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Everything you need to know about ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2

The next chapter is almost here.

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ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 is finally expected for release very soon in advance of ARK 2, which means franchise fans everywhere are gearing up for the incoming launch. Want to know what time this massive DLC arrives on your platform of choice? Need a recap of all the new features headed to the game? We’ve got everything you’re looking for.

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When is the ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 release date and time?

The Noglin can control the minds of players and creatures alike.

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Following several hours of silence, the official ARK Twitter account has finally announced that Genesis Part 2 is expected to release around 8 a.m. Eastern June 3. While the DLC was previously pegged for a June 2 release, this slight delay arrives as developers wait for an automated certification process to conclude.

For up-to-the-moment news in case this release time changes, the official ARK Twitter account and the Twitter account of ARK Community Manager Cedric Burkes are your best sources. Unfortunately, given that the release time is currently unavailable, Season Pass owners shouldn’t expect a preload either.

What new creatures, items, and features are being added in Genesis Part 2?

While we wait for Genesis Part 2 to finally deploy, here’s a quick recap of the highlight additions players can expect to experience once the DLC becomes available.

The Shadowmane has a teleport-like attack that can hit multiple foes.

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  • Astrodelphis: This is essentially a space dolphin that has a saddle that can be equipped with thrusters and lasers, making it a great resource for traversal and combat alike.
  • Exo-mek: The Exo-mek is a huge robot that can be piloted by other players.
  • Maewing: The Maewing helps take care of your infant creatures and can also lure wild babies away from their parents.
  • Noglin: This creature can control the minds of players and creatures alike. If one is in your tribe, that means you can control them too.
  • Shadowmane: It has a chain teleport strike attack that can hit multiple targets. It can also cloak nearby targets.
  • Stryder: The Stryder is a robotic creature that can be used for harvesting or combat depending on the parts you use to build it.
  • Summoner: There isn’t much known about this creature, except you can’t tame it and that it patrols the new Rockwell biome being added in the expansion.
  • Voidwyrm: This is a tek wyvern that we also don’t know much about. It was officially described as a “powerful and challenging new tame.”
  • New Tools: New tools include a Jar of Pitch, Minigun, a Net Projectile, a Tek Bow and Tek Pistol. There are also Egg Incubators, Canoes, Hoversails, Security Systems and more.

That’s all we know about ARK Genesis Part 2 for now, but we’ll update this information as soon as we learn more.

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