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How pumpkin spice flavor was created in a lab


How to make scientifically perfect ice cream

It's all about balancing the equation.


How yeast makes bread bubbly and delicious


How to make fluffy, delectable meringue using science

A scientific look at the power of eggs.


The Science Behind Crunchy Fried Chicken


How flavor chemists designed the controversial pumpkin spice

A little nutmeg has caused so much drama.


How to create the perfect scoop of ice cream — with science

When one element goes up, the other must come down.


Mastering sourdough with the science of yeast

How to use the magic microorganisms that make bread rise to create a golden brown loaf.


Why science is so important for the decadent pavlova

Pavlovas are a decidedly retro dessert named after a Russian ballerina.


How to get the crunchiest, juiciest fried chicken using science

A food scientist lays out the process of “flash evaporation” to achieve a crispy, dry exterior with a satisfying bite.


Beer + Chicken = Slammable Chicken

Cooking with beer can be easy — if you follow a few basic scientific laws.


How to turn the volume way up on a classic ceviche using science

A culinary scientist talks about the power of cooking with acid in the kitchen.


The science of grilling with smoke

A renowned molecular gastronomy chef shows you how. 🔥


2 beers and a little science can make a slammable chicken

Beer can enhance food in two ways: The alcohol's chemical abilities and the flavor — pilsner, in my case — can elevate your dish.

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Can fasting be good for you? Two studies reveal how it changes the body

Here’s why the eating pattern can result in health benefits.

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Why is pumpkin spice so popular? Scent scientists explain the hype

Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte (or PSL) is an undeniable favorite. The drink's scent and nostalgia are equally as important as taste — and scientists explain why.

Farm, Cook, Repeat

Animal Crossing 2.0 copies the best parts of Stardew Valley

Down on the farm.

Snack guide

Scientists rank 15 favorite American foods by health

How good is pizza for you, really?

Aw crap

Look: Ancient turds reveal two surprising foods in prehistoric diets

Some snacks are worth preserving.

Mind and Body

These 10 small changes can prevent weight gain

One small step today, one giant leap to preventing obesity.

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Can you drink too much water? A hydration scientist explains the myth

“If you catch yourself going to the bathroom every 15 to 20 minutes, you’re overdoing it.”

Longevity Hack

Diet study reveals optimal number of hours to sleep to boost good snack habits

If you needed another reason to prioritize sleep...

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Scientists discover how the gut microbiome helps weight loss

Our gut microbiome can influence our ability to lose weight.

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Scientists reveal the true danger of eating too many carrots

Strange as it seems, eating too many carrots or other beta-carotene containing foods really can turn your skin orange. Scientists explain what to look out for.


Look: Pokémon fans transform rare Oreos into overpriced novelties

Like the Pokémon they display, some of these Oreos are rare enough to drive prices sky-high.

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This is what actually happens to caffeine when you reheat coffee

Plus: The actual ingredients in the Covid-19 vaccines and the latest in the Blue Origin vs. SpaceX saga.

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Diet created by scientists found to strengthen the brain in 2 critical ways

In the absence of a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, scientists are looking to nutrition.

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5 things you might not expect if you go vegan

As veganism grows in popularity, researchers are documenting its positive impacts on individual health, public health, animal welfare and even the fashion industry.

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Is reheating coffee bad for you? A scientist reveals the pros and cons

We're all guilty of letting our coffees go cold now and again, but does that mean we should just throw it out? A chemist explains the science of reheating.


Bone study reveals what ancient peoples on the Mediterranean coast really ate

Plus: There may be hyper-advanced aliens hiding in one of these two places in the universe.