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Among Us update adds five features you want — and one you don't

New Roles! But also a paid battle pass...

among us role cosmicube update

Among Us just released one of its biggest updates ever. Dubbed the “Role & Cosmicube Update,” the sizable patch introduces a store for direct-purchase cosmetics and something analogous to a long-form battle pass. Beyond new microtransactions, there are also enjoy four new roles that completely change how this social deduction game is played. Amidst five in-demand additions, however, there lies the inclusion of one outdated trend.

Among Us gets a paid cosmetics store

One of the biggest features of the Cosmicubes Update is the introduction of a shop for paid cosmetics. These cosmetics include customized hats, skins, pets, visors, nameplates, and Cosmicubes. Cosmetics are largely purchased using Stars, a new currency that can only be bought with real money. In simple terms, Stars are the Among Us version of Fortnite V-Bucks.

Players can use Stars and Beans to purchase premium or free cosmetics.


Those who don’t want to pay extra cash can focus on amassing a large collection of Beans through standard gameplay. Beans can also be used to purchase items, bundles, and Cosmicubes, but these cosmetics will likely be different from the ones being bought for real money. In order to speed up the output of Beans, XP can be earned entirely from playtime to increase a Bean and Pod collection multiplier. It sounds complicated, but the basic mentality is that those who play Among Us more often will have more opportunities to get free cosmetics.

Among Us Cosmicubes are a new kind of battle pass

It helps to think of Cosmicubes as something like a Battle Pass. In a Cosmicube, cosmetics are unlocked via a defined path. In order to move through the Cosmicube to unlock its content, players must activate a Cosmicube and accumulate Pods through standard gameplay.

Cosmicubes are essentially the Among Us version of the Battle Pass. They can be purchased with Stars or unlocked for free with Beans.


As described above, Cosmicubes can be unlocked for free with Beans or purchased using Stars. These are ostensibly free and paid Battle Pass variants with different collections of cosmetics in each one.

Among Us adds 4 new roles

The Cosmicube Update adds four new roles to Among Us.


In addition to Cosmicubes and their associated trappings, the Cosmicubes Update also brings four new roles to the game.

Crewmate Roles

  • Scientist: Access the vitals of your team at any time and complete tasks to recharge the battery of this ability.
  • Engineer: Can use vets across various maps.
  • Guardian Angel: Cast a protective shield around remaining Crewmates

Imposter Role

  • Shapeshifter: Morph into another Crewmate.

It’s completely up to players if they’d like to use these roles and how often they’d like them to appear.

Among Us cross-platform account merging arrives

Among Us is currently available on mobile, PC, and Switch. After installing this update, it should be possible to log in to all three versions of the game while maintaining your XP, Items, and (mostly) currency.

The only exception to this rule is Switch, as Stars purchased on Switch can only be used there. Other currencies, like Pods and Beans, also don’t transfer to Switch either. This issue will hopefully be resolved in a later update. The system should be fairly turnkey, but there are in-game instructions with more pointed specifics. The main thing is making sure you’re using the account that has the most unlocks as your primary one. Otherwise, you may risk overwriting and losing some of your rewards.

Among Us update adds achievements and remaps controls

The full patch notes are available here, but here are a few finer changes with outlining.

  • Achievements: As long as your platform has Achievements, you can unlock them in-game by performing specific actions. Achievements tied to a specific task may require you to perform that task once to unlock the achievement on another platform.
  • Changes: Vent is now V on keyboard or right bumper on controller. Sabotage is now tab/left trigger. Role abilities are performed with F/right trigger.
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