How to Master Combat in 'Gravity Rush 2'

Don't get dizzy, now. 


The world of Gravity Rush 2 is an aerial playground ripe for exploration as players shift the laws of physics and flip gravity on its head. While that all sounds very exciting, the game does present a few challenges, especially as you adjust to the ever-changing camera angles and gravity manipulation mechanics. When you actually have to fight in the game, you’ll have to keep these things in mind while also mastering combat. To that end, we have a few tips to ease you into the flow of battle.

You need to understand your powers before you can use them. 


Use Your Gravity Powers All the Time

Get used to using your gravity abilities in combat, because you’re going to need them. As you unlock new gravity styles, experiment with using them in combat as well. You can use Kat’s dropkick to not only harm enemies, but bring you in closer to the fight if need be. The gravity slide is another great way to get around in a flight. Simply hold L2 and you can slide right into the action.

If you’re having trouble keeping yourself oriented throughout all of the action, simply clicking the R3 button on your controller will center the camera.

Slow and steady, now. 


Go Easy on Yourself

This game, as beautiful and unique as it is, challenges your brain. You need to see the world in ways you’re not accustomed to, and that can be quite tiring. If you’re finding that you’re getting frustrated with navigating combat, don’t be afraid to take the difficulty down a notch. There’s not a massive shift between the different settings, so you won’t get as frustrated, but your successes will still be rewarding.

Once you unlock the Lunar and Jupiter Gravity Styles, combat becomes a lot more complex. 


Switch up Your Gravity Stances

While Gravity Kicks are fun and simple, you’ll eventually learn the Lunar and Jupiter Gravity Styles. Don’t rely on what you already know — give these new, albeit more complicated, stances a chance. It’s also important that you learn how to switch between them effectively in a fight, as they all have different abilities that can help you considerably.

Lunar is great if you need to flit about the battlefield quickly. Kat is also easier to control in this stance without using gravity shifting, if you don’t want to worry about reorienting the camera mid-battle. Her teleport kick also helps you automatically target enemies. However, if you find yourself in the air, Kat will move slowly. In that case you should switch to Jupiter Style.

Jupiter Style can be a bit cumbersome on the ground, but allows you to fall through the air at great speed and make a huge impact when it comes to brawling with the bad guys. While it can be a bit unwieldy, the charge kick is also viable in combat. Charge it up using the square button, and if you’re timing is good, you can cause some serious damage.

Stasis in action


Use Stasis on Groups and Large Enemies

If you were to unlock just one ability in this game, we’d recommend Stasis. It’s effective against both groups of enemies and big bosses. What’s more, the ability gains new attributes depending on which Gravity Style you’re using. Generally speaking, it gathers surrounding debris towards Kat, who can then throw the collected items at enemies one by one. It’s a smart option if you’re wary of getting to close to an enemy, or if you’re facing a flying opponent.

Things get more interesting when you use it in your Lunar or Jupiter stances. Lunar Stasis causes the objects to freeze in mid-air after they hit your target. This makes further trouble for your enemies, slowing them down and causing damage. If you need crowd control, this is the move for you. The Jupiter Stasis melds surrounding objects in a massive orb that does intense damage. If you’re opting for brute force, make sure you go for Jupiter Style, instead.

Practice makes perfect

Play Station

Practice, Practice, Practice

Listen, Gravity Rush 2 can really warp your mind at first. The only real way around that is to practice. Don’t rush through things. Take some time exploring and engaging in random encounters to truly master the pace of combat. There’s a learning curve, but if you put a bit of time in to practice the assorted nuances in the battle system, you’ll avoid a lot of frustration as the game opens up later on.

Now get out there and fight. 

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