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5 Rick and Morty-themed Animal Crossing designs you can get right now

Walk around you island looking like Rick Sanchez ... or Evil Morty.

Morty from Rick and Morty with an eyepatch
Adult Swim

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has let millions of gamers simulate the freedom of the great outdoors during these times of self-isolation. The widely-popular Nintendo Switch game has also let diehard Star Wars and anime fans cosplay as their favorite characters through the use of custom QR codes. Now, gamers can transform themselves into many of Rick and Morty’s most iconic characters. Are you more of a Rick ... or a Jerry?

If you want to level-up your New Horizons wardrobe, you’ll need to use the Custom Designs app on your NookPhone. This will give you access to unique furniture, clothing, and other items that players around the world have created and shared to further customize their islands.

Alternatively, once you unlock the Able Sisters Shop you can use the Kioski inside to search custom clothing designs by using their Design or Creator ID.

Here are 5 custom Rick and Morty designs you can get right now:

Rick and Morty QR code costumes for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Rick’s Lab Coat

Adult Swim

If you’re looking to dress like the smartest being in the universe, look no further. Adult Swim shared the ID you need to deck out your islander in Rick’s lab coat. We suggest getting this spiky haircut in this grey-blue color if you really want to your virtual cosplaying to the next dimension.

Morty’s Yellow Tee

Adult Swim

Now that you have Rick’s whole wardrobe you might as well recruit a friend to dress like Morty for a photo op. Adult Swim shared a design for Morty’s iconic yellow tee and all you have to do is throw on some blue jeans to complete the outfit.

Jerry’s Dad Tee

Adult Swim

If you’re more of a Jerry stan, Adult Swim has you covered too. You can thrown on Jerry’s favorite shirt on top of some blue jeans to become everyone’s hilariously pathetic Rick and Morty character.

Rick and Morty QR code props for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Multiverse portal

Rick’s portal gun sadly isn’t available in New Horizons, so gamers will need to stick to Nook Miles Tickets to explore other deserted islands. But Animal Crossing player Chris Nguyen — who created an in-game replica of Rick’s garage workshop — has designed an image of a green portal others can slap on their floors, ceilings, and walls.

Like most larger images within the game, the portal is broken up into two customized panels that you’ll need to set next to each other to form the entire portal, but you can do so on just about any surface.

Chris Nguyen
Chris Nguyen

Plumbus poster

Chris Nguyen

Nguyen also designed a Plumbus poster so islanders can enjoy the muliverse’s most popular ... uhh household item?

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