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How to spawn and tame every creature in ARK Genesis Part 2

And a look at all the new list of admin command cheats to learn.

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ark genesis part 2 astrodelphis
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ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 has finally arrived, and that means players have a new class of dinos to tame, map to explore, and items to experiment with.

Looking to get your feet wet with the new expansion? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explain the basics of taming each of the new creatures added as part of the massive update. And, if you’re not willing to make the effort, there’s a full list of cheats available for your perusal as well.

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How to tame every new creature in ARK Genesis Part 2

Astrodelphis: Start by getting Element from the asteroids in the center of the map. Look for the Asteroid with the most crystals on it, and then whack those crystals with your Pickaxe. Next, seek out the Astrodelphis in the center biome to approach and pet it. It may attack after the first pet, but pet it a second time. After doing so, continue to feed it Element until it’s tamed.

This thing can be outfitted with thrusters and weapons, making it a very powerful tame for combat and traversal alike. You’ll need to craft its saddle first, though, which requires 140 Black Pearl, 370 Crystal or Primal Crystal, 55 Element, 2,500 Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot, and 500 Polymer.

Maewing: This is one of the most skittish dinos in the new expansion, which means it’s a particularly difficult one to tame. One method outlined by on YouTube is to attract it with Rare Flowers (which can be purchased from HLNA) and then to pen it in using Billboards.

Once the Maewing is near you and alone, lure it with flowers and then place two billboards in a V shape. Then, just use two more billboards on its back and front to fully block it in. Once it can’t move, pump it with tranq arrows till it falls. Fill its inventory with Mejoberries, and it’ll eventually be tamed. These can be used to care for infant dinos or to lure wild infants away from their parents.

Tek Stryder: First, gets lots of Mutagel from the brown rocks on the asteroids in the center of the map. You’ll then see, upon approaching a Stryder on the eastern side of the map, that a certain number of missions is required for the tame. Low-level Sryders will require fewer missions.

The Tek Stryder requires many missions to be completed first.

Studio Wildcard

With the missions complete, approach the Strider and give it Mutagel. The game will tell you to begin hacking by approaching various body parts. Approach each part and interact with it. A mini-game will trigger. Wait for the small squares to line up in the center of the window. You can repeat the task if need be. Hack in all the right parts and the Sryder will be yours. Stryders have various abilities including bombing rigs, mining tools, radar, and silencers.

Noglin: These are very rare and spawn on the western side of the map. Surround it with as many of your tames as possible and let it take control of them to make its tame bar increase. It helps if you can pick one up and just drop it into a pen of Dinos. As implied, Noglins can control creatures they come in contact with.

The Noglin is a mind-control monster.

Studio Wildcard

Shadowmane: Start by filling many Fish Baskets full of 0.5+ weight fish. Next, head to the western side of the map during the day to find a sleeping Shadowmane. Approach it and give it a basket. When you first feed it, the critter will teleport away. Simply wait for it to reappear, fall asleep, and then repeat the process.

The Shadowmane is a lion with cloaking ability.

Studio Wildcard

Voidwyrm: These are found in the center of the map and are tamed with Mutagen. To find that, enter the center caves and look for the glowing plants. After getting their HP low enough through natural combat, you’ll be given the option to ride a Voidwyrm.. When it does a barrel roll, feed it the Mutagen immediately. Rinse and repeat until the creature is yours.

Genesis Part 2 admin commands

If you’d rather not have to go through the grind of taming each one of these creatures, there’s also a full list of cheats available that allows players with and without the expansion to spawn its items for free.

To try them out, start by entering a single-player game and bringing up the admin command window. The keys you press depend on the platform you’re using.

  • PC: Tab
  • PlaySation: L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle
  • Xbox: LB + RB + X + Y

Next, enter the command “enablecheats” to turn on cheats in your personal lobby. This command won’t work in the vast majority of multiplayer environments, so don’t bother trying it there.

This list arrives courtesy of Studio Wildcard Product Manager Dollie on Twitter. We’ve abbreviated it to include only the most essential commands, but you can find a few more at the source link.


  • Astrodelphis: Regular version: Cheat sdf cedo 1 150
  • Exo-Mek: Cheat sdf exos 1 150
  • Maewing: Cheat sdf lkg 1 150
  • Tek Stryder: Cheat sdf strider 1 150
  • Noglin: Cheat sdf brainslug 1 150
  • Shadowmane: Cheat sdf lionfi 1 150
  • Voidwyrm: Cheat sdf tekwyv 1 150
  • Macrophage: Cheat sdf macro 0 1
  • Summoner: Cheat sdf summon 0 1

Rockwell Varints

  • Allosaurus: Cheat sdf allo_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Carno: Cheat sdf carno_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Dilo: Cheat sdf dilo_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Male Reaper: Cheat sdf xenomorph_character_BP_male_gen2 1 150
  • Female Reaper: Cheat sdf xenomorph_character_BP_female_gen2 1 150
  • Bronto: Cheat sdf sauropod_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Velonosaur: Cheat sdf spindles_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Turtle: Cheat sdf turtle_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Giga: Cheat sdf gigant_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Quetzal: Cheat sdf quetz_character_bp_r 1 150

Eden Varints

  • Daeodon: Cheat sdf daeodon_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Direwolf: Cheat sdf direwolf_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Equus: Cheat sdf equus_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Gasbags: Cheat sdf gasbags_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Megatherium: Cheat sdf megatherium_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Owl: Cheat sdf owl_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Cheat sdf para_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Procoptodon: Cheat sdf procoptodon_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Thylacoleo: Cheat sdf thylacoleo_character_bp_e 1 150


  • Tek Canteen: Cheat gfi kcanteenr 1 0 0
  • Unassembled Exo-Mek: Cheat gfi exos 1 0 0
  • Unassembled Hoversail: Cheat gfi hoversail 1 0 0
  • Mutagen: Cheat gfi le_mut 100 0 0
  • Metagel: Cheat gfi mutagel 100 0 0
  • Canoe: Cheat gfi canoe 1 0 0
  • R-1 Plant: Cheat gfi r_rawmeat 1 0 0
  • R-2 Plant: Cheat gfi r_rawfish 1 0 0
  • R-3 Plant: Cheat gfi r_spoiledmeat 1 0 0
  • R-4 Plant: Cheat gfi r_primemeat 1 0
  • R-5 Plant: Cheat gfi r_primefish 1 0 0
  • MilkGlider Saddle: Cheat gfi lkg 1 0 0
  • AstroDelphis Saddle: Cheat gfi cedo 1 0 0


  • Minigun: Cheat gfi minig 1 0 0
  • Harpoon Ammo: Cheat gfi owne 100 0 0
  • Tek Pistol: Cheat gfi kpist 1 0 0
  • Tek Bow: Cheat gfi tekbow 1 0 0
  • Fire Boulders: Cheat gfi er_f 100 0 0


  • Ammo Box: Cheat gfi moco 1 0 0
  • Tek Crop Pot: Cheat gfi ot_tek 1 0 0
  • Egg Incubator: Cheat gfi ggincu 1 0 0
  • Loadout mannequin: Cheat gfi tdummy 1 0 0
  • Remote Camera: Cheat gfi tycam 5 0 0
  • Remote Camera Console [required to spawn cameras]: Cheat gfi tycon 1 0 0

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