Collect them claws!

Wonder Woman 1984 toy leak reveals a major villain spoiler

This isn't even Kristen Wiig's final form.

Claws out! Confirmation that Kristen Wiig will transform into a monstrous cheetah in the DC superhero movie Wonder Woman 1984 may have arrived, in the form of a blacked-out figure to be released in the popular Funko Pop vinyl toy line.

Over the weekend, the annual Toy Fair took place in New York City, where major toy companies gathered to reveal new collectible merchandise coming over the next year. Popular toymaker Funko was present, where the company released previews of new licenses joining the Pop! vinyl line, including Cobra Kai, Amazon's The Boys, Animal House, Disney's Mighty Ducks, Smokey and the Bandit, tennis icon Venus Williams, and the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team. And of course, there will be a line for Wonder Woman 1984, the highly-anticipated sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman. The movie opens in theaters on June 5.

While the line is packed with varying versions of Wonder Woman, including two versions of Wonder Woman in her epic Alex Ross-inspired golden armor, one figurine that Funko featured in blacked-out silhouette may be Cheetah, in her actual Cheetah form. Note the tail and hands in a clawing position.

While the movie is less than six months away, fans have not yet seen Kristen Wiig fully transformed into Cheetah, likely due to the complex visual effects work required to make it look great on screen. It's been so secretive that it isn't even really known if Wiig will become Cheetah in the movie. But now, the existence of a Funko figure is a big giveaway that she will morph into a killer wildcat.

You can see the Wonder Woman 1984 Funko line in the image below.

Funko's 'Wonder Woman 1984' Pop! vinyl line, including one "blacked out" figurine hiding Cheetah's animalistic form.


As we've explained before, Wiig will star in Wonder Woman 1984 as Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist who becomes the super-villain Cheetah, a major nemesis of Wonder Woman. In the 2011 continuity following the New 52 reboot, Minerva was cut from a dagger belonging to a tribe in the Amazon. Becoming possessed by the Goddess of the Hunt, Minerva transforms into a human-cheetah hybrid.

While the true extent of her story in Wonder Woman 1984 remains to be revealed, we can guess it will stay roughly the same with minor tweaks. In the movie, which takes place in (surprise) the mid-1980s, Minerva will team up with Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), a TV personality and entrepreneur who comes into possession of the Chaos Shard.

For those who don't read the comics but consume other DC media, Cheetah is a playable character in the DC fighting game, Injustice 2.

Until now, it was a mystery whether Wiig's Minerva will transform into Cheetah, as she has not appeared in that form in any of the trailers for Wonder Woman 1984. However, a collectible Funko figure is as close a confirmation as fans will get to a definitive answer. Now it's only a matter of what she'll look like, and whether this cat is worth collecting.

Wonder Woman 1984 will open in theaters on June 5.

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