Westworld Season 3 trailer debunks a major theory about Aaron Paul's character

'Westworld' is going where it's never gone before. Really.

Oh, sweet child of mine! The new trailer for HBO's Westworld Season 3, premiering March 15, debunks a major theory fans have suspected ever since they first saw Aaron Paul looking sad in the earliest teasers. While fans initially theorized that the third season of Westworld will still take place in a simulated reality, the trailer heavily suggests that isn't the case.

The former hosts of the Westworld park are, in fact, beginning a robot uprising in the real, physical world. As Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores says through voice-over, "I was born into this world. And my first memories of it are... pain. For my kind, there was one place we were never allowed to go. One place we were never allowed to see. Your world."

Watch the trailer here:

With drones in the air and sleek cars reminiscent of the Tesla Cybertruck, Westworld Season 3 is taking place primarily in the real world, specifically, a future Los Angeles. As Dolores teams up with a lonely man, Caleb (Aaron Paul), Dolores sets off an android uprising in order to win freedom for her kind.

This revolution will seemingly pit Dolores against Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), whose company funds a fearsome new weapon against the androids: A giant freaking mecha! It has "Riot Control" imprinted on its sides and it looks awesome and terrifying. How much you want to bet this mecha will be the thing to rip out Dolores' limbs (as she is seen crawling on the ground with a bloodied left arm)?

Editor's note: Wait, didn't Tessa Thompson get replaced with a Host at the end of Season 2? This show is as confusing as ever, but, hopefully, once it actually begins things will become slightly more clear.

This... doesn't look good.


But that's not to say Westworld won't ever take place in a new park. As previously confirmed and seen in the new trailer, Maeve (Thandie Newton) finds herself in a World War II park modeled after fascist Italy. A shot in the trailer shows Maeve running in period clothing, away from Nazi soldiers.

Editor's note: Maeve also appears to be working with some new bad guy played by Vincent Cassel. Again, we're confused.

Perhaps the biggest mystery though is how William/The Man in Black (Ed Harris) survived the events of Season 2. As the post-credits scene of last season revealed, William arrived at the Forge in the far, far future. "This isn't a simulation, William," he's told. "This is your world. What's left of it." If William is in the future, just how does he go "back in time" to the events of Season 3? And how will he "save the fucking world" as he tells himself in the Season 3 trailer?

Well, it isn't Westworld without complicated questions, is it?

Westworld Season 3 will premiere March 15 on HBO.

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