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Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Locations and Codes for All 3 Weapons

Finding a shotgun gives you a massive advantage against your enemies. Here’s how do it.

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Alan Wake 2 shotgun

No horror game is complete without your trusty shotgun, and Alan Wake 2 is no exception. Shotgun locations are scattered around the main key areas for both Alan Wake and Saga Anderson, but unless you have a keen eye for exploration, you might miss them entirely.

There are three shotguns available in Alan Wake 2, each giving you a massive advantage in combat, especially during boss fights like Nightingale. If you're wondering where to find the sawed-off shotgun, double-barreled shotgun, and pump-action shotgun locations in Alan Wake 2, below are the map spots, lock combinations, and the points in the story you'll need to reach first.

Cauldron Lake: Sawed-off Shotgun Location in Alan Wake 2

  • Character: Saga
  • Chapter: Return 2 - The Heart
  • Location: Cauldron Lake

The sawed-off shotgun in Alan Wake 2 can be found in Cauldron Lake while playing as Saga. Starting from the Return 2 chapter, the weapon location is sort of bound to story progress. As you're investigating the murder site, you'll eventually be tasked with visiting the General Store. While it is possible to enter the store beforehand, you won't be able to find the weapon until the main story prompt.


Once you're sent to the store, get ready to fight against a cultist. The deer that crashes against the wall leaves a handy hole in it, which leads to a room that will become important for the story later on. For now, get close to the wall on the right side (opposite of the fridge), and you'll notice the shotgun inside a case. A post-it note says to "check with Lady Fortuna at the counter," so that's where you're heading.


The key here is to compare the lotto ticket to the numbers written down in the notebook. The list goes like this: 705, 713, 717, and 723. With that logic, the lock number to unlock the sawed-off shotgun in Alan Wake 2 is 739. Fortune does favor the bold after all.

Oceanview Hotel: Double-barreled Shotgun Location in Alan Wake 2

  • Character: Alan
  • Chapter: Initiation - Room 665
  • Location: Outside Oceanview Hotel during your first visit

The double-barreled shotgun in Alan Wake 2 can be found just outside Oceanview Hotel during your first visit. If you've missed it, don't fret, as you can return later on. Considering the dangers inside the hotel and elsewhere, however, I recommend getting your hands on the weapon as soon as you're able, which is Alan's Room 665 chapter.


alan wake 2 double-barreled shotgun guide 2.jpg

The main entrance to Oceanview Hotel is blocked, so you'll need to got through multiple doors and staircases scattered around a series of rooftops. At the eastern side of it (using the map as reference), you'll finally come across the Oceanview Hotel entrance, although it is locked. There's a beer garden just on the opposite end, which is where we're heading.


Using Alan's Angel Lamp, change the scenery to enter the bar. If you look at the drinks menu, you'll find the code for the door (2550). Now, before you leave, stay inside the bar and change the scenery within by using the lamp again. The double-barreled shotgun location in Alan Wake 2 is on the counter inside the bar. You can now change the scenery again and head back outside toward Oceanview Hotel.

Sheriff's Station: Pump-action Shotgun Location in Alan Wake 2

  • Character: Saga
  • Chapter: Return 6 - Scratch
  • Location: Sheriff's Station

The pump-action shotgun in Alan Wake 2 is located inside the Sheriff's Station in Bright Falls. First, you need to reach chapter 6. After your visit to the nursing center (not a retirement community), return to the town's center and head to the station. Once you've met with the agent, you'll need to make a quick trip down to the morgue.


Take care of the task at hand and return back up to debrief again. After things are settled and the power is back on, head to Sheriff Tim Breaker's office, which is located to the right of the front desk (or in the northwestern corner, if you're looking at the map as a reference). Using the keys you were given, go ahead and open the door.

The pump-action shotgun is inside a case on the wall, but of course, you need to open a lock first. The clue is on Breaker's desk, which leads to the combination. To open the lock to get Alan Wake 2's pump-action shotgun, the number is 723.


For the logic behind it, the note on the desk has a hint to follow: Letters match numbers, so A = 1, B = 2, and so on. Double-digit numbers ignore the first number, so you're resetting the count each time. If you pay attention to the UFO books next to the note, there are three standout initials from the authors. Following the rule, the code ends up being 723. Congrats on getting all three boomsticks for both protagonists in Alan Wake 2! Use them responsibly.

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