it worthwhile.


With the FiNN, you’ll find a weapon that is mostly fine in many regards, but not remarkable in any way. Its biggest fault is that it’s slow and has a long ADS time, so we can’t recommend this one over any of the faster assault rifles or LMGs.

FR 5.56 (MW) -- Assault Rifle

The FR 5.56 frankly doesn’t get enough love. Sure, it’s not the best weapon in the game, but it has a high rate of fire and is a blast to use — especially if you switch it to single-fire mode. But even by default, the FR 5.56 is a great weapon, particularly at mid-range.

G-43 (VG) – Marksman Rifle

Here’s the thing about the G-43: It’s not great in most circumstances. However, if you use the triple burst option, it completely changes how it’s used. Much like the old version of the M16, you can take down opponents in two bursts with this setup, and since it has low recoil, it’s easy to hit your shots.

Gracey Auto (VG) – Shotgun

The Gracey Auto shotgun is easy to use but has a low ammo capacity.


In terms of ease of use, the Gracey Auto is a top choice in the shotgun category since it’s automatic, harkening back to weapons like the Streetsweeper. However, things can get dicey with its low ammo capacity and range, so you’ll likely do poorly with this shotgun outside of Solos and maybe Duos.

Grav (CW) – Assault Rifle

The Grav is simply too difficult to control amongst the fantastic list of assault rifles in the game. It hits hard enough and has a competitive TTK, but its high recoil will likely be too much for most players to handle.

JAK-12 (MW) -- Shotgun

The JAK-12 is rough because it’s inconsistent. Sometimes, it can eliminate enemies quickly, and other times it seems like you can’t win a gunfight with it. It’s not the worst shotgun in the game, but we’d advise sticking to the OTs 9 up close.

KG M40 (VG) — Assault Rifle

Once again, the KG M40 is an assault rifle that simply doesn’t do enough damage to recommend. It’s highly accurate, which is nice, but we don’t recommend using this one over any of the other top-tier weapons.

M1 Garand (VG) – Marksman Rifle

The Vanguard marksman rifles all suffer from the same issues: They use sniper ammo. This is a major downside, but if you’re stocked up on ammo, weapons like the M1 Garand are decent enough. This one has a high rate of fire, but a low mag size, so you’ll need to be accurate to down multiple players quickly.

M82 (CW) -- Sniper Rifle

The M82 gets a bad rap from the community because it isn’t as good as the HDR or Kar98k. That’s true, but it’s a good sniper to practice with since it does deal high damage and has a fast rate of fire.

M13 (MW) -- Assault Rifle

The main thing to know about the M13 is that it has a fast rate of fire, which results in a relatively high TTK. This is a blessing and a curse, as it blows through ammo quickly. With that in mind, you’ll want to keep lots of ammo handy when using it.

M16 (CW) -- Tactical Rifle

Although the M16 isn’t as good as it once was, it’s still a viable weapon.


Previously, players gravitated towards the AUG as the go-to burst rifle, but now that it has been nerfed, the M16 has taken its place. The great thing about this triple burst rifle is that its recoil pattern goes in one direction: Up. This makes it easy to manage, allowing you to take down opponents in three bursts if you land your shots. Still, there isn’t much reason to use this weapon.

Nikita AVT (VG) — Assault Rifle

Sadly, the Nikita AVT isn’t worth using. It’s not bad, but considering how weak it is, you’ll likely lose many of your gunfights while using it. We only recommend this weapon if you’re an expert player looking for something new to experiment with.

Origin 12 Shotgun (MW) -- Shotgun

Like many of the shotguns we’ve covered thus far, the Origin 12 is just too inconsistent to recommend against the OTs 9 or others. It’s certainly viable, but you’ll likely lose more gunfights than you’d hope with it.

P90 (MW) -- SMG

We wish we could rank the P90 higher, but other SMGs are better in nearly every way. The nice thing is that it has a high magazine size and a high rate of fire, so if you’re accurate with your shots, it’s possible you could come out on top. But it’s much harder to use than some of its counterparts. Still, the P90 isn’t bad and is quite fun to use.

Pelington 703 (CW) -- Sniper Rifle

It’s hard to recommend the Pelington 703 over something like the Kar98k or Tundra, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great weapon. It has high damage and fast ADS speeds that place it at the top of the sniper list, even if it isn’t the absolute best.

R9-0 Shotgun (MW) -- Shotgun

You might find that the R9-0 is slightly more reliable than the shotguns we’ve discussed so far in the B tier. It still isn’t recommended when taking on someone with the OTs 9, but it’s a decent option.

SA87 (MW) -- LMG

We really love the SA87, even if it struggles to compete with other automatic weapons. The benefit is that it’s one of the lighter LMGs, making it easy to move around with. It also deals lots of damage, but that’s sadly offset by a slower fire rate.

Sten (VG) – SMG

While the Sten might not seem remarkable when compared to other SMGs, its speed is a major asset. Still, it has one of the lower TTKs in the game and with a smaller ammo capacity, there isn’t much reason to use it over the other top SMGs

TEC-9 (CW) — SMG

The TEC-9 has a competitive TTK, but there are better options for close and mid-range.


While the TEC-9 is decent in many regards and holds its own against other SMGs, there isn’t much of a reason to use it. The fact that you must use an attachment specifically to convert the weapon to full-auto — along with the inability to properly silence it — are huge downsides.

Type 99 (VG) – Sniper Rifle

Many of the new Vanguard snipers are decent enough but pale in comparison to the Kar98k (MW) and the Swiss K31. The Type 99 is a top choice from the new snipers, with high damage and competitive ADS speeds, but it does suffer from high visual recoil, meaning you’ll have to recenter a fair amount to line up another shot.


The UGR is fascinating because it packs a punch, and even has the option to add explosive rounds. However, its magazine capacity caps out at 36, meaning you’ll only want to use it in Solos (maybe Duos). If it had a bigger magazine size, we’d rank this one higher.

Uzi (MW) -- SMG

The Uzi is an alright choice and has one of the higher bullet velocities compared to most SMGs. It has a decent damage profile and is mostly easy to control. Again, there are just so many better choices in this case. Plus its low ammo count is a downside here.

A-Tier Call of Duty Warzone weapons

AK-74u (CW) -- SMG

Thanks to a buff, the AK74u is a fantastic choice now. It’s super consistent, has competitive TTKs, and has great iron sights that make it easy to use. It isn’t amazing compared to some of the other close-range SMGs but is sort of a jack of all trades.

AS44 (VG) – Assault Rifle

The AS44 is a fantastic mid to long-range option, though its recoil could be hard for some players to control. Thankfully, the weapon has a simple recoil pattern that can be countered by simply aiming down. It has respectable TTKs, too, so you should give this one a try.

AS VAL (MW) -- Assault Rifle

It’s easy to overlook the AS VAL due to its low ammo cap of 30, but it’s still one of the best weapons in the game, especially in solos and duos. If you equip the Sleight of Hand perk to the AS VAL, it will help offset the low magazine size. Aside from that, it has one of the best TTKs in the game with an insanely fast rate of fire. The AS VAL is underused, and we highly recommend giving it a shot.


If you want to use the Modern Warfare AUG, you have to use the 5.56 rounds for added damage, and you’ll be glad you did. It has a competitive TTK and feels almost like an assault rifle at times, adding to its viability. It’s a little slow, as are most MW weapons, but it works better than you’d expect.

Automaton (VG) – Assault Rifle

When the Vanguard integration first happened, the Automaton was easily the best new assault rifle. Since then, it has drifted in and out of the meta, but is now a top choice thanks to its high magazine count, decent TTKs, and fast rate of fire.

Bruen Mk9 (MW) -- LMG

The Bruen Mk9 is mobile, light, and easy to use. Sign us up.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

The main reason the Bruen Mk9 is so good is that it’s very mobile and light, rivaling even the best assault rifles. It’s not quite as effective as the AK47 (CW) in terms of TTK, but some may find it’s easier to use.

Bullfrog (CW) -- SMG

The Bullfrog has a lot going for it. It’s got high bullet velocity, a fast rate of fire, and is easy to use, making it one of the best SMGs in Warzone. It was recently nerfed a bit, so it’s not as good as it once was, but it’s still a great SMG.

Cooper Carbine (VG) – Assault Rifle

The Cooper Carbine is best used as an SMG.


Interestingly, the Cooper Carbine is an assault rifle, though it excels if you build it as an SMG. You can equip certain attachments that improve ADS speeds, making it feel like an SMG, while still excelling at range. This makes it a versatile option, even more so if you can hit your shots at range.

CX-9 (MW) — SMG

The CX-9 is a top choice and is only beaten by a few SMGs. This weapon has a high rate of fire and is easy to use, but you’ll have a hard time competing against the MP5 and OTs9. Still, it’s a solid option.

DP27 (VG) – LMG

The great thing about the DP27 is that you can build it accordingly to whichever game type you’re playing. Need more ammo for Quads? Add the 105 round mags. Need faster ADS speeds? Use the 47 round option. The DP27 is highly accurate, has decent TTKs, and is easy to control. Of course, it’s an LMG, so it’s slow, but it makes up for this in many ways.

EM2 (CW) — Assault Rifle

The EM2 was added alongside Season 5 2021 and it’s one that is very much worth your time. It has a fast TTK that stomps out nearly every other long-range option in the game. Though, it’s a little harder to use and is a lot slower than other assault rifles, balancing it out.

FFAR 1 (CW) -- Assault Rifle

Although Raven nerfed the FFAR 1, it’s still a viable weapon. This is due to its fast TTK, high rate of fire, and lightweight form that allows it to function as an SMG. The weapon is a lot more balanced now, with slower movement speeds, and slower ADS times, while still offering competitive TTKs across many ranges.

Gallo SA12 (CW) -- Shotgun

We normally wouldn’t advise using a shotgun in Warzone, but the Gallo SA12 deals enough damage and is consistent enough to recommend, especially to combat the OTs 9 or LAPA up close.

Grau 5.56 (MW) -- Assault Rifle

The Grau 5.56 doesn’t hit hard, but has pinpoint accuracy.


While the Grau 5.56 doesn’t hit as hard as you might like, it’s laser-accurate, making it easy to use, especially at medium-range. Its recoil is almost non-existent, so if you’re looking for a weapon that feels good to control, we recommend the Grau.

Groza (CW) -- Assault Rifle

The Groza is yet another underappreciated assault rifle, but thanks to an FFAR nerf, it will likely get more love. But if you want something that is easy to control with a competitive TTK and rate of fire, try the Groza.

HDR (MW) -- Sniper Rifle

When it comes to long-range snipers with high bullet velocity, it’s tough to beat the HDR. This is the sniper you’ll want to use for long distances of over 400 meters and beyond. It’s slow and heavy, but its bullet velocity makes up for it.

Kar98k (MW) -- Marksman Rifle

Stick within range and you’ll be golden with the Kar98k.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

Serving as sort of the antithesis to the HDR, the Kar98k is a much lighter rifle, meant for fast-paced engagements. It’s primarily used at long range, but you’ll want to stick within 200 meters to use this weapon effectively.

Kar98k (VG) – Sniper Rifle

As is typical in Warzone, we have yet another instance of a duplicate weapon, this time the Vanguard Kar98k. It has fast ADS speeds, high bullet velocity, and fast movement. With the Mk12 Night Vision optic, you can also reload a clip of five bullets at once, rather than one bullet at a time, which will help you eliminate more players in rapid succession.

Kilo 141 (MW) -- Assault Rifle

If you look at the Kilo 141 in a vacuum, it’s great in nearly every regard. The problem is that a lot of weapons do what it does, but better. Thankfully, its low recoil makes up for some of its shortcomings, allowing it to be a viable weapon that is easy to use, especially at medium- to long-range.

Krig 6 (CW) -- Assault Rifle

The Krig 6 received a noticeable nerf in 2021, but is still worth using. It went from S-tier to A-tier due to a damage reduction and recoil increase. It’s still worthwhile, though. While using this weapon, you’ll easily be able to keep your crosshairs lined up, due to its reduced recoil. It’ll still feel like a laser beam, even after the nerf.

LC10 (CW) -- SMG

You’ll find the LC10 to be useful at medium range, making it a great sniper compliment that still works well up close. It’ll likely lose to an MP5 or OTs 9 up close, but at mid-range, this weapon works effectively.

LW3 - Tundra (CW) -- Sniper Rifle

The LW3 - Tundra is one of the absolute best sniper rifles in the game, due to its high damage and bullet velocity.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

A less-used sniper rifle, the LW3 - Tundra is one of the absolute best in the game, due in part to its high damage and bullet velocity. It’s pretty much the only thing that can even rival the HDR in terms of range. What’s even more ideal about this is that you can use the Royal & Cross 4x scope to negate sniper glint.

M4A1 (MW) -- Assault Rifle

In Warzone, you need lots of versatility in your loadout. That’s where the M4A1 shines. It’s not the best in any particular category, but works well up close, at medium range, or even at long range, and is one of the most well-rounded weapons in the game.

M1912 (VG) – SMG

The M1912 might not be meta, but it still has a lot going for it. We love its default high capacity magazine size of 50, along with its easy-to-control recoil. This weapon has competitive TTKs at many ranges, and is ideal up close, especially if you use incendiary rounds.

MAC-10 (CW) -- SMG

If you’re looking for an effective close-range option, the MAC-10 should be at the top of your list. This is due to its high rate of fire, lightweight form, and ease of use. Its fire rate is high and thanks to the MAC-10’s mobility, you can aim down sights (ADS) faster with it, which makes it a competitive choice up close.

MG42 (VG) – LMG

If not for its sluggish mobility and slow reload times, the MG42 would absolutely be meta. Thankfully, this weapon is balanced with its LMG qualities but is still highly usable as long as you can control its recoil. It hits hard and excels at the range, with fast TTKs across most distances.

MG82 (CW) -- LMG

This LMG was added with Season 4 2021, and was grossly overpowered. Raven has already addressed the concerns of the MG82 and has nerfed it, but it still hits tremendously hard. We recommend learning the ins and outs of this weapon since it’ll help you succeed in the long run. Its fast fire rate is a huge upside, even if its recoil is somewhat challenging to control.

Milano 821 (CW) -- SMG

The Milano 821’s slow rate of fire is the main thing that holds it back, but thanks to a buff, it’s way more viable now. Raven Software pretty much bumped all of the weapon’s damage multipliers, as well as its overall power. It can now compete with the rest of the SMGs.

MP5 (CW) -- SMG

Not many weapons can compete with the MP5 up close. It deals high damage and has a fast rate of fire. The Cold War version has a slightly faster rate of fire, with lower damage than the Modern Warfare counterpart, so the difference between the two is hardly noticeable — though we actually recommend the Modern Warfare version more since its TTK is faster.

MP5 (MW) -- SMG

The Modern Warfare MP5 is a classic Warzone weapon and is one of the best in close-quarters engagements. Use this weapon if you want something that packs a punch with manageable recoil within 10 meters or so.

MP7 (MW) -- SMG

No longer the new kid on the block, the MP7 is still a solid option.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

The MP7 has taken a backseat to the likes of the OTs 9 and MAC-10, but it’s still a great weapon, due in part to its high rate of fire and mobility. It’s also one of the most accurate SMGs in the entire game.

NZ-41 (VG) – Assault Rifle

Yet another low recoil choice is the NZ-41, a Vanguard assault rifle that can be built in a number of ways. Our favorite is a long-range build that prioritizes control and recoil stabilization, making this effectively a “laser beam.” On top of that, the NZ has a fast TTK, so it’s easy to recommend.

Oden (MW) -- Assault Rifle

The Oden just isn’t easy to use, but there are big benefits if you can handle it.

Activision / Raven Software / Infinity Ward

To be frank, even though the Oden has a lot going against it, we still think it’s a top-tier weapon. It packs a serious punch but has a low magazine size, high recoil, and a slow rate of fire. It deals the highest base damage of any assault rifle, so if you can keep up with your target, you’ll be in good shape.


The PKM is a great weapon, especially at longer distances. If you mount it, you’ll feel unstoppable. It’s just unfortunate that it’s so slow, seeing as how it’s an LMG, which could cost you a gunfight.

PP19 Bizon (MW) -- SMG

The PP19 Bizon was recently nerfed, bringing it in line with the likes of the Bullfrog. It’s still slightly worse due to its slow mobility, but is far more viable now that it deals more damage.

PPSh-41 (CW) -- SMG

This was one of the new weapons added with the Season 3 2021 update. It’s an appealing choice thanks to its high ammo count and accuracy and has a competitive TTK. Its fast ADS speed is a huge plus, as is its high ammo count and lightweight design.

PPSh-41 (VG) – SMG

This iteration of the PPSh-41 is similar to the Cold War counterpart, but with a faster fire rate, making it more forgiving. This, combined with its high ammo count of 71 allows you to take on multiple enemies at once. In terms of TTK, it’s one of the best, regardless of where you hit your opponent.

QBZ-83 (CW) -- Assault Rifle

The QBZ used to be terrible, but following a buff in 2021, it competes with the likes of the FARA 83 and Krig 6. This is one of the most accurate weapons in the game and is excellent for mid to long-range engagements.

RAM-7 (MW) -- Assault Rifle

You’ll want to use the RAM-7 during medium- to long-range engagements, which is where it shines the most, thanks to its fast rate of fire and respectable TTK. Plus, it’s relatively easy to use.


As with many of the LMGs, the RPD is very slow but is competitive compared to other top-tier ranged weapons. It has a great TTK and is relatively accurate, offset by its slow mobility and long reload times.

SP-R 208 (MW) -- Marksman Rifle

While many have forgotten about this weapon, the SP-R 208 is still excellent.


The SP-R 208 is slightly worse than the Kar98k in a couple of categories but is still a top-tier sniper. You might like the way it handles, and it technically does deal marginally more damage than the Kar98k, so it’s not a bad choice at all.

Streetsweeper (CW) -- Shotgun

Because of the way the Warzone meta has shifted, the Streetsweeper is a practical option now. It’s only slightly held back due to its slow reload time, but you’ll find it to be useful for taking out enemies at close range. You don’t even need to continuously tap the trigger, since it’s an auto shotgun.

Swiss K31 (CW) -- Sniper rifle

The Swiss K31 is a lightweight sniper rifle that feels a lot like the Kar98k. Statistically, the K31 is on par with the Kar98k in nearly every way, so you should absolutely try it out. In fact, it does slightly more damage than the Kar, with a slower ADS time. Sadly, this weapon has been nerfed, making it hard to use on Caldera since it no longer deals a one-hit kill to the head beyond a certain distance.

Type 11 (VG) – LMG

Arguably one of the most overlooked Vanguard weapons is the Type 11, an LMG that packs a punch and is easy to control. You can make up for the weapon’s slow mobility by using certain attachments, effectively turning it into an assault rifle. Give this one a try if you want a low-recoil long-range weapon.

Type 100 (VG) – SMG

When it comes to low recoil and ease of use, few weapons outclass the Type 100. This makes up for its downsides of having a slower TTK and smaller magazine size, but if you play your cards right, you can still succeed in Quads, as long as you pick your shots wisely.

Volkssturmgewehr (VG) – Assault Rifle

What a mouthful. We love the Volk as a sniper support, as it can hold its own up close and at mid-range. It’s a versatile weapon that can be built for range and even as an SMG, with plenty of ammo and easily controllable recoil.

Whitley (VG) — LMG

Following a buff during Season 3 Operation Monarch, the Whitley is an excellent choice thanks to its ease of use, competitive TTKs, and manageable recoil. This LMG is highly underrated, beating many of the best LMGs (and even assault rifles) at mid-range.

S-Tier Call of Duty Warzone weapons

AK-47 (CW) -- Assault Rifle

Even after a recent nerf, the AK-47 is easily the best assault rifle in the game. It has fantastic TTKs at all ranges, is still easy to use, and can even be built as a sniper support. We highly recommend utilizing the 45-round mag with this one to improve mobility if you plan on using it aggressively.

Armaguerra 43 (VG) SMG

One of the best things about the Armaguerra 43 is its versatility, excelling up close and at mid-range. In fact, at around 16 meters, this is easily the best option in the game, working well as a sniper support, in addition to its close-range role.

C58 (CW) — Assault Rifle

This weapon was added during Season 4 2021 and was immediately a top choice. The biggest draw of the C58 is just how accurate it is. And unlike many accurate weapons in Warzone, the C58 hits hard, too. This is offset by its lower magazine size, but you can increase it to a more manageable amount.

CR-56 AMAX (MW) -- Assault Rifle

Next up, let’s touch on one of the best fully automatic assault rifles, the CR-56 AMAX. This weapon has a competitive time to kill (TTK) and is great for medium to long-range scenarios. There is a bit of a learning curve when using this weapon, as it does have moderately high recoil. But its TTK is high enough that it’s relatively forgiving.

FARA 83 (CW) -- Assault Rifle

Once again, the FARA 83 was buffed in 2021. It’s easier to use and has reduced recoil. In fact, this weapon has one of the best TTKs in the game, especially if you mix in a headshot or two. Couple that with its fast rate of fire, and you’ll find this weapon to be highly effective in many situations.

Lapa (CW) – SMG

The Lapa has quietly made its way to the top of the close-range meta, serving as the last Cold War SMG added to the game. Full stop, it has some of the fastest TTKs in the game, outperforming the likes of the OTs 9 and both MP5s in some cases. Give this one a shot if you haven’t already.

MP-40 (VG) – SMG

Arguably the king of Vanguard SMGs is the MP-40, a low recoil, high damage weapon. It isn’t the best in any one category, but thanks to its ease of use and fast TTKs, you’ll likely gravitate towards it. If you can land headshots, this weapon is easily one of the best SMGs in the game.

Owen Gun (VG) – SMG

If you play Trios and Quads often, the Owen Gun should be one of your top options, as it has a high magazine capacity. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game, offering some of the best TTKs up close.

OTs 9 (CW) — SMG

The OTs 9 has one of the fastest TTKs up close.


Once again, our recommendation for the OTs 9 is due to its insanely fast TTK. It beats nearly every other weapon up close — though it’s held back by its small ammo count of 40. Use this weapon in Solos and Duos for best results.

STG44 (VG) – Assault Rifle

One of the top Vanguard assault rifles is the STG44 and for good reason. It’s relatively easy to control, has competitive TTKs, and can be built to excel in long-range battles. It doesn’t have the best TTK in the game, but since it’s so easy to control, you’ll likely hit your shots more often than with other, more powerful weapons.

Vargo 52 (CW) — Assault Rifle

The Vargo 52 is a Cold War assault rifle added around the launch of Season 3 Operation Monarch. This weapon hits hard, has fast TTKs at many ranges, and is easy enough to control. It also works well as a sniper support weapon, giving it some versatility on the battlefield.

Welgun (VG) — SMG

When it comes to fast TTKs and usability, the Welgun is easily one of the best options in the game. This SMG is easy to use, offers plenty of ammo, and allows you to run around quickly—perfect for aggressive players. It’s a consistent SMG that outclasses nearly every other option in the game right now.

XM4 (CW) -- Assault Rifle

With the XM4, you’ll find another great all-around weapon. Like the M4A1, it doesn’t particularly shine brightly in any area but works well in a lot of situations. Its TTK is decent, it has good bullet velocity and a competitive rate of fire against other assault rifles.

ZRG 20MM (CW) -- Sniper Rifle

The best long-range sniper in Warzone is the ZRG 20mm, and it’s highly competitive against the others if you know how to use it. Sure, it’s slower and has a low ammo count, but it makes up for that in many ways. It has a fast rate of fire, great bullet velocity, and high damage. Aside from that, the only thing holding it back is slow ADS speeds, but this is a small price to pay for the best bullet velocity in the game. It’s also one of the few snipers that actually deals enough damage to secure a one-hit kill on an opponent.

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