Everything You Need to Know About X-Men ‘97 Episode 9

With just two episodes left, Marvel’s best animated show is pulling out all the stops.

Cyclops (voiced by Ray Chase) in X-Men '97
Marvel Studios

The end is nigh for X-Men ‘97’s first season, but Marvel’s latest effort won’t be going quietly. The animated series is a revival of the original ‘90s X-Men series, but the past eight episodes have made it clear X-Men ‘97 isn’t content to coast on nostalgia. The mutant team has pushed through one blindsiding event after another, and Season 1 adapted a handful of game-changing comic book arcs.

With its three-part season finale, “Tolerance Is Extinction,” X-Men ‘97 is poised to tackle its most ambitious arc yet. The season’s closing story takes pages from comic events like “Fatal Attractions,” “Operation: Zero Tolerance,” and “E Is for Extinction,” and this week’s episode will pick up right where its predecessor left off. Here’s everything you need to know about X-Men ‘97 Episode 9, and the future of the entire series.

Professor X returns to his X-Men in “Tolerance Is Extinction - Part 2.”

Marvel Studios

What is X-Men ‘97 Episode 9’s release date?

X-Men ‘97’s penultimate episode, “Tolerance Is Extinction - Part 2,” will be available to stream on Wednesday, May 8.

What time does X-Men ‘97 Episode 9 release?

Unlike some of Marvel’s more recent Disney+ shows, X-Men ‘97 drops at midnight PST/3:00 am EST. For fans hoping to avoid spoilers on social media, it’s probably a good idea to either stay up late or tune in first thing in the morning.

How many episodes are left in X-Men ‘97 Season 1?

This week’s episode is the second part of a three-part finale. After “Tolerance Is Extinction - Part 2,” there will only be one episode left in the season. You can probably guess what it’s called.

Does X-Men ‘97 Episode 9 have a trailer?

There are no episode-specific trailers for X-Men ‘97, but Marvel did release a “final” trailer to prime fans for the back half of the season. Check it out below.

What is the plot of X-Men ‘97 Episode 9?

When we last saw the X-Men, the team was facing an unprecedented threat in the villain Bastion. He’s an amalgamation of some of the X-Men’s most formidable villains, harnessing the combined powers of Bolivar Trask, Mister Sinister, and Master Mold to orchestrate a mutant genocide.

In “Tolerance Is Extinction - Part 1,” Bastion unleashed an army of Prime Sentinels against the X-Men. Bastion’s plan is eventually thwarted by Magneto, who releases an EMP across the globe that disables the cyborg army, but his efforts to save mutants worldwide might have also slaughtered millions, and he’s unlikely to stop there. With the world plunged into a Dark Age and Professor Charles Xavier back to help the X-Men, “Tolerance Is Extinction - Part 2” will continue the battle between Magneto, Bastion, and our heroes.

Will X-Men ‘97 have a Season 2?

Yes, it will. X-Men ‘97’s second season is in production now, but the abrupt departure of showrunner Beau de Mayo might have hindered its progress. There’s no release date yet, but Marvel seems more committed to the X-Men than it’s ever been, so we should see their adventures continue sooner or later.

X-Men ‘97 streams Wednesdays on Disney+.

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