Gholas Forever

Is [SPOILER] dead in Dune? How a sequel could reverse that shocking death

You may have been surprised to see your favorite Dune character slain. But the books hold an interesting secret to an immortal comeback.

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Marvel leak reveals the studio's most surprising Phase 4 sequel

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Matrix 4 theory reveals a terrifying old villain you've never heard of

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'Black Panther' theory reveals the surprising way one X-Men joins the MCU

It all ties back to vibranium.

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'Doctor Strange 2' leak reveals how Ghost Rider joins the MCU

Is the spirit of vengeance coming (back) to the MCU?

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'Thor 4’s most shocking 'Avengers: Endgame' change could reveal an epic twist

Alexa, play “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.


Matrix 4 trailer confirms a mind-blowing theory about one dead character

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Spider-Man 3 needs to bring one multiversal web-slinger into the MCU

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How one X-Men character could solve Marvel’s biggest mutant problem

Marvel Studios can bring the X-Men to life. One slick, fan-favorite mutant could play a key role in that process.

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X-Men MCU leak may confirm a huge Doctor Strange 2 cameo rumor

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Doctor Strange 2 theory changes WandaVision’s post-credits scene

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Ol' Yellow Eyes

Exclusive: Brent Spiner plays a brand new Star Trek character in 'Picard' Season 2

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Thor 4 cameo rumor settles a massive Avengers 5 debate

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'Ant-Man 3' rumor may reveal the MCU sequel’s biggest cameo

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'Spider-Man 3' needs to give fans the web-slinger they deserve

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Amazon's Lord of the Rings series could feature a legendary warrior Peter Jackson ignored

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