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Yum! Watch Scientists Make a 3D-Printed Layer Cake

ByJennifer Walter

Would you eat it?

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How Poisonous Are Blowfish? A Fish Biologist Reveals the Truth About The Deadly Delicacy

ByElana Spivack

Everything is edible; some things are only edible once.


This Artificial Sweetener Has a Surprising Effect on the Immune System

ByElana Spivack

A mouse study shows a unique benefit of Splenda.


Early Research Suggests Intermittent Fasting May Protect Your Heart From Covid-19

ByMiriam Fauzia

A new study provides a snapshot of how time-restricted eating may protect you.


Coral and Other Marine Animals Have a Surprising Tie to the Moon

ByVirat Markandeya and Knowable Magazine

Their biological processes seem intertwined to lunar cycles.

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Is Natural Wine Better For You?

ByElana Spivack

Aside from a unique flavor, this wine doesn’t differ much.


Super Nintendo World Has a Super Freaky Secret Hidden in Plain Sight

ByHayes Madsen

What’s cookin’?


Intermittent Fasting May Be Linked to Binge-Eating Behavior — Study

ByKatie MacBride

Research suggests there are dangers to intermittent fasting.

Food Science

Why Does Chocolate Taste So Good? A Scientist Unwraps the Volatile Chemistry

ByThe Conversation and Sheryl Barringer

People have been enjoying chocolate for at least 4,000 years.

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Are Eggs Healthy for You? A Chicken Expert Weights In

ByElana Spivack

As egg prices soar, it’s a good moment to re-evaluate the food’s place in our diet.


Ancient Neanderthal Leftovers Reveal How Skilled Our Distant Cousins Were

ByMiriam Fauzia

“Our results add an extra nail to the coffin of the obsolete notion that Neanderthals were primitive cave dwellers.”

Sunday Scaries

Depression Meals: These 4 Easy Dinner Options Are Backed by Science

BySarah Sloat

The food we eat when we need a quick meal is often food that’s worse for our mental health. But the contrary may also be true.

Mind and Body

How Your Diet Could Help (or Hurt) Your Aging Brain

ByThe Conversation and Sara N. Burke

Ultra-processed foods impact the mind differently than plant-based meals with low amounts of sugar.


How Scientists Decide Whether Everyday Products Could Cause Cancer

ByThe Conversation and Brad Reisfeld

These classifications have caused controversy.


Lab-grown chicken could hit store shelves soon — here's how it tastes

ByJohn Wenz

It’s a whole new kind of poultry.


Is alcohol bad for your health? Here's what the science actually says

ByKatie MacBride

U.S. dietary guidelines for alcohol intake are two drinks or less per day for men and one drink per day or less for women.